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7/6/2023 c2 jlynw
Loving this story, very hard to put it down to get to work!
7/6/2023 c1 jlynw
Just saw this story and it is definitely holding my attention! Thank you so much for sharing!
7/6/2023 c22 sullysnonna
An absolute amazing and imaginable story! It's been a pleasure to read up to chapter 22. I eagerly wait for any updates that you make dear author. I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself and update as you can. I will be waiting eagerly. Be well.
7/6/2023 c22 midnitereader
Wow. Is Jane right about what she revealed to Bella. But one truth is evident, Edward is considered her boyfriend, and communication between them will only be done through the mind. A silent conversation like she witnessed between Jane and Caius. As Caius said, the Royals here everything that is spoken.
7/6/2023 c12 VryUnique
Aro was a piece of work. All that kissing and bowing would annoy the hell out of me.
It also sounded like he knew what happened with Mrs. Hale but Edward got strikes
anyway. Why was that? They were 2 single people, no laws were broken.
So what happened to Mrs. Hale? Nothing? After she abused
and raped a child…?
They need to stop talking out loud. Even after Edward said not to they still kept talking
out loud.
Bella should have asked Edward how he would feel if he fell in love with someone, never
kissed her and then got someone else’s name on his birthday. It has been said that you
can have more than one mate.
7/5/2023 c11 VryUnique
In the beginning of the chapter I was thinking that Bella should have asked about their connection when she finds her heart bond. Is Edward suppose to be in bed with her and her partner? I would have liked to hear Edward’s response to that. By the end of the chapter it’s looking more like Edward may have changed his mind about his connection with Bella. I guess if he’s willing to give them a chance or still thinks he’s bad for her remains to be seen.
In the beginning of the story I felt bad for Jasper’s mom. A lonely widowed woman sharing consensual sex and getting ostracized for it. Further on I got the feeling she took advantage of Edward but what was shown was worse than I thought. Young Edward playing catch? How young was he when she abused him? That was awful and I hate that Edward’s family and Jasper doesn’t know the truth.
We know she was blacklisted for what she did but it was by society not the Royals. Edward said he had a strike against him for something he didn’t do. Was that why? The Royals said no laws were broken when Jasper contacted them, why would he get a strike? We know Jasper and Alice got a strike for revenge. Is Edward keeping it secret so Jasper doesn’t loose his mother?
7/5/2023 c10 VryUnique
Thanks for the Edward pov. I was dying to know if he felt the bond like Bella did.
The witch? At first I figured he meant Jane but the more he said the more I leaned
towards Jasper’s mother. He said he got punished for something he didn’t do and
since the Royals sided with him about Jane that than left Jaspers mother.
I can’t help wondering if she did something to get him to sleep with her, somehow
took advantage of his magic. He had strongly told Bella not to let anyone take
advantage of her magic.
7/5/2023 c9 VryUnique
I wonder if the memory Edward had shown Bella was of Edward with Jane. I also
wonder what else Jane knows. Maybe she was pleased that Bella wasn’t bonded
because she is aware of her connection with Edward.
It’s possible that Dr. Hammody could have made the pepperline. Edward said that
it replenishes it self every night as long as the rules are followed. Charlie could have
had the same tin for years.
7/5/2023 c22 2XxFantasyFiascoxX
I love this story! Im here for every update and i have my notifications on to make sure i dont miss it… sporadic or not! Great chapter, cant wait to read more!
7/5/2023 c8 VryUnique
Are Edward’s feelings changing for Bella? It seems like it.
Mike got what he deserved. Jake is an ass.
I hope Edward helps Jake’s father, everyone deserves
health care.
7/5/2023 c7 VryUnique
Why the hell would they send them to a family like that? I hope they don’t get in trouble
for ruining their house.
7/5/2023 c22 atomxnerak
I’m so sorry that you’ve been having a difficult time. Thank you so much for updating, I love your story so much! I hope things work in your favor soon
7/5/2023 c22 8dazzleglo
OMG, so loving this story. Sorry to hear about your health and laptop, hope you're feeling better now at least.
7/5/2023 c22 sami69
Thanks so much for the update :)
7/5/2023 c22 ninjahobo
Great to have you back, lovely! Even if it is for a short time.
LOVE this story and your writing xx
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