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10/9/2022 c21 Allear
This chapter was breathtaking!
10/9/2022 c21 2XxFantasyFiascoxX
Bravo! You are one of my favorite authors on here! Truly love the way your brain works in forming these beautiful stories. I’m absolutely captivated by them! I primarily read Jasper/Bella with few exceptions however your stories make my top lists regardless of pairing. The way you work with these characters truly inspires. Looking forward to the next update!
10/9/2022 c21 1Rynn245
So happy for the update… so sad for the parting though oh my.
10/9/2022 c21 PBJilly
I feel like shit is going to be going down very soon.
10/9/2022 c21 dpennell007
I'm glad you post on a few of the Facebook platforms I follow that you updated (not sure which one came up on my feed to give them credit.). I stopped receiving story updates and PM's via email a few weeks ago..

Sorry to see that Edward and Belle will be separated for a bit, but to me that translates to - it's a temporary situation that will be rectified shortly! lol.
10/9/2022 c21 Bevey99
This keeps deeper and deeper into the mystery. I love your words, they're brilliant. Thank you for writing and sharing.

I've rec'd IN The Weeds about 10 just in the last month. Still think about it all the time.
10/9/2022 c21 ashiana
Thank you for edwards pov.. Enjoyed reading it.
10/9/2022 c21 6Cheerra12
This chapter was amazing! I’m so glad we got that look into Edwards project. Gosh I want them to be together. Fantastic work!
10/9/2022 c21 midnitereader
More secrets. If Jane and Alec can help break the curse, the citizens of their world could be free to live and love as they choose. I hope Edward finds the remaining ingredients before his time with Bella is up and she gets her letter.
10/9/2022 c21 JentheBaker
Thank you for updating! I’m sorry real life has been crazy. I always love hearing from Edward, and this chapter did not disappoint! It was great, but so bittersweet, knowing they’re on borrowed time. It’s so very good!
10/9/2022 c21 IsabellaSwan6
Oh so the future Jane told Bella in which one out of three would be Bella's death which will happen when Edward kisses her according to Edward's curse by witch.
Hoping that they are each other's chosen Bond on Bella's 21st birthday. Looking forward for next update.
10/9/2022 c21 24gabby1017
This chapter touched the heartstrings... every one of them.
10/7/2022 c20 nelliereser
Is Bella fat?
10/7/2022 c20 stendy
Please update!
10/4/2022 c20 Guest
I just came across this story and its so good! But with 20 long chapters im ready for things to start speeding up. Hope you update soon!
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