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for Blocked by an Author Followup

2/13 c1 EmeraldKM
This will be the last time I contact you. While you and I agree to disagree about PowerMaster17's writing quality, you didn't deserve to be impersonated, nor the constant death threats that told you to go to hell and that you're faking your autism. It truly sickens me that a person was sadistic enough to impersonate someone as nice as you just to hurt an author you liked.

I seriously think that it'd be in your best interests to inform people about someone impersonating you on DeviantArt in order to avoid more death threats. Like, I'm in your corner because a genuinely kind-hearted person such as yourself doesn't deserve to be punished for some evil person pretending to be you.

I wish you well, CalvinFujii. Goodbye.
2/13 c1 EmeraldKM
Another reason behind me tipping you off to someone impersonating you is because as an autistic person, I feel sorry that someone malicious chose to impersonate a nice person such as yourself. And seeing you be called a “fake autism” and death threats towards you is just uncalled for. I know you’re not faking being autistic because it’s not something that can be faked, and someone wanting you dead just because some jackass impersonated you is wrong.

I’m so sorry that you had to put up with death threats and being accused of faking autism when you’re completely innocent.
2/13 c1 EmeraldKM
Hey, I wanted to tip you off to someone impersonating you on deviantArt to tell Power Master to go kill himself. While I'm not a fan of Power Master's stories because they're terribly-written in my opinion, apparently you were, and someone pretended to be you to hurt him because you were a fan of his fanfics. If you have a dA account, you need to contact Power Master and tell him it's not you that told him to go off himself.

Just so you know, I'm tipping you off because someone pretending to be you is abhorrent, and so was the fake Calvin telling Power Master to kill himself. Sure, I wrote that negative review that pissed Power Master off to the point where he temporarily cancelled True Omniverse, but I only did it to help him improve and didn't want it to be cancelled. I didn't know that he'd be unable to handle criticism, like at all. Anyway, I'd never stoop low enough to want to sadistically hurt him the way the fake Calvin did, so that's why I'm tipping you, the real Calvin, off.
2/1 c1 Guest
You're such a faker. Fake praising people for attention! Fake criticizing them to make them look good! And worse of all, you've steal and use people's ideas for yourself. Go fuck yourself, you fake autism!
2/1 c1 Reporter
Did you really fucking think that we would believe you're an autism? How stupid do you think we are?
1/31 c1 Guest
You motherfucker deserved to die and blocked forever!
1/31 c1 HateStalkerAss
Let me guess you stalked him for whole day. Doesn't surprise me since you loved making fun of some innocent and unstable mind.
1/31 c1 JokerTroll
Nobody fucking cares, you asshole!
11/28/2023 c1 Ironchef13
So does that mean no one will ever continue his work?
NO! I loved Power and Honor and Book Five: Evolution
can anyone consider adopting them or is ZeroLeech off the internet for good?
5/14/2023 c1 Rextrw
Fanfiction net is OK so hopefully you will continue making chapters for you stories like going after junior the dino king story please do it.
5/7/2023 c1 Conder wooden
What have you been doing ? Well it's been 3 since the dino king story going after junior hasn't been updated. is everything OK I'm just asking that's all.?
2/26/2022 c1 Guest
Aww... crude! Oh well is there any news on Zeroleech getting better?

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