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for Cosmic Wars Omega: The Multiversal War across the Infinite Frontier

2/28 c1 30evolution-500
Interesting start so far, although given the number of characters and series you intend on featuring, you might want to tread carefully, just because too many characters and franchises can prove unwieldy and cause a story to lose its focus.
2/24 c41 12Dragon King of the West
This was a very eventful chapter. Kira has been released albeit on a leash while Ezan's wife, Aerith liberated those who were under Butcher's control before the couple defeated the Leader of the Boys with the power of love. Makima got sealed but the allegedly revived Richard attacked under the belief that Mike betrayed their family however Astra is holding the now revealed copy of Richard at bay. Finally the Church of Universal Truth have transformed Bria into the Evangelist, the countdown to the creation of Heaven has begun. Mike would need everything he has in his arsenal as well as use all of his wits to stop it.
2/22 c41 37Piccolo Sky
Kira fighting to defend Corneria? Heh...just like old times.

As for the Butcher...that was almost pathetic. He sounds like he became just like every other self-serving thug in the entire Cosmic Wars series. Did he ever stop to think for a moment that if he wanted to make a universe without "supes", then that means he'd have to kill himself at this point? He couldn't even be that creative with his vulgar insults.

That being said...I'd like to think Ezan spared him for more reasons than just info. I guess there was a time where he'd just blow out his heart and be done with it, but he's right in that there's got to be a change.

Hmm...well, I imagined Richard coming back from the dead could have gone wrong in any of a multitude of Twilight-Zone-esque I'm a bit surprised that it ended up not going wrong at all and the Universal Church of Truth apparently kept their word. All I can say to Mike is if he wants to convince Bria then he's going to have to come up with a "new pitch", because all of his old material has fallen on deaf ears BEFORE she gained her god complex.

See you next chapter.
1/31 c40 12Dragon King of the West
Makima and her brainwashed allies have formed a blockade to stop Mike and his group from stopping Bria meanwhile Astra had eliminated Abdiel and she is now heading to Mike's location. Mike's deceased older brother, Richard has been ressurected by the system Bria is using to bring "paradise" how will he react to what is going on?
1/30 c40 37Piccolo Sky
Well, in spite of the situation, it does look like things are starting to turn around. Heck, we even finally got the return of Astra's long-lost comrades to help out.

So why am I not more enthused about her victory...?
1/15 c39 12Dragon King of the West
It appears that IV&C's deal with Brainwave and Paragon was for the latter two to compromise the command structure of the Bethel Kingdom and have the altered citizens of Corneria build a system to remake the Prime Universe into a parody of Heaven. Now others might wonder why IV&C want this complicated process to inflict torment on the Bethel Kingdom? Well I think it has to do with the fact that Sieg can easily enter this new unified realm much like the Time Nest like Brainwave stated so it's likely that IV&C are making a spectacle of manipulating the Bethel Kingdom into fatally weakening themselves so that when Sieg returns to the Prime Universe for his audit, the Bethel Kingdom would be unable to resist.

Finally Tyson possibly becoming the next user of the Triforce is fitting since he is opposed to his brother who had inherited Ganondorf's will.
1/14 c39 37Piccolo Sky
Well, for what it's worth, at least Tyson is definitely on Mike's side now. Hmm...y'know... Ganondorf really wasn't ever much of a threat in the grand scheme of things without the Triforce of Power... Well, there was the whole bit in TotK, but even then he had to steal someone else's power and, once again, wasn't much without it. Just thinking about that... Heh, it'd be quite amusing if the rematch ended up being totally one-sided as a result. from that, I had a really hard time following what was going on with all of these characters from other plotlines. I didn't even know who was on what side in some sections... I can't really comment on the rest...

Other than Mike's group is about to make the Bethel Kingdom Self-Terminate-By-AI. Good riddance at this point, if you ask me. From the sounds of it, they'll mostly be getting rid of jerks in the process.

See you next chapter.
1/1 c38 12Dragon King of the West
That was a stuffed chapter but the Corneria Crisis has begun. To think that this was a IV&C operation from the start, this displays just how vindictive and cruel the interdimensional corporation led by Sieg is. Mike's Faction also lost some members to this dark plot and things are dire. Especially with IV&C watching this crisis closely.
12/30/2023 c38 37Piccolo Sky
Why doesn't Sieg and Mary do everyone a favor and use one of their universes they conquered to hold the mutual IV&C egos? That way maybe they can show up somewhere without feeling the need to rant about how "we rule and you all suck" before saying anything else. I almost wanted Homelander to cut Batman Who Laughs off and yell: "Just spit it out already!" Anyway...

