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No one ever conceptualized fighter carrier ships before humans did, stunning everyone. Why

Why is it that the technologically advanced asari and salarians, the militaristic turians, even the ocean dwelling hanar or the quarians with their fleet based culture never ever come up with the idea of an aircraft carrier? Even the robotic geth don't conceptualize carriers once they gain their freedom from the quarians. A closer examination of each alien species reveals why.

The asari call their soldiers huntresses, with a few being designated as commandos. The huntresses were most likely derived from hunting parties that foraged for food before the Protheans taught them agriculture, and then once they stopped foraging, the huntresses were used as local militia to guard their food stores. They most likely saw very little actual conflict with other huntresses, since cooperation and diplomacy became the norm. They evolved into spec ops types, as an overtly diplomatic culture will need problem individuals like bellicose matriarchs or ardat yakshi quietly dispatched behind the scenes, rather than amassing armies and fighting conventional wars. Therefore, the asari most likely never even conceptualized a navy before they became spacefarers. When they built a navy, it was most likely just a basic space navy intended to protect their ships, and therefore lacking tactical depth. Having never fought a naval conflict, they never realized a need for carriers. Even after forming the Citadel council, they never had to fight a large scale naval conflict themselves. Their contact with the salarians, volus and elcor were peaceful, the krogan fought the rachni war for them, and the turians fought the krogan rebellions for them, and later on the humans did the lions share of Reaper fighting. They were therefore never in a position where they had to think of using carriers as an out of the box method to win a naval war.

The salarians have much the same issues as the asari. They too relied so much on spec ops, spies and scientists to influence the outcome of conflicts, with a large number of their wars "ending before it even started", that they too never had a history of naval conflict on which to base the need for a carrier. They too, like the asari had the krogan, then the turians and finally humans to do the conventional war fighting for them.

Although the quarians built a humongous fleet to sustain them while they wandered the stars, they actually had no need for carriers, because carriers are actually a long range power projector. Carriers that are kept close to shore, or close to the bulk of the fleet in the quarians' case are useless, as those fighters may as well be stationed at airfields, or any ships' shuttle bay in the quarians' case. Carriers are meant to operate far away from the home port or home fleet and strike targets with the full complement of an airfield, targets that would have otherwise not been reachable from that airfield. In the quarians' case, they aren't inclined to strike distant targets using a lone carrier, they instead stay out of such situations to preserve their numbers, or just take their entire fleet and strike. The geth are similar as in, they just want to protect their holdings in the veil and do not want to carry out the kind of long range offensive ops that carriers are best suited for.

The hanar are ocean dwellers and we know not if they had a history of intra-species warfare. But since the ocean is a natural habitat, their "naval" conflict would have been similar to a 3-D infantry engagement or an air war, since they can swim in all dimensions in the ocean. So, they never needed carriers, not when they themselves could get where they needed to go without neccesarily using vehicles.

The volus and elcor most likely never had enough warfare in their history to discover the need for carriers. Volus owing to their Proud Merchant Race culture, traded and bartered rather than contest resources, so they never had a naval conflict, while the uber-conservative Elcor who are so deliberate to even avoid falling, most likely never got into many conflicts either. Even if they did, that conservatism would prevent such radical ideas as a fighter carrier from being given any consideration.

The Turians if no one else, should have developed carriers. After all, they are a proud soldier race where a martial outlook permeates into everything. So, a long range power projector like a fighter carrier should have been conceptualized by someone right? Especially, as a dextro species, they are more likely to have garrisons on a few planets, and would need a navy to defend and resupply them. The reason they didn't, could be biological. Garrus reveals in the third game, that turians are horrible swimmers, and so avoid large water bodies. This is most likely from the metallic carapace they evolved to mitigate the high levels of star radiation on Palaven. So, their oceans might have been too much of an environmental hazard for them to operate navies. They would have instead, just built aircraft to traverse those oceans, and built land based airfields everywhere. Instead of projecting power over their oceans with a navy, they most likely kept their power projection limited over contiguous land. This also explains why the turians didn't embark on large scale colonization after winning the Krogan war - they want to keep their colonies close by in order to be better defensible. That is why Sparatus can't fathom why humans colonize planets so far away - he doesn't get the power projection capability of a navy.

Synthesis, you have AI first a child then equal then sage, but how long until the inefficient organics less than bacteria, you don't give nukes to cavemen, MAYBE Shepard' use popularity to only upgrade when there is a problem to solve

game is set up such that a Wide-Eyed Idealist who believes that there is a Golden Ending in which you save everyone is going to be in for a rude shock. A Pragmatic Hero on the other hand recognizes that some sacrifices have to be made and can actually win in the end

he/she is the The Hero/ The Chosen One of the story. His/her entire life was framed a stereotypical action Hero's Journey in a si-fi space opera. You were born to be special; had an impressive service record in the marines; Was chosen to become the first human Spectre; Saving or dooming entire planets and civilizations; Cheated death itself; Finding love and friendship despite the merciless fires of war; Uniting the galaxy to fight as one in the war to end all wars; And finally, you march off into the final battle with the hopes and dreams of those around you, fighting for the future of every mother, every son, and every unborn child…
Well, and then Reality Ensues and his/her story crumbles around you like a ton of bricks. Primarily because the will of a single men/women, no matter how strong or determined, can stop a super advance race of genocidal starships. The only option you have left at this point is to either summit to the will of an insane cosmic AI tyrant, betraying everything you fought for; Or stay true to your moral principles, refusing to let fear compromise who you are... at the cost of dooming everyone to die and the Vicious Cycle to continue.
You are just dust struggling against cosmic winds, after all

