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9/17 c13 10Dragon King of the West
That was an amazing battle to read, Vholran being the cunning and malicious person he is waited until Balseph, Ganabelt and Almeidra was defeated before making his move and abducting Shionne. It is clear from what Spiral said, Vholran might be working for someone other Sentry who he nominally serves. This only adds to the intrigue about Vholran's plans.
8/30 c12 Dragon King of the West
I have a read a Tales of Arise fanfic in the past so I knew the three Renan Lords, Balseph, Ganabelt and Almeidra were evil but I didn't expect for them to be in cahoots with Almeidra's plan. I also was surprised that Vholran didn't join them given what he did in Tales of Arise. Either way the battle for Dahna's future starts now and I must say this and it may sound heartless but with the most vengeful and fanatical rebels dead there is a chance for Alphen's dream for Dahnans to be free and Dohalim 's goal of peaceful coexistence between Renans and Dahnans to be realized. Finally what are Higgs and Muzan planning? It's clear their are taking advantage of the sudden turn of events but how exactly are they going to engineer more chaos and orchestrate the downfall of Sentry?
7/31 c11 Dragon King of the West
Mike is making progress as he used his own wits and skill to bring down Juno. I must say that it is a positive step towards Mike finding his way and learn from the mistakes of his forebearers.
7/7 c10 Dragon King of the West
Looks like Endless Illusion is a micrcosm of the overall situation of the Prime Universe ; chaos, despair and disaster plague the planet not unlike the current state of the Prime Universe. However it looks like Mike has found his goal on that world, I would like to see where it goes from here since it is only the beginning. Also Abdiel is proof that the Angels are unable to change and they lost sight of the will of the Supreme Being and the desire of all life in the universe.
6/20 c9 Dragon King of the West
Lots of movers and shakers in this chapter. Mike's group has a one in million chance to begin the quest to stop Sieg and the IV&C, should they fail then Sieg would continue on the path to victory. Doug has made his move and is going to test the multiverse and look for people he think are worthy then he's coming back to stop Sieg. Sieg for the moment is busy stamping out resistance against him in the multiverse but his new employees in the Prime Universe would be an obstacle for Mike's group.
5/29 c8 Dragon King of the West
Damn the worst has come Sieg now controls all the time in the Prime Universe and the Prime Universe is connected to Hypertime and all the universes Sieg controls. IV&C's acquisition of Prime Universe is being consildated faster than thought. Lacus' fate was worse than death, she was absorbed by her alternate counterpart along with many of her other counterparts in the Multiverse. Looks like Ben's fate unknown as not even Sieg is sure he was erased by Sieg's attack but the greatest weapons of the Prime Universe are lost. Mike and the others have no plan, no destiny, no higher power guiding them so they are on their own and they have to find their own path in order to save the Multiverse. Hopefully their new acquaintances can help them find that path.
5/9 c7 37Piccolo Sky
For a guy who thinks so highly of himself, Sieg is rather obsessed with self-validation. He could just as easily have the motive of wanting to do this just to flex his muscles or somesuch, but for all his supposed hatred of "order" he seems fixated on the idea that some sort of cosmic order or unwritten rule of the universe...sorry, multiverse is out there that says "I'm the best". Wonder if that'll come into play later...

As for his power, well...Zannacross was the size of an entire galaxy when he vented his power, as I recall. By comparison, his "flex" in this chapter was insignificant. He also may be able to transcend universes at will but his sensory processing ability looks limited to seeing only one at a time (else he would have seen where they went immediately)-indicating he's still more of a limited entity transcending multiverses as opposed to one who can simultaneously exist across them.

Hmm...I do wonder about the nature of this weapon of his, or more appropriately his relation to its nature. Is it actually able to annihilate energy? Is it only able to annihilate "normal" energy/matter in that case? Or does it collapse the so-called "cosmic foam"? Does he insulate himself against it somehow with a bit of whatever universe he's currently in enveloping him? Or is he supposed to be composed of neither matter nor energy (nor existence)? More specifically, does it only work on entire universes? Or can he pretty much put anything on a shot and instant-kill it?

