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for A Good Brother

11/24 c1 Guest
incest is disgusting... I hope that in this fic Zeoticus has another wife that makes him happy.
11/21 c3 aiman031122
damn that hot hope you will update soon because i really can't not wait to see what will happen next so has a nice day take care of your healty and stay safe update soon bye.
11/20 c3 Guest
Glad Rias isn't getting handed everything to her in a platter.

It would be even funnier if he fucks her whole peerage (minus Kiba and Issei of course) before her.

Hell just tease her until he finally fucks Ravel too, she can also be a cuck queen or not.

But her dumbass really needs to know her place
11/20 c2 Guest
Ya know it's ironic that Naruto is mad that Rias is keeping secrets from him when he's doing the same fucking thing lol.


I get why since Riasx isn't good at being subtle but he could've vaguely let her know that Naruto had a plan, she's dense as hell even when Akeno and the others told her he might have a plan.
11/18 c3
not going to lie, Zeoticus has the right idea about the family. Fuck Naruto and all of them and enjoy what fortune you do have. Don't shit you don't need and my guy did exactly that. Also lemons could use a bit of work, little more detail and exaggeration, helps add to the minds imagination of the scene
11/18 c3 Nicketje02
11/18 c3 Blank Lord
This is great. Like really good. I can’t wait to read more from you.
11/17 c3 Clown Exorcist
Homie put Lesbian Relationships on a warning, I'm fucking dying HAHAHAHAHA
11/16 c3 Borello
interesting work.
11/16 c1 11thunderofdeath97
Could you clarify what you mean by multiple partners? Like is it Naruto with a bunch of women, and the women are with more women? Or is it Naruto with a bunch of women, who are also with other guys as well?
11/16 c2 2bored peasant
Ok, so the only thing from the Naruto universe is the MC name? That is literally the only Naruto universe thing here, excepting kushina's name. This while thing could just be an OC. Or are you going to bring in Naruto elements later?
11/15 c3 BigBoySpartan
Great chapter looking forward to more
11/15 c1 ah08302004
honestly I feel bad for Zeoticus everyone is against him.
11/15 c3 codywhite162
This was an excellent chapter and I cannot wait to read what happens next!
11/14 c3 Sandman001
You actually have to show Naruto paying for breaking off agreements like with the Phenex. Why would another Devil house go into deals with him if he'd arbitrarily (in the eyes of most devils and the other party) back out. You need to write Naruto being put in bad situations, he's basically been coasting so far in this story and has only bulldozed anyone that's been considered an antagonist.
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