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4/10 c15 Wendy
Kateā€¦. Who is Kate ?
4/2 c1 ninjahobo
Hoping you're ok and are happy and healthy xx
3/3 c18 1Elvire23
Thank you! i really enjoyed this chapter.
2/19 c17 Elvire23
What's in cout 8 is the real question, and why do they believe Bella would die after kissing Edward?
2/17 c16 Elvire23
Now you got me worried that there wont be a HEA. I want to see their passion explode for one anotber. i hope they get their HEA, theres just so much trauma.
2/16 c12 Elvire23
Why is Edward so jaded? UGH! Kiss her already! lol
2/15 c11 Elvire23
I so wanted Edward and Bella to sleep together.
2/15 c10 Elvire23
All good questions you posed in the A/N. I cant wait for the answers .
2/15 c9 Elvire23
Aww, I love this Edward and Bella story.
2/15 c8 Elvire23
I'm loving this story! Love the long chapters and all the details. Thank you!
2/15 c7 Elvire23
What the heck is wrong with Mr. Forge? He must be a hunter.
2/14 c6 Elvire23
I wonder where they are going?
2/14 c5 Elvire23
I hate that Jasper and Alice didnt say what tbey were going to say. Do they know more than whT we know?
2/14 c4 Elvire23
Ooh! What does it all mean?
2/14 c3 Elvire23
I wonder why she stills has that gold band around her ankle and whats up with the message?
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