Could the races have prepared better for the invasion during the time Shepard bought them? Yes, they absolutely could have. How? The asari had a ''goddamned'' beacon in their ''goddamned'' temple with a goddamned VI program that knew everything there was to know about the goddamned Crucible. And notwithstanding Shepard, there may have been one asari who has the Cypher and is able to activate the Beacon. But the asari wasted this opportunity. There were Crucible plans in Mars - as well as data about the goddamned Thessia beacon. But we squandered it, as TIM so eloquently put it. Heck, there were even data files on Kahje pointing to Mars and possibly Thessia (we never know if Thessia was the deleted location, but it is possible that asari operatives found and deleted it to cover up their beacon), but nobody bothered to look. Had they found the Crucible plans a month after Sovereign's defeat, they could have built that thing unimpeded, then refined the design further to eliminate the Reapers while minimizing damage to the relays. But the Council and the Alliance demonstrated Head-in-the-Sand Management at its finest, even going so far as to shut up Councillor Anderson who was warning everyone about the Reapers.
Shepard *was* the Hero, and in the end, no matter the Commander's own fate, the galaxy stopped the Cycle

The saga is a brutal confrontation of an idealistic world from a space opera, to which we are introduced in ME 1, and a merciless one explored, from the end of ME 1 to the end of ME 3. While you begin as a shining badass drifting through space on an epic quest, the discovery of the Reapers changes the tone dramatically. They are unstoppable, unknowable, invincible. Even if you get a small victory at tremendous cost by the end of ME 1, you know that it is but next to nothing compared to the true might of the Reapers. And as explored above, you do not even know how to fight them, merely how to slow them down. By Mass Effect 3, the realisation of the futility of all the efforts so far come crashing down on the whole Galaxy, and you first. Every world falls, everyone you know dies despite your best efforts and you struggle to keep the Galaxy together while waiting for a miracle.
But what do we find in all that despair, all that pointless fighting, all those quests that goes nowhere and resolves nothing? Simple happiness.
It is always by the end, just before the most dangerous mission of all, that your loved one stops what s/he is doing and come share a moment with you, because they know they might not get the chance anymore. The loyalty quests in ME 2 have little impact in the long run, because whether they die or not during the suicide mission, Liara will still find the plans for the Crucible. But you help them find peace and meaning in their lives, and they'll be happy for it for the rest of their lives, long or short. Even the couple you help bring together, the Asari and the Krogan, ends tragically. But listen to his last words, their beauty shows how wonderful those last months have been for him. His death is inevitable, the quality of his life isn't and it may improve thanks to you.
A message that may be gathered throughout the saga is "Whatever your situation, no matter how great the danger, especially if it is great, you can, must and deserve to find your own happiness"
The most vibrant moment of this may be the Citadel DLC where, while on the brink of extinction, people take the time to sit back, and smile.

Despite Shepard being the Alliance's newest Spectre candidate, they weren't the first, so they are not really the Chosen One by any reasonable measure—much less the chosen one to deal with Saren's treason and an invasion of the Milky Way by technological horrors from beyond. In other words, in the first game, Shepard is firmly The Unchosen One—just a normal soldier who goes out of their way to save the world.
And that is where the story of The Unchosen One was supposed to end: the first thing we see in the sequel is Shepard being killed by the new enemy way beyond a normal soldier's ability to withstand. But Shepard's story does not end. Recognizing their new symbolic value, the shadowy genius of Cerberus transforms Shepard both metaphorically and physically. On the metaphoric level, they undergo a metamorphosis from The Unchosen One to The Chosen One. On the physical level, the entire "normal soldier" part goes by the wayside: the new, chosen Shepard is a cyborg, combining the best qualities of human character with the galaxy's most bleeding edge tech.
But as the third and final game shows, despite their transformation, Shepard still remains a fundamentally human being. When exposed to the immense burden of wearing a Messianic Archetype's shoes, their psyche starts creaking at the seams and puts them on an ultimately self-destructive path.

On a larger scale the trilogy is the story of the unchosen species pushed way past its limits. Humans were uplifted by no one not the Protheans who studied them, not the asari who could have lived long enough to undertake a conventional journey to Sol without the use of Mass Relays and not the Salarians who uplift species all the time. When they discovered mass effect tech and started to expand, their first contact with an alien race was in the form of near unrestricted warfare. After that, they were treated like the little kid trying to sit at the big boys table. Then barely ten years after that war a different species with slavery in their culture becomes openly hostile and starts fighting a proxy war. After a costly bloody victory, they are now fighting Omnicidal robots and are the only ones who must save the Citadel from those robots. Then insecticide cyborgs start kidnapping them on masse and are told by the powers that this is an internal matter to clean up themselves. The final icing is that a race of Eldritch Abominations consider them to be their prime target for assimilation, and thereby launch their entire force at humans first before attacking anybody else. Most species would have given up in despair and become isolationist Luddites after all the trauma humanity has been through in the time since they thawed the Charon relay. And to top it all off, they now have to take on the lion's share of responsibility for defeating the Reapers - because the more militaristic races are bogged down in hopeless conventional wars, the more technologically superior have chosen to turtle up and even the chosen species decided to abnegate that responsibility. The Turians need humans' help to evacuate their Primarch despite the fact that they know how to build stealth ships like the Normandy. The Krogan need humans' help to distribute the genophage cure, even the Quarians ask for human assistance in their war with the geth, instead of the asari whose hat is diplomacy. Finally even the asari asks for humans' help in getting the Reapers off Thessia. How much responsibility can one species shoulder like that?

