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for Rewrite of Naruto Gremory

3/8 c1 I. P. Frealy
wait several years untill you try to write. this story is filled with tons of mistakes and is frankly unreadable
3/2 c1 red hairs uzumaki
можете в гарем добавить всех в каноне и второстепенных.
и от других аниме как блич пример.

и продолжите другую историю
Naruto DxD Lemon Series
2/25 c1 Morregen
Really good chapter! I love the story idea. :)

I already really like the story.. I can't wait for the next chapter! :)
2/23 c1 Snake551g
You need to clean uo your grammar and is Sirzechs here as you implied he was with grafiya hard to tell with the grammar or is seline a genderbended sirzechs. other than that pretty solid first chapter
2/23 c1 atengawchok
2/23 c1 ghostFLIN
Buen cap sigue pronto
2/23 c1 Habu2010
It’s good, please update
2/23 c1 Miooo9
That was a good chapter!
2/23 c1 JoeTanic1022
Keep it up
2/23 c1 Nanas-Merah-Muda
Woww cerita yg menarik... Fast update thor please...!
2/23 c1 almachoGORE
Great! Hope to see more!

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