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7/5/2022 c1 Coyotegirl212
Will we ever get more or this? Cause I love it, and totally want more
3/10/2022 c1 Michael
I love the incongruity of the Winter Soldier in Star Wars, meeting Grogu and Mando. Grogu continues to be such a cutie, reaching to Winter Soldier's bionic arm, not knowing he's an enemy.
You should absolutely write a crossover of The Mandalorian and Cupboards and Cryogenics. I would definitely read it. Why not start with Loki playing with magic and somehow connecting the two universes.
If you make a continuation of this story, how about this idea: A while after, like a year or two, HYDRA makes another play for Grogu, and are also trying to reclaim the Winter Soldier. At the same time, another group in the Imperial Remnant are trying to get Grogu, so they can resurrect the Emperor. Meanwhile, Bucky, formerly the Winter Soldier, has been living in and around Mos Pelgo and the neighboring Tusken Raider clan. Mando reluctantly hires Bucky to help protect Grogu.

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