Cerberus says when the going gets to tough the aliens will abandon humanity which is EXACTLY what happens
3/1 c1 Guest
For all its feudal fascism and (completely justified) xenophobia the Imperium is gender and color equality
The Emperor ((Deus) Rex Brighthammer)Warchief of Confederated Coalition of the Neo Terran Meritocracy, Omnissiah of Mars, He who tamed the Void Dragon) defeating the Void Dragon should theoretically give mankind command of all technology possibly excepting artificial intelligence and there is the Dark Mechanicum and literal demonic computer viruses

What the tech priests usually do is just what we do repair work with added chanting and maybe burning incense and the like, and they actually DO make the machines work when they shouldn't sometimes though that's usually with the more advanced versions which may just be some artificial intelligence or advanced programming

Technical Knock and Gun Blessing talents. Technical Knock allows an operator to clear a "jam" (the catch-all term used for almost all weapon malfunctions, including in flame and energy weapons) with a swift, simple ritual that may or may not be code for hitting the gun just right. On the other hand, Tech Priests can learn the Gun Blessing, which allows them to unjam multiple weapons at once with a wave of their hand

Necron Crypteks have no connection to the warp, but in material world their technologies tend to surpass Eldar's can tell the laws of physics to "Piss off and quit cramping my style"

Jokaero food synthesizers
Cathay Monkey King

Grodd/Ultra-Humanite/Ghouloon/Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys/Beppo/Kong

Grox (delicious and nutritious) in the good years, algae in the bad years, and corpse rations in the really bad years

Imperial medical tech anything short of severed limbs will heal but will leave scars if severe enough and they have bionics and vat grown replacements

Most servitors are vat grown never sentient

They call their ipads dataslates

Chainswords, knives, and bayonets sharpened to single atom laser power weapon

Electoos (finger guns/force field) flying/teleporting castletank battleship

Pushing buttons to find out what will happen on a laptop is one thing but on a spaceship with enough firepower to destroy a solar system it's really stupid

They put wood, stone, and bone club and bare handed killing each other feral world savages with professional trained from birth troopers from a Forge World equipped with plasma weapons and utilizing cameleoline cloaking and cybernetic augmentations, fighting alongside primitives who like draping themselves with noxious body paint and the bones of dead comrades, and prefer tomahawks and longbows over their lasguns

Death riders of Krieg motorcycle troops and horse cavalry fighting alongside giant robots

Aren't there circuit nanotech cybernetics coats

Orks primitive axes, clubs and boar-riding cavalry are regularly seen alongside laser guns and Humongous Mecha. The in-universe explanation is that their technology works by the Rule of Cool – if Orks believe something they've built will work, it will

A million worlds and that's before you start talking about inhabited asteroid fields, mining colonies off gas giants, space stations, star forts etc

There are an infinite number of psyker abilities but the most common are telepathy, telekinesis, divination, pyromancy, biomancy, daemonology/angelology?, and theosophamy

Part trade prince part privateer part conquistador

Isn't there a thriving black market of xeno tech

Some Rogue Traders are honorable and very pious others are no more than sanctioned pirates

"I claim this world for the Emperor of Humanity and his Imperium. I bring justice and truth for the loyal. Punishment and death for the guilty."

Despite their free-ranging powers, one can assume that a renegade Rogue Trader guilty of heresy or treason will be severely prosecuted by the Inquisition. It is very likely that he is considered to have forsaken the Emperor's trust upon his family and that his punishment will be much more severe

some newly created Rogue Traders come from backgrounds such as the Imperial Guard, the Imperial Navy, the Merchant Fleets, the Administratum or even the Inquisition where they will have developed unique outlooks and approaches to situations. Some Rogue Traders are relatively poor, possessing a single ancient and dilapidated ship. Others are incredibly wealthy and powerful and have whole fleets and entire private armies at their disposal. Certain favoured individuals may even call upon detachments of Space Marines having entered pacts with individual Chapters. Some Rogue Traders operate as mercenaries, renting the service of their ship(s)

While Warrant of Trade or a Letter of Marque grants extraordinary freedoms within the Imperium, they also invariably contain particular conditions; sometimes Rogue Traders will be required to make regular visits to certain troublesome Imperial worlds, or sent to enact military action on world which do not require the force of the segmentum battlefleets. Often however, Rogue Traders will be required to travel outside the established territories of the Imperium in the name of settlement or exploration

pity the guardsman a weak sack of flesh destined to die for a dead god that never cared, it spends its pitiful, brief life alone in his foxhole with nothing to keep him company, or to keep him safe, than the cheapest, most disposable equipment. Me? As a servant of Chaos I enjoy all that this universe and the warp has to offer. Power courses through my veins. The gifts of the chaos gods will soon overtake me, and one day I may ascend. What has the guardsmen to look forward to but a grim life, and if he is lucky, perhaps he will feel nothing as my axe sends his soul to Khorne. He lives for a corpse god and he shall join his god.. as a corpse. And I shall spare a second to think of his kind. Then I shall only laugh. Hail CHAOS!

