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for In the Shadow of Dreams

3/3 c8 k.oldfather
screaming and crying LMAO THE RASMUS I was obsessed with them and that album when it came out glad I finally got around to reading this
10/15/2022 c7 Labyrinth Lover3
yasssss, labyrinth
9/17/2022 c24 NobleRose104
Great read, thank you for sharing.
8/11/2022 c24 mes1066
I enjoyed this and am looking forwards to your next posting, whenever your life and your muse allow. What is your alternate account?
8/10/2022 c24 161Smithback
loved it all
thanks for the awesome story
8/10/2022 c24 LukaGreen
I can't believe it's over
I'll miss them
Hope you are planning another
8/10/2022 c24 lady sesshomaru sama 949
I'm really sad to see this over but it was such a wonderful story and I'm glad that I got to read it looking forward to reading more of your stories
8/10/2022 c24 Banshee Black
Thank you for a beautiful story.
8/1/2022 c23 lady sesshomaru sama 949
love this so much!
7/31/2022 c23 3Sartel
so sweet

loved it
7/23/2022 c22 Guest
Amazing story, truly. I ready this in 2 days flat and I LOVED how you got the characters accurate to what they would be like at an older age. I came to read a past fanfiction I've read many times, but I'm so glad I found this one.
Hoping you do more, very talented writer.
Regards xxx
7/22/2022 c22 violetvioletskies
Read the whole fic in two days. It is so good! I really liked the way you put your own twist in the time-travelling and also love how supportive Molly is. Thanks for this fic, I will definitely continue reading it!
7/20/2022 c22 Sartel
loved it
7/20/2022 c22 lady sesshomaru sama 949
yes love this I'm looking forward to reading more and maybe seeing more of their memories
7/10/2022 c21 smithback
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