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4/4 c2 human dragon
This has been really interesting story so far my friend great job :)
3/26 c2 1Jctherebel
That was brutal, very well written but brutal, I eagerly await more
3/24 c2 Guest
omfg this is the mission stays the same level of writing but with space marines (especially the one shot got me really intrested). Please keep going and also
if it's not too much maybe you can post ETAs to next chapter/ respond to reviews?
3/23 c2 Guest
But also, LOL. Stops an attempted rape, kills both the victim and the attacker. A1
3/23 c2 Guest
You've set quite a task ahead of yourself here. I welcome your efforts, as it appears you have the ability to write a good story, the question is, do you have the drive to continue what you've started? I hope so, this is sure to be an interesting one.
3/24 c2 kirito emiya
Also lewds
3/4 c1 Guest
This has a lot of potential. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out
3/3 c1 Jctherebel
Oh crap, the start is very promising, can’t wait to see more
3/3 c1 Jajo Camello
Found this story out of the blue and I'm impressed. I do like the idea of a renegade Shepard who is pragmatic and willing to use extreme methods if it came with saving more lives than it cost. One of my disappointment with the later entries is that they devolved the renegade choices into just being an asshole rather than pragmatic and cold logic.

Hope you continue with this story and I look forward to seeing more from it. My advice is to take your time and figure out where you want to take the story and how to end it.
2/28 c1 Guest
Bruh don't stop writing this
2/28 c1 Guest
nice one! continue i like it!
3/2 c1 Unit 5S-Delta
I read the oneshot and was impressed, so I'll be reading the full story as well.
2/28 c1 Brother Bov
I normally do not enjoy chaos stories. Thankfully i find this one quite a work of art.
you have my fav and follow
Loyally awaiting the next chapter
Brother Sergeant Bov.
2/28 c1 DrMessed
Hey man this is super promising I can't wait to see where you go with this and to read more of it

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