"At the end of the day, though he's been ferried through hell on a ship that's ten thousand years old to some godforsaken, war-torn rock; though he deployed from high orbit with nothing but a grav chute; though he is one of ten million men and women snatched from his homeworld to fight a war he barely understands; though he has been given a weapon that fires small suns and may annihilate him as he fires because the knowledge of how it functions has been lost; though his company is supported by tractor-tanks that run on anything you can burn; though he wages war against a devouring hivemind, ravenous demons, and hordes of hyper-advanced aliens with strange technologies and sorceries he never dreamed existed; no one will remember his sacrifice, there will be no records of his deeds, no glorious parades in his honor, and no remembrance of his name. All he will earn is a shallow, unmarked grave on a forgotten world untold lightyears from home.

Yet for all this thankless sacrifice a Guardsman is a man, just like you. He has no millennia-old genetic engineering, no prophetic leader, no miracles of faith. He has his lasgun, his orders, and his comrades. He is the Imperial Guard.

And he will hold the line."

You would laugh monster. But let me remind you. Within this weak sack of meat and bone, uncared for by his god and wept for by none, beats a heart. A human heart, that carries with it the strength and courage of all mankind. Within that sack of meat is the hope, the will, and the fury of every man, woman, and child from every corner of the Imperium. Within that weak sack of meat, festooned in thin armor and weapons only powerful in numbers, beats the heart of a man. And for ten thousand years, the hearts of men have beaten, strongly, in defiance of your so called "powers". For ten thousand years the hearts of humanity of beaten united against a universe that despises them for the sole reason of having the audacity to not lie down and die. For ten thousand years, your black crusades have been pushed back, beaten down, and made a mockery of, by weak sacks of flesh with cheap weapons and disposable equipment. For that weak sack of flesh that you so gleefully mock is no supersoldier, no immortal warrior, no creature cursed by chaos like you. He is a man, an Imperial Gaurdsman drawn from some forgotten corner of the Imperium to fight for his species and for the safety of the people he loves. He is a factory worker, a farmer, a storekeeper, a parent, a sibling, spouses, offspring, a mere human. And against creatures like you teeming and numberless, powered by the wills of thirsting Dread Gods of Ruin...He holds the line. He has held the line for ten thousand years. So what is your excuse, monster

A trooper stands besides his fire teams, squads, and sections, his companies, platoons, and regiments, they cover entire continents entire worlds, behind them roar and howl the engines of battle tanks war machines so massive they crush mountains to dust beneath their treads, ships and attack craft blot out the sun, at night horizons light up a message to the enemies of mankind they have come here to die

For every one that falls ten shall take their place, one hundred for them, a thousand for them, and so on a noble sentiment if you're not the one to fall but who am I to get in the way of morale

I like to think the non chaos/other evil Warhammer Fantasy gods saints of the Emperor

Remember how much life for medieval peasants sucked to preindustrial cultures (before modern medicine and transportation) nature is a ruthless brutal b-word that whole harmony with nature is a city dweller concept

Commandments of Handrich

Be fair to consumers, employees, and the environment

Be sharp but not dishonest

Only cheat cheaters

Give charitably but within reason

Anakonda Amazons Greater than Slann High Age Weapons

Lizardmen Temple Cities giant space ships
Gator-Chamelean-Dino-Dragon (Rainbowfeathered Serpent/Ryu) Men



Reborn as noble abhumans-Dwarf/Giant
Beast(flora(chimera-wyvern/wolf/sabretooth(stripes/spots)/bat/avianmen snake/scorpion tail /kaiju)/golem/robot)folk/ogre/troll/Heroes of the Storm

bacteria/plague insect/swarms bird/flocks army dragonmen/chimeramen wear cities as crowns crew fleets of spaceships size changing dragons

Orks become Krork- Maestro/Leader/Doc Green/Professor/Green Scar/Sakaarson/Nul “Breaker of Worlds” as well as Hobgoblin/Demogoblyn

Eldar become Asurai organic Amazos/ Warhammer Fantasy Elves

Krork-Maestro/Leader/Professor/Doc Green/Doc Samson/Green Scar/Sakaarson/Nul “Breaker of Worlds” as well as Hobgoblin/Demogoblyn, Eldar become Azurai Magno organic Amazos/Brother Grimm Warhammer Fantasy Elves, halfangel-half devil demoness/Fairy/Pyxie/NegaSpyte/Genie, Gnome, arch/uber/ultragremlin/demiimp-antifairy, replicae (genetic diversity different races and genders) perfect human (captain America/Nick Fury/Cable) clone, enhance (cybernetic brains) completely under thrall Symbioids Justice Titans-Supermartian/Rann/(Skorp Von Warstar)Adam Strage-John Carter/Flash Gordon, Wonderhawk, Aquaorion, Alakazam-Captain Marvel/Shazam/Zatara-Doc Fate(Wyrd)Mandrake, Bat-Lantern, Zauriel, Superdemon, Squad Superman (Earth 14/33/13)

The Empire is never alone unity is their strength they may not always get along but the moment someone outside the Empire wrongs their neighbors they come to the aid of their countrymen) and Karl is not just an amazing warrior and general (who leads from the front and is a skilled and strong enough warrior to do so and keep his tactical and strategic mind which is far more useful the silver seal allows him to go toe to toe with orc warbosses, giants, and chaos champions) he is an equally skilled politician and diplomat the type of man who comes along once a thousand years

The Tzarina doesn't lead from the front using her tactical and strategic mind far more value but she is an extremely powerful and skilled warrior

One of Sigmar's well the cult of Sigmar's commandments is Thou shalt render all reasonable aid unto dwarf-folk from when the king of Dwarfs gave him the Ghal Maraz for saving his life

