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for An Echo Of Determination

3/7 c1 Nogoodnamesisnotmine
I really like all the ideas used for this.
3/7 c1 frankieu
interesting start of the story will be fun to see where it leads to
fun idea of a even more crazy powerscale in the DB universe perhaps sneak in some crazy wish to even things out
3/6 c1 1WispInABottle
Going off the prior review, for the RRA part I think you mistyped going from power level 29 to 32 as 2932. Which isn't big deal but it might confuse some people. I'm really enjoying this and I'm looking forward to more chapters.
3/6 c1 4King-Of-Gods
As much as i like this first chapter there are a lot of things wrong.

One is the fact that your character got a power level of 2,000 something during the Red Ribbon Army invasion of Bulma’s Capsule house and you lowered that back down to some other number.

Another fact is your character never once used the Sharingan. I dont even know if his is fixed considering the first Isekai ROB screwed him over and the second ROB sent a message saying he fixed it, but we never saw if it did. Also if your character does have the Sharingan it should have activated already since he has been in multiple life of death situations. Especially involving someone he cares about due to Bulma being threatened.
3/5 c1 Ben Turner1
This is very interesting. Looking forward to seeing where it goes
3/5 c1 2zackman2k12
problems with the editor changed power levels. working on fixing it.

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