At this point, I'd say the Bethel Kingdom is officially a "sunk cost", so to speak. Everyone character I personally cared about is either dead or already with Mike's group, so maybe Ezan or Astra should just blow up the planet and be done with it. Or the continent, at least. I mean, come on guys. You all knew things were going to go to pot sooner or later with the IV&C running around. You're not really gaining anything trying to treat with these whackos.

See you next chapter.
12/14/2023 c37 12Dragon King of the West
IV&C have pulled a fast one right under the noses of Mike's Group. At first I thought that the Universal Church of Truth was some obscure cult with delusional plans but this chapter revealed that they are nothing but pawns for Sieg.
Also I liked the exposition about the background of the Multiverse in Zannacross' scenes. To summarize in simple detail, Sieg and IV&C are the One Above All's chosen and he is using them to entertain himself even at the cost of the Multiverse. Though at the same time, he's not rigging this new game in Sieg's favour so that it doesn't become boring and stale. Ultimately the Supreme Being is literally gambling with the Multiverse.
12/10/2023 c37 37Piccolo Sky
One job, Sela. :/ Better head to the multiverse soon. You guys are running out of allies in this one.

Although I'm not sure I really buy into Brandon and Walter's reasoning. Being good little minions is one thing, but their little plan sounds entirely too much like they're trying to "skim" off of the top of what IV&C views as profit. I can't imagine they'd be too happy about that. Bottom line, they'll probably get stomped on pretty soon.

Alternative, if they HAVE been working with IV&C, then, once again, they need to ditch these guys and get the heck out of Dodge because they probably have one of their lead toadies watching in the wings just waiting for Brandon and Walter to mess things up.

Now Kros, on the other hand...I don't think she's fully aware of the frightening paradox possibility she's just brought up.

It stands to reason that if we are dealing with a multiverse in which literally ANYTHING is possible (right down to some common worker ant becoming the unquestionable ruler of the universe), and that if this Negaverse was designed to contain and eliminate all of the worst possible outcomes out of those infinite possibilities, and that Sieg was either the only possibility out of that Negaverse out of the infinite number of "bad" outcomes that managed to escape that fate or, at minimum, was the only one that escaped that wasn't immediately put back down. In either case, the fact that there aren't a variety of Siegs or similar beings who aren't continuously being squashed or put back in their place, but rather there is only this one who has risen above so many other universes.

Now, add to that fact that in an entire Negaverse full of horrendous universes, what would probably be the worst possible outcome would be if one of them contained a villain who was powerful enough to destroy and/or control all other universes. And so long as that is a possibility, then there is also at least one universe out there in which said villain would completely succeed in their plan.

Combine these two facts together, and there's an unsettling possibility that Sieg wasn't just shooting his mouth off when he called himself the man who "always wins". He could, in fact, represent the most singular possibility imaginable...that no matter what Ben and Astra do, what universe they go to, what allies they get, or whatever, that he still comes from the universe where everything will never be enough. And in that case...there ironically isn't even hope anymore.

What Kros has ignored about her existence and domain is that in a situation with an infinite number of outcomes, that eventually the "Infinite Monkey Theorem" comes into play. The worst, most horrible, most disastrous outcome...eventually ceases to be a possibility and instead becomes an absolute certainty.

The paradox? Ironically, a multiverse actually leads to a single, inescapable destiny once you allow one universe to "triumph" over another.

I would also argue that Kros' description of the situation has disqualified the One Above All from being "God", but I've already gone off on enough of a tangent.

See you next chapter. :)
11/23/2023 c36 Piccolo Sky
Xehamaru seemed almost hopeless on how behind the times he was, even with his plethora of moves available to him. I almost felt a little bad for how out of date he was.


As for Zannacross, I regret to inform him that unless he has some sort of master plan to absorb all of Sieg's multiversal power, he's rather low on the totem pole at this point and is better off staying out of the way unless he enjoyed being dead.

Again I had to skip sections of this chapter, and it seems I have to skip more in the future so long as Demon Slayer is still kicking. I'll see you next chapter.
11/22/2023 c36 12Dragon King of the West
Oh boy the God of Darkness has returned and it looks like he's taken a new path and for what purpose, we don't know but Muzan's actions has set many things in motion. Also the heroes have no idea of the peril that the Bethel System is about to face and Homelander is still out there.
11/6/2023 c35 Dragon King of the West
As expected, Muzan's goons could not overcome Ezan but the final battle with Muzan lead to the return of an enemy from the past. Xehamaru is a bigger threat than Muzan was and the heroes need to fight smart and surpass their limits to stop him.
11/4/2023 c35 37Piccolo Sky
Unfortunately, not much review this time, as I had to skip all but the first part to avoid Spoilers. And I may have to skip the next chapter too if they still haven't taken him out. :/

Well, see you next chapter.
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