Delicious Halfling food

Prefer call it Sigmaria or something

Sometimes Karl Franz is the only noble who gives a damn about his subjects sometimes the Empire is fair and just, an enlightened ideal Renaissance-esque with industrial revolution just around the corner if not for Orcs, Chaos and all the rest, well as fair and just as possible in a medieval, feudal system of hereditary aristocracy

Mechanical horse their version of the car

Combine Alluminas and (never fallen/reformed) Obscuras into benevolent Tzeentch
3/1 c1 Guest
Tzeentch - is the desire for change, often for the sheer sake of change. (the problem is he NEVER stops his minions and victims alike change and change and change until they become warped monstrous horrors beyond description or die or both) The same thing which causes a person to get 'cabin fever' or experience wanderlust, that's Tzeentch. When a little kid won't stop asking 'why', that's Tzeentch:
"Why is the sky blue"
Because it is.
"But why? Why not green?"
Because that would be wrong.
"Why is that wrong? I like green"
etc etc
That's Tzeentch. Tzeentch gives you the power to make the sky green. Or purple. Or pink.
If you're taking a test and saying "man, I wish that I was smarter so I could ace this" that's Tzeentch. He'll make you smart. You don't even have to study!
Tzeentch is not hope. Tzeentch is wish gratification. You can hope that you pass the test, and that does nothing for Tzeentch. You can wake up and wish that the sky were green, and Tzeentch won't raise a finger. But if you wish that YOU were smart, or that YOU could make the sky green, Tzeentch will absolutely offer you the power to do that and more. The selfish desire to make the world in your image to hell with any innocents and the greater good

Tzeentch listens to dreams and all men dream of prosperity, freedom and a better tomorrow. These dreams are not just the preserve of the impoverished or the powerless - even Imperial Planetary Governors and Imperial Navy battlefleet admirals dream of further riches, or perhaps even an end to their responsibilities

The mortal champions of Tzeentch are especially dangerous, as they often wield awesome sorcerous power on top of their considerable physical prowess. Professors, philosophers, scientists, intellectuals, and artists also swell Tzeentch’s ranks, for as much as the Changer of Ways embraces magic and guile, he also loves knowledge in all its forms. Predictably, Tzeentch finds those who investigate forbidden or taboo subjects particularly interesting, as individuals willing to defy convention and perhaps even ethics and the law to pursue their intellectual ambitions often make willing and effective servants. Some thinkers who reach a stumbling block in their scholarly pursuits can become obsessed with a particular problem or question. These scholars may try any number of approaches to find answers, but no experiment, no amount of research or consultation with experts, and no amount of sweat and elbow grease brings them closer to a solution. These obsessed scholars are particularly vulnerable to Tzeentch’s temptations. While some may deliberately seek the assistance of the Master of Fate, many more unwittingly fall into Tzeentch’s service after accepting help from an insightful but mysterious new colleague or after gazing too long at a classified or forbidden text that somehow finds its way onto their desk

Tzeentch is not above sullying his clawed hands with the bloody business of war, though he much prefers to win his battles through guile and sorcery than brute force though he will manipulate and use it

Nurgle and Tzeentch don't get along because Tzeentch messes up the natural order of things. To Nurgle, time passes, people are born and die, and that's just how it is. To Tzeentch, time is entirely irrelevent - if you wish that you could ride a Delorean back to the 50's, Tzeentch will toss you the keys faster than you can say "Marty McFly". If you wish that you could turn your dead friend from wormfood back to a living person - bam! But Nurgle hates that, because your friend was supposed to lay there and be food so that more worms could be born, and flowers could have fertilizer to bloom.

Nurgle truly believes people WANT his terrible diseases

Unlike the other three who don't even pretend to care about their followers

Nurgle - is actually based on the name of a real historical fertility god. Whenever people are glad for new life (a baby being born, flowers blooming) Nurgle is there. The trouble is that a lethal fungus releasing spores, influenza cells multiplying, and maggots hatching in a decaying corpse - these are also new lives. That's why Nurgle's followers are glad to be the hosts of so many diseases - all life is sacred, and to be a vessel of one of Nurgle's sacred lives is a blessing.
Nurgle is not the god of Death and Decay, as he is so often portrayed. He is the god of the natural order of things. In Nurgle's eyes, you are born, you live and breed new life (from the babies you make, to the bacteria growing in your gut), then you die and become fuel for the cycle. If you consider that Nurgle champions the natural order, it makes a lot more sense why he hates Tzeentch so much.

Nurgle never seems to get around to the whole rebirth thing

Nurgle is misery loves company

Nurgle is the desire to live no matter what even if it's just a walking sack of pus enslaved to Nurgle's will

Slaanesh is self involved it likes torture and sadism of course it's also pleasure and perfection of the self even warfare though different than Khorne while at the price of insatiable maddening bloodlust the Blood God will give you great strength and teach you everything about armed and unarmed combat and battle tactics and strategies Slaanesh will let you make that one perfect shot or flawlessly win the next duel at the price of maddening need of more and more depraved and disgusting acts to feel ANYTHING

