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for Are You Up For Some Medicine?

10/10/2022 c1 Gamer71796
I love it. I love it so much I've fallen down a rabbit hole looking for Healing quirk fics. Sadly, lacking on this site but AO3 certainly compensates for ffnets shortcomings. I do sincerely hope you reconsider adding to this fic, it's too interesting a premise not to expand.
3/21/2022 c1 1unseenw0lf
damn even you oneshots are awesome. could you update this if someone adopts it? or put it on your favourite page please? would love to see this expanded.
3/10/2022 c1 Acqua OfThe Back
Maldita sea, este escenario fue muy interesante lástima que solo sea un one-shot
3/10/2022 c1 3RonaldM40196867
I hoped there’d be more.
3/5/2022 c1 Bruhgers
It's a shame this is a one-shot, though looking at your current fics I can understand.

the premise is interesting, seeing Izuku completely broken down, while not resorting to villainy nor being incredibly depressed to the point of offing himself is refreshing, not that I'm saying he's not depressed but rather he continues to live trying to find meaning in his life even though he's essentially a shell of his former self.
3/3/2022 c1 Onigrev
I really like the idea of having midoriya as a CombatMedic!
but I have a question knowing that this happened 5 years, when he left his home, how old was he? If it was almost the same as the entrance exam then the story should move even without him so did Eri ever bumped with Mirio, or rather did the Raid happen, resulting to Nighteye's death?
3/2/2022 c1 Guest
This is cringe.
3/2/2022 c1 1hellfire45
Good chapter and definitely a interesting little one shot
3/2/2022 c1 Guest
Great, my newly born thirst for this to continue will never be sated. Time to search for creative cope mechanisms!
3/2/2022 c1 SDIVAD
Fuck no you can’t do this to meno to usno to yourself you need to continue this even if it’s only short chapters or very rarely but this needs more
I need more
We all need more


I loved this the idea the theme the plot everything

Anywho take care and keep up the great work
3/2/2022 c1 SilverDeus

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