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10/20/2022 c21 1JayNahNah
My heart aches for them.
10/20/2022 c21 Taschen
I love this story. It’s so creative.
10/18/2022 c21 Cina's
Can Jane and Alec be trusted? I hate to see them parting ways.
10/18/2022 c18 Cina's
My heartbreaks for these two.
10/18/2022 c15 Cina's
Who was doc j?
10/17/2022 c13 Cina's
Sorry I haven’t reviewed before but I just couldn’t stop reading. It’s such a wonderful story and so intriguing. Somewhat reminds me of the districts in the hunger games. Hopefully it won’t turn out to be as brutal.
10/17/2022 c21 everlong21
Another great chapter. SO good. I think I say this every time you update :)
I love the mystery about the curse and the Lark sisters. You've woven such a fantastic tale around Edward and Bella, the magic of the Courts, and the love of soulmates.
Thank you!
10/14/2022 c21 Guest
My God am loving this story please keep updating please
10/14/2022 c21 1Azlady2003
so the curse is just on edward... jaspers mom put it on him so he couldn't be with his bonded. why would he go to court 8 if he broke the curse and why would he be in trouble if he was caught trying to break the curse or if he failed?
10/13/2022 c21 valentinesgenie
Another awesome chapter until next time take care.
10/10/2022 c19 soton17
Baby steps...
10/10/2022 c18 soton17
My heart hurts for them. Just Soul Bond and let the cards fall where they may.
10/10/2022 c16 soton17
I don't understand why everyone's cautioning Bella not to Soul Bond with Edward. Surely a happy and an emotionally stable Edward and Bella would be much less threatening than an angry out of control and devastatingly vengeful Edward and Bella.
10/12/2022 c21 Allear
So, this story is so amazing for so many reasons. I'm in awe of the writing, wishing I could write like this! There's one thing I wonder about though, given Edward's trauma and difficulties with intimacy with Bella, how did he manage to have a sexual relationship with Jane? Also, why can't he tell Bella about the curse and why can't or won't Bella tell him about Alice's vision that she will die if they kiss?
10/12/2022 c21 cbmorefie
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