Slaanesh - is perfection. You like music, but there is some music out there that you know is just awful. You wish that music would go away, or you don't want to listen to it? You taste food prepared by a competent chef and it is amazing, you think that you could eat it every day. But you have also tasted food that you wouldn't give to your dog, and you never want to eat it again. You see a beautiful person and you want to be their friend, or their "friend" - and you'd rather be around them than be surrounded by ugly people. Slaanesh is all of that - he's never satisfied with what's in front of him, he always wants it to be better. This music is great, but Slaanesh is sure that there is someone who does it better, and he'll find them. The reason Slaanesh characters always seem like perverts is because they're the ultimate 'hipsters' or elitists. They want the best of everything - what was good yesterday is now passe and boring. One need not be obscenely wealthy even the lowest can take pleasure in the crackling flame or eating fingernails or drool absorption especially when obsession consumes all thoughts, the village has several houses to burn and neighbors have fingernails and drool. When you can't feel pleasure anymore, you start exploring the depths of pain.
Slaanesh hates Khorne because Khorne is barbaric. Khorne has no appreciation for fine art, or for good music, or for the feeling of dying. Khorne just burns and destroys. Slaanesh at least has the good sense to rape and pillage first.

Khorne would prefer his followers to fight worthy adversaries or better yet someone they could never defeat but if you keep slaughtering enough civilians en masse eventually someone worth fighting will find you

He hates cowards just as much as he hates weaklings

You can usually trust him and his followers to brutally honest emphasis on the brutal

He sicks his hounds on cowards, deserters, those who flee from battle to burn them forever in the black fires of his hearth

Warriors who die in their sleep slave his foundries forever shamed

His only temple is the battlefield, his only sacrament the spilled blood of nations

As far as I know the only torture is the blood raven/eagle from fantasy, Slaanesh is the torture

Khorne is not just mindless, rage-induced murder. He is every act of violence. From Sweeny Todd slitting throats for revenge and personal gain, to the holy warrior killing infidels in a faraway land including even his own followers, and the "plain crazy" murders, but also the genuine desire to protect others

The problem with Khorne is he gets angry if you go more than a day without spilling or shedding blood it matters not from where the blood flows only that it flows

Khorne twists honor and protection to tyranny and savagery

When warriors forget why they kill that is when Khorne owns their souls

For Khorne it's more don't use magic to fight your battles for you go ahead and enslave a wizard or engineer, make him make you magic or advanced weapons muscle over magic don't steal the fires of the gods for your own use and/or gain or claim it's yours

So whenever you think "why no good Warp gods", ask yourself what emotion you want them to encapsulate. Love? Nurgle loves you no matter what (he loves you BECAUSE of your flaws and wants you to REVEL in them and never change them). "Love"? Slaanesh has all the lovin' you need, baby. Control over the girl of your dreams? Slaanesh is your guy. And if you want the love of some higher power, well, Khorne will give it to you, but you gotta fight for it
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The Inquisition has infinite power because they have infinite responsibility, they literally have no right to let tens or hundreds of billions live for the greater good of mankind

You can not be an Inquisitor without these three things, an unshakable unwavering dedication to the cause (mankind's survival/freedom from the Xeno/Mutant/Daemon/Heretic can see error of ways and find redemption (traitor never)/Rogue Psyker/Witch and dominance in the universe, the Imperium/Emperor), a will of iron to do whatever is necessary, and good investigative instincts

The James Bonds/Navy SEALS/Jack Bauers/Dirty Harrys/Vin Diesel XXXs/Skywalkers

Give any man the power of a god, and you better hope he's got the wisdom and morals of a god to match. There's nothing feeble about my moral line. I value life. That is why I fight to protect it. I mourn every man I lose and every sacrifice I make. One life or a billion, they're all lives.

I am a Commissar. I am empowered to deliver justice wherever I see it lacking. I am empowered to punish cowardice. I am granted the gift of total authority to judge, in the name of the Emperor, on the field of combat.

I have a reputation, a reputation as a fair, honest man who treats his soldiers well and supports them in the face of darkness. Potentially, that reputation makes me soft. It seems I understand failure and forgive it. Some believe me to be a weak commissar, not prepared to take the action my rank demands. Not prepared to enforce field discipline where I see it failing. I am an Imperial commissar. I will enflame the weak, support the wavering, guide the lost. I will be all things to all men who need me. But I will also punish without hesitation the incompetent, the cowardly, and the treasonous

Look upon this hammer I hold before me, for it is far more than a weapon. It is a symbol of the Imperial justice that smites the diabolic enemies of the Imperium wherever they are found, just as I. Though it has banished even a mighty Greater Daemon to the hell from which it was spawned, it remains true and pure, just as I. Furthermore, it is a symbol of my order and my office, of the authority granted to me by the divine will of the Emperor. By that authority, I am commanding you and your entire regiment to obey me without question or hesitation. Advance, or it will not be daemonic blood that stains my hammer this day.

The weak will always be led by the strong. Where the strong see purpose and act, the weak follow; where the strong cry out against fate, the weak bow their heads and succumb. There are many who are weak; and many are their temptations. Despise the weak for they shall flock to the call of the Daemon and the Renegade. Pity them not and scorn their cries of innocence - it is better that one hundred innocently fall before the wrath of the Emperor than one kneels before the Daemon.

The Daemon has many forms. You must know them all. You must tell the Daemon from his disguise and root him out from the hidden places. Trust no-one. trust not even yourself. It is better to die in vain than to live an abomination.
The zealous martyr is praised for his valor: the craven and the unready are justly abhorred.

There is no place for the weakwilled or hesitant. Only by firm action and resolute faith will mankind survive. No sacrifice is too great. No treachery too small.