Well, a good sendoff for Bowser and King Dedede, regardless of the outcome. :) See you next chapter.
5/5 c7 10Dragon King of the West
At first I thought Sieg's plans were bad but after this chapter I am now of the opinion that they are worse than I previously thought. Sieg makes Beyonder and Zanacross look like amateurs and he is even more dangerous. I wonder what the Supreme Kai of Time knows about the threat of Sieg and IV&C, I reckon not much because of their extradimensional origins.
4/24 c6 37Piccolo Sky
That made me think... Have you seen "Kirby & the Forgotten Land" yet? There's an awesome remix of King Dedede's theme in that one. That was kind of in my head for this one.

See you next chapter.
4/21 c6 10Dragon King of the West
Well everyone desperately need a miracle to escape now because Sieg is here. Mike is slowly learning the truth about what happened to his parents and his brother, he would make sense of what Sieg said and he would feel despair but will he recover from this despair?

Emperor Nefarious has seen for himself that they are much bigger fish in the Multiverse, he was lucky that his Universe never had strong enemies but now he faces the ugly truth that he isn't the most powerful anymore.

I think there is a small silver of hope however at the beginning of this chapter I have seen Sieg mention the Multiverse Rebel Alliance. Perhaps they may be the ones Mike and his group need to fight back against IV&C but time would tell if they would survive to meet them. I predict that since IV&C is moving ahead on its schedule, Mike and his group would have no choice but to leave their universe and find some way to save it. All in all it was a good chapter.
3/31 c5 37Piccolo Sky
Heh..."crowdfunded corporate creep". :P

It seems most of the characters in this part of the story are rather puny compared to Astra, but I noticed the only one she gives a hard time about it is Mike. That figures, though. She probably wants to rub in the differences between them as much as possible.

As for bringing in an Emperor Nefarious, I wouldn't brag too much about that if I was the villain. I mean, if there really are an infinite number of universes, then there's probably one out there where I'M the unquestionable ruler of the universe, so it's more like one of those fringe other universes. :P

See you next chapter.
3/29 c5 10Dragon King of the West
Okay so now we know why the Bandicoots are still around despite being present in Ben Auro's Era, a time jump was the reason. Now the Bandicoots got a lot of things to catch up on when they learn about the current state of the universe. Given their reactions to some of the facts said by Mike and Astra in Quack's Game, they aren't gonna like it when they find out what they missed. Looks like IV&C aren't the only extradimensional forces arriving in the Prime Universe with the coming of Emperor Nefarious and Topy's counterpart. I wonder if IV&C are aware there might be competition from the Multiverse? I don't blame Ratchet for disbelieving the existence of the Multiverse as the Prime Universe up to this point has been isolated from the Multiverse. Finally it is clear that Mike does not know that his parents are dead but he'll eventually learn if he survives Emperor Nefarious first.
3/9 c4 37Piccolo Sky
It actually feels nice to go back to the "good ol' days" similar to the original story, when more "underpowered" heroes were touring worlds one by one. So hopefully this is the start of a few. (Uh...even if I'm not that familiar with either. I played the original Crash Bandicoot demo and I watched my friend livestream a bit of Ratchet & Clank A Rift Apart, and that was it. :I)

I already gave my thoughts in PM on the first half of the chapter, but now that things have calmed down a little I'm more interested in seeing what happens next. One comment I didn't mention earlier is that I appreciate not making Mike and Astra teens/pre-teens like the temptation is to do with many protagonists. :)
3/8 c4 82Super Saiyan Crash
Hey nice job on this so far.
3/6 c4 10Dragon King of the West
Looks like the Bandicoots have been around a long while and they had been isolated while the universe radically changed. The One Above All's test may be dire and filled with pain and suffering but they are giving Life a chance to accept hope and rise above the chaos that is plaguing the prime universe. It may appear like the test is rigged or that there is no way out but there is one small opportunity for salvation and it rests with Mike Auro. Gabriel deserved eternal rest, One Above All was right Gabriel can't change the current status quo and the entire test would bring him nothing but suffering. I like how it is shown that the old system had flaws that the good guys didn't even realize until it was too late. They were too focused on the enemy without to recognize the enemy within.
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