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6/16 c21 5Mayjune1
Awesome storyyou’re a very talented writer. Thanks for writing it x
5/15 c21 Spnlady
This chapter was the perfect ending, to another amazing story. I just received a email with a new story you just started writing, I can’t wait to begin it. I know have said it before, but you are absolutely the best writer for SPN stories,so please,please keep their stories alive for us. I really do have a feeling they will be back! Thank you again for sharing your wonderful stories with us!
5/15 c21 17MewWinx96
Hi! I just wanted to say that I enjoyed this story, and thank you so much for writing it! :)
5/13 c21 Jenjoremy
Oh, Janice, that was perfect! Timothy is a DADDY! But still Sam's little buddy. Thank you for sharing this with us, and thank you to Woomie, for sharing her account.
5/13 c20 Jenjoremy
What a great ending! Timothy and his family are doing well, Kade is back in his element - YES - he's back where he belongs. And the boys managed to do something really good after a really bad situation. Great close out!
5/13 c19 Jenjoremy
Ahhh - love Dean's perfect aim even on the fly. And it sure was good to see Timothy alive and well! But Kade? Really? I may have teared up just a bit. It was nice to have Dean's turn to lose his jeans - and the boxers! OMG! Also loved Sam waiting until all the critical tasks were done before passing out and staying unconscious for two day! A nice wrap up to the hunt.
5/10 c1 SpnFanTam
I had to laugh when you made a reference to Lebanon, Kansas, having a Walmart. The town has a population of 178, so it probably doesn't have a grocery store, let alone a Walmart.
5/10 c21 17MicheleChadwick
Oh so wonderful to see this epilogue thank you Janice! I love the boys getting a few moments in a lake to just be and themcatching up with their pal Timothy after all that time. Him having his own romplet’s gave it a lovely feel of the world having turned.
Thank you also for your fic suggestion. Turns out I had already read it at some point, but thanks for the trip down memory lane again.
5/7 c21 Kathy
so glad I noticed this bonus epilog, yes makes sense to stay at the camp when it's getting dark, so nice for the guys to have a cool refreshing swim, (great visual there) so pleased that the Rompos are doing so well, so cute of Timothy to watch and then when they were clean he knew it was them, smart to shoo the little ones away, what a treat getting to read this, thanks for writing and sharing and for the incredible work on all the chapters in this adorably wonderful long story,
5/6 c20 Kathy
what a satisfying ending chapter, yes what a huge clean up, haha Dean would love crushing the glass ballerinas, great guest house and good about the food delivery, and forgot rawhead, easy to do with so much going on, great they exchanged stories and nice about the ghosts and the respectful fires of sphinx and rompos, love that Timothy, so cute, and Dean got to blow up stuff, and they found cash, so nice to donate to that homeless shelter and perfect that they called it KT, good Dean didn't have to decide about the sphinx and so nice to drop off Kade in the ocean, I like to think he may have come back, and nice that the Rompos are running wild safely, and thank you so much for the monster list and bonus of sorting them into friendly allies too. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't imagine what your creative mind will come up with next, thanks for writing and sharing such delightful entertainment
5/8 c21 voyeur26
This has been my favorite story ever. It's well-written, well-plotted, exciting and entertaining. And, most important, it's a thrilling story that ALSO gets the brothers just right. Thank you!
5/7 c21 8Taura Callisto
Aww, I love this. So glad they got to meet back up with Timothy. :)
5/7 c21 2Princess of the Fae
5/7 c21 41Colby's girl
RN (readers note) I fully agree with the addition of this epilogue. So glad we got to see Timothy again. Glad to know he made a life for his purple self.
Congrats to Janice!
5/7 c21 scootersmom
This was so sweet! Thank you Janice!
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