Even a man with nothing can still give his life

Spirit of noxious immateria, be gone from hence, for as the Emperor of Mankind, manifold be his blessings, watches over me, so I will not fear the shadow of the warp...

The Emperor protects

Though Mankind is at the brink of this great apotheosis, you must be ever vigilant for the stillborn harbingers of this change. Where you seek the pure and strong, there too will you find the impure and weak. Where you find but one worthy of life, you will also find a million twisted, deformed monstrosities for whom death by your hand is a mercy. Therefore, look first for the mutant, for he may never hide his sin from you, and in his midst there will be revealed to you that which you seek. But be ever vigilant, for even should you find one with the gift, only one in a thousand psykers will be strong enough to resist the perils of the Empyrean and be allowed to live.

You ask why we must cleanse the xenos. I will tell you. The filth of the alien and the witch must be exterminated to preserve the purity of the Human race, lest we degenerate into abomination

You are not free whose liberty is won by the rigor of other, more righteous souls. You are merely protected. Your freedom is parasitic, you suck the honorable man dry and offer nothing in return. You who have enjoyed freedom, who have done nothing to earn it, your time has come. This time you will stand alone and fight for yourselves. Now you will pay for your freedom in the currency of honest toil and human blood.

Trust in the Emperor but trust in your blade as well

As the Emperor protects so must we

For Mankind and for The Emperor

The Emperor can make a star go supernova with a snap of his fingers

The Emperor is a warrior, tactician, strategist, scientist, and psyker without equal

The Emperor is Jesus, Thor, King Arthur, and Conan put together

I like to think the non chaos/other evil Warhammer Fantasy gods are saints of the Emperor

My enemy’s enemy is a problem for later, for now they may be useful

What is necessary has little to do with what is right

Being an oppressor makes you an oppressor

When your choices are extinction, enslavement, literal damnation, or survival, you choose survival

Daemon Princes have power beyond the reckoning of mortals heretical or otherwise that said

Ollanius Pius patron saint of the Imperial Guard put himself directly in front of a walking god of battle who has just ripped apart the strongest Space Marine Primarch in the hopes of protecting the Emperor of Mankind and he did so without fainting, $#!tting himself in terror, or mewling like a wounded grox, His death proved that Horus had given himself over to chaos completely (Not to mention the act of flaying an AVERAGE PERSON ALIVE WITH A MERE GLANCE proves that you're nothing but a f*ing b!%c#-a$$ prick)

Also those who fail, or don't succeed fast enough, or who find themselves on the wrong end of a Chaos God on a bad day, or just don't bring enough glory fast enough, are "rewarded" with Chaos Spawn

and even though those Daemon Princes get their own planets to rule even they are but slaves of the ruinous powers

The mission comes first the fate of humanity comes first

The Imperium doesn't measure the death of men but planets

The universe is a big place and whatever happens, you will probably not be missed

For every martyr remembered countless die unknown

It is these countless anonymous heroes who give their lifeblood that ensures humanity’s survival

No man who dies in service to the Emperor dies in vain

It is better to die for the Emperor than to live for yourself.

Life is the Emperor's currency, spend it well.

To each of us falls a task and all the Emperor requires of a trooper is that they stands in line and die fighting, it's what we do best, we die standing

Mankind stands on the shoulders of the martyred

"I have seen war in all its forms. I've brained feral world savages with stones, mercy killed an entire planet with a virus bomb to prevent it from falling to the minions of the ruinous powers, dropped into certain death with Adeptes Astartes and win, watched Titans crush whole platoons underfoot. Rode with Death Riders, and there is no more stirring sight in war than the charge of massed cavalry."

most of the world's soldiers are younger

The Emperor will judge you by your scars not your medals

The logic of Mankind having a manifest destiny to rule the Galaxy is more than merely for the survival of humanity, the other species were failures or depraved or both

Statistically, you will almost certainly die when assaulting a well-maintained fortress with a competent commander. You must strive to make your death useful.

You'll run out of ammunition before we run out of men, you'll run out of men before we run out of tanks, if we must drown you in the blood of our own we will

Survival is no birthright, but a prize wrested from an uncaring galaxy by forgotten heroes

Blessed be the gunmakers

The Imperium is always depicted as knowing they are committing a necessary evil, although the alternative would possibly be creating a second Negative Space Wedgie at the heart of itself (which is kind of what happened with the Eldar). Taking the lesser of two evils means that they think of themselves as good in comparison to the alternative.
However, individuals within the Imperium may have a slightly different view of things. In For The Emperor, Commissar Cain reflects on how, to him, Tau society appears extremely rigid and rulebound by comparison to the more laissez-faire attitude of the Imperium towards its citizens. Unless they're heretics of course...

Fascist policies are not just justified, but absolutely required for mere survival because the 40K universe is so damned dangerous
"if you let me put my thumb on the utilitarian scales, I can get you to agree that you have an affirmative moral duty to torture a three-year-old child to death."

Powerful and Continuing Nationalism: It's not like you can emigrate anywhere. (Well, maybe the Tau Empire or The Eye of Terror)

Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights: They have an Inquisition, and it's actually necessary to prevent chaos demons from appearing everywhere.

Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause: It's pretty easy when the scapegoats are constantly spitting acid on the front door.

