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for The rebellion and ascend of valyria

6/30 c1 LordNimmu
Please tell what the foreign words are in brackets. How would I know what valonqar is?
5/9 c3 Guest
Update please
4/13 c3 The Lord Bread
Idk seems gau
4/11 c4 TehStorm
Hum...The MC really needs to find a dragon egg somehow and hatch it as fast as possible. A grown Dragon is the only realistic way he could ensure the Targaryen's victory against the rebellion. Unless of course, he stops Rhaegar from taking away Lyanna but like he said, that would only delay the inevitable...

At this point raising an Army is pointless, It woud take too long and cost too much, not to mention that he wouldn't have the authority necessary to raise an army without alarming anyone...
4/10 c4 Venerabledemon
Even if mc goes to valiyria and find brightroar why would he give to Jaime. Valiyrian steel is Chinese cabbage. Hopefully Mc becomes more selfish and evil or atleast borderline. Don't make him share whatever he finds in valiyria. Don't make him share anything with anyone that include his sister. Don't bring friendship and shit into this author. We came here for the Mc only. Not for the side characters.
4/10 c4 Guest
The cringefest made fanfiction
4/10 c4 Metalloid
this story is really intersesting! I can't wait for the next chapter!
4/10 c4 Greendragon
He talks too much in his own head and always has some sort of references to say after every conversation and always complaining that I have to skip some sentences because I couldn't care less if hes a targaryen wanker, can you ton it down it ruins the flow and please to don't be bias too much as it ruins the story
3/17 c3 guadamontiel18
Me encanta la pareja de los gemelos, creo que seria diferente a la de Cercei y Jaime creo que lo de ellos era mas obsesivo que de amor.
3/17 c1 guadamontiel18
Me encanta creo que el OC puede hacer grandes cambios en el futuro
3/17 c3 Laiking08
Is this a gay romance type story nothing against it but if it is I’m out just asking
3/17 c2 Laiking08
Skyscrapers really u should use towers
3/17 c3 Thranduil Arryn
Hey, enjoying the story so far. Glad to see that your going with Visenya/Gaemon pairing as it makes it feel a bit more authentic with them being Targaryen and all. Will love to see what you plan to do after the rebllion, will Rhaegar survive and become king or not. I hope that's actually the case and Gaemon forms his own kingdom in Essos. Maybe the old Essaria and northern Valyrian lands forming a Neo Valyria? I do also hope your not going the harem route as it usually takes so much out of the story having to form different relationships so one person, in this case Visenya whose charecter we kind of know makes the flow easier. Actually maybe he can have his kingdoms unofficial name be Easteros if you go that route hahah. Anyway until next time.
3/16 c3 Venerabledemon
Incest and huge harem. Rhaella and daenerys, and visenya too. Pls don't make Mc share anything if he finds in valiyria. If Mc wins the rebellion, make him take the lands of Riverland, eyrie and storm lands as part of crown lands. Aegon targaryens biggest mistake is taking the small piece of land for himself. Mc should build his own empire in essos starting from step stones and all
3/16 c3 3suppes1
I read the story and so far its interesting
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