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7/19/2023 c22 1JayNahNah
7/17/2023 c22 roxiegirl
Wow! Thank you! Fantastic chapter. So happy to see the update. I’m sorry you’ve had troubles with your computer. That sucks. Update when you can. We’ll be here!

I was surprised that Jane and her brothers are part of the revolution! That is exciting. It may really happen!
7/15/2023 c22 valentinesgenie
Great chapter until next time take care.
7/11/2023 c16 VryUnique
Choosing to keep Royce or choosing to keep Bella? It doesn’t make any sense.
Is that a better way of saying to let Royce kill Bella before they take care of him?
I’m not sure I trust Jane, she sounds sincere but she was called sneaky. We only
have her word that she still doesn’t want Edward. She apologized to Bella that
she won’t be able to complete the bond like she doesn’t have a choice. If they
bond their future is unwritten but they still have a choice to choose that path.
She did say she was the one who found Bella, was she?
What does Edward know? Does Edward know he has three paths? Does he know
that Bella is his bond? He said he wanted to keep her until she received her letter,
what if she gets his name? That statement sounds like he doesn’t think she will.
7/11/2023 c22 trisha63
Thank you for updating this fascinating story! It's been a while so I kind of need to reread a bit but I get the gist of what is going on. Hopefully, Edward will find everything he needs to break the curse and be able to properly kiss Bella and complete their bond. So Jane and Caius are leading the revolution, interesting! So if Court 8 is heavenly, what does Jane want Aro to be banished their for punishment? Wouldn't it be more prudent to send him to Court 2, with James, to the island of wild creatures? I simply can't wait to see what happens next! Take care, Trisha :}
7/11/2023 c22 prettymomma128
This was definitely a day of mystery. Great chapter!
7/9/2023 c22 lillianolivia.white
I was thrilled to see this chapter in my inbox! Great chapter. So Zone 8 is for rebirths and starting over, and Zone 2 is a split wasteland? I didn’t see that coming. Does Edward know this? Aro will be glad he wasn’t sent to Zone and Bella are closer and closer to having sex.
Im so sorry about your laptop and sickness. Im praying that your troubles will go away. I will be here to read whenever you post. This is a fantastic story.
7/9/2023 c15 VryUnique
They should have never left the house, they were given strict orders for safety reasons. At the very least Alice shouldn’t have answered her phone and never dropped Bella’s hand. Alice got a strike, does Bella get one also? That’s only fair. Does it mean Alice has 2 strikes now? How did Royce get Bella out of there? Edward was standing right there. Having the same magic as Edward is the only way I can fathom it being done. I wish we had more clarification on why Alice doesn’t want Bella to kiss Edward. Is it that she doesn’t want her to kiss him YET because it would mess things up? Or does she not want her to kiss him ever because she doesn’t think they should be mates? Is it because he is broken and wouldn’t make her happy….? Or maybe it’s because he is probably going to end up being banned or dead when all is said and done. It isn’t a secret Edward doesn’t agree with the system and with his mind reading he probably knows more than he let on.
Alice acts sometimes like she has a 6th sense or premonitions but i don’t recall it being mentioned.
The Royals posted a reward for Bella after she was taken?
Royce never said the Royals told him to take Bella, just that they didn’t stop him. He said they also wanted Bella weak, how did he know that?
What was the deal with the Doctor? Did he agree to help Royce take Bella on the condition Royce can
have some play time before he turned her in for the reward? If so, how did he know their would be a reward. What happened to him? Is he dead also? So many questions…..
7/9/2023 c22 BehindEverySmile
I hope you're doing better !
this story is amazing and has captured meI go back to it every other week for a re-read. Thank you for your words.
7/8/2023 c22 smallfry.xoxo
You're back! Thank you, thank you, thank you for updating! Can't wait to see what happens next.
7/7/2023 c22 MsLiss
This story is intriguing
Enjoying I very much
Thank you for the update
7/5/2023 c22 Guest
Thank you so much for this chapter! This story is very special to me! I am so glad that you continue writing even though You face such difficulties. I wish You all the best! You are extremely talented!
7/7/2023 c14 VryUnique
Im not sure how they deal with trauma there but Edward needs to talk to someone.
Maybe now that Alice and Jasper know it will get better.
That awful woman needs to get in more trouble for what she did and they need to
take Edward’s strikes away. Even though it seems they know exactly what happened
to Edward and punished him anyway. I assume it’s because he can’t be completely
controlled with his gift, that probably goes for Bella also.
7/4/2023 c22 Jay
I've missed your writing. Thank you for coming back to us. I Hope your eyes are fine. Not having a computer is annoying, especially if its the place where you erige and do things that you like. But is a minor bad.
Regarding the stroy awwww i just LOVE It so much. I LOVE the relationship you've build for Bella and Edward. They are truly supportive of each other, and I love as well how sexually connected they are. And sooo many questions. I want to know wo much more about this world you have crrated. Hmmm court 8, court 2... Aro... So James is still alive? And Edward looking for things strong person ok court 7..m i feel i need to re read the story to see if there are things that I've missed. I LOVE the characters, the relationship, the uniqueness of each corte, the mistery and the cultural stories... Will be waiting here for the Next update whenever that happens.

Sending you love and lots of appreciation! Xxx
7/6/2023 c13 VryUnique
I think they need to talk through their heads more.
I feel bad for Edward. Is he broken because he was raped?
Forced to have sex at a young age against his will.
I wish when Aro had touched Bella he got nothing,
I was waiting for it but he was able to affect her.
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