Supremacy of the Military: War is everywhere, and failure means the deaths of billions or even trillions, the military is all that stands between humanity and chaotic oblivion. However, unlike other fascist regimes, the military is not precisely glorified. With a few exceptions, Imperial Guardsmen are taught that the military is, like everything else in the Imperium, a tool of survival. Unlike most fascist regimes, in which the military is a means to righteous victory over the Supreme Leader's many and sundry enemies, victory is not spoken of in the Imperium, only survival. Because victory is widely perceived to be (and actually is) impossible, a perception common among rank-and-file Guardsmen themselves, any potential glamor or glory the military might have is ground down by the reality of constant war. Contrast with fascist imagery of long struggles but quick and victorious wars over the weak and spineless enemy. Even the grandiose religious and authoritarian imagery woven into the Imperial Guard's equipment (battleships built like cathedrals, tanks built like castles) has a practical purpose: to keep both the Guardsmen and the populations they 'defend' in awe of the might of the Imperium, reducing the likelihood of revolt or mutiny.

Controlled Mass Media: "Knowledge is power; guard it well." It's nigh-impossible to know what's really happening in the Imperium, since the bureaucracy hides it. The reasons for doing this range from simply keeping the masses loyal and productive (if there is, say, a genestealer cult on the planet, the populace doesn't need to know; if they're panicking in the streets they aren't growing crops or building weapons for the Imperium), to protection against the fact that in this universe, knowledge can LITERALLY be power. Power that can make you pants-crappingly insane or summon The Legions of Hell. Which leads to the next point

Obsession with National Security: The whole universe is a thin sheen of normality built atop a gigantic Negative Space Wedgie; the obsession with defense and warfare is crucial to the survival of humanity. On a more local scale, constant vigilance against daemon, heretic (can see error of ways and find redemption (traitor never), xeno, mutant, and witch (rogue psyker). Any one of these groups can destroy an entire planet with relative ease and can show up at any time. For example: a Chaos fleet shows up above a random planet, the uncertain nature of FTL travel having thrown them thousands of light years off course. A heretics summon demons. Eldar glass your cities or entire worlds on the off chance it'll save one of their own centuries or millenia from now. Psyker's brain explodes in crowded work camp, kills hundreds, attracts notice of Tzeentch. The Imperium's sole defense against such threats is an obsession with security.

Religion and Government are Intertwined: The Empire of Man is a straight-up theocracy, because not only is worship of the Emperor justified, it's required for the Astronomican (A huge psychic beacon that guides faster-than-light travel all over the galaxy) to work

While the Imperium of Man is rabidly and xenocidally human-centric, but considering that the Eldar view every other species as mindless pawns to be manipulated, the Tau are divided into genetically "pure" castes based on their physical specializations and practice brainwashing, reeducation and concentration camps and forced mass sterilization, the Orks tend to "crump any o' 'dose gits what ain't Orky enuff!" - including other Orks – live only for murder, mayhem, and the joy of slaughter, and everything else is trying to kill everything else, it's fairly understandable. More than understandable: due to the nature of the Imperial religion and the fact that the God Emperor is the only “god” that Chaos can't touch, he IS anathema to the Ruinous Powers, the greatest source of order in the galaxy/universe, there HAVE been quite literal miracles Those who are possessed of enough faith in him can call upon small portions of his power (as evidenced by living saints and the occasional miracle) it could be argued he has champions(possibly Sensei/Illuminati), and that he does occasionally bestow 'gifts' (think Celestine, the living saint and her ability to not die, becoming a close-minded, xenophobic bigot is pretty much the only way your soul can be saved

Given that genetic mutation and spiritual corruption are often interlinked mutation of the body from the Holy Human Form is a sure sign of Chaos taint
That said, some mutants are tolerated in the Imperium, (they aren't supposed to go after the radiation/pollution/mutagenic chemical/alien or otherwise experiment mutants just chaos tainted ones isn't it guideline like hereditary Chaos doesn't usually give exact same mutation by bloodline even in similar mutation sometimes it's the mind that mutates corrupts from within leaving or making the outside beautiful Sigvald but not like there is no overlap and can't exactly take a chance if you don't know for sure) because they are necessary and/or relatively stable. This includes Navigators, who are necessary for Warp travel, psykers, who are important for astropathic communication, powering the Astronomican, and feeding the Emperor, and the various strains of abhumans, who are stable and useful.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, followers of Chaos treat mutants very highly, as they are considered favored by the Chaos Gods. Tzeentch in particular doles out mutations like there's no tomorrow (and knowing 40k, there legitimately may not be), giving his followers extra eyes, arms, legs, and even heads

Obsession with Crime and Punishment: When your crimes can summon demons and destroy worlds, the state is justified in being interested in them

In other words: In the grim darkness of the far future, War is Peace

You LOVE the Emperor of Mankind, the eternal savior of humanity, for without his protection mankind would face certain extinction. You know that even heretical thoughts create windows into the Warp for unimaginable horrors, but your moral sensibilities raised by (insert atrocity X) might cause you to question: Is the Imperium's rule really the last, best hope of humanity? Am I fighting for the good guys? Maybe those Tau, or that cult of freethinkers, really work for the Greater Good or want better lives for the miserable oppressed.
(the paranoid gut-wrenching moral dilemma here is captured by most half-way decent mindf* spy movies)
Maybe you defect, or are corrupted. You quickly learn that not only are they as bad, but they are worse than the Imperium, that their boot on every human's face, forever, is better compared to alternatives. Hopefully, in the moments before the inquisitorial bullet claims you, you will have the comfort of knowing that YOU LOVE THE GOD-EMPEROR, because HE PROTECTS HUMANITY
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Damn I quite enjoyed that. Nice to see iron warriors getting some love. Excited for the full story

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