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6/15/2023 c19 Senorfrogs
So worried that the “end” is near
6/15/2023 c14 Senorfrogs
Come back here!
6/15/2023 c12 Senorfrogs
This story is amazing please keep going
6/15/2023 c11 Senorfrogs
Anxious because I’m loving this but it’s not finished
6/10/2023 c21 Magic
I’ve been checking this story for updates everyday (sometimes couple times a day) since October. You have an amazing talent, your story and characters are complex and evolving with every chapter. I really adore it! Hope everythings is alright with you and you will be back when you’re ready. I’ll be waiting :) P.S.: If your story is being published, please let us know when and the title of the book, so we can buy it and know how the story ends. Wishing you all the best!
6/11/2023 c21 KatHat4
Missing this awesome story!
Hope you are well!
5/13/2023 c21 NoisyMind83
LOVING this story! I can’t wait to read more.
5/7/2023 c21 15Cullen Cousin
I have been really enjoying this story, I hope someday you will get your mojo back and continue it! Great job!
4/30/2023 c21 BehindEverySmile
I come back to this story over and over again. It's so unique and lovely and so well written. Hope all is well.
4/19/2023 c21 nikitawannabe
Please update this amazing story! I’ve been thinking about it for months now.
4/14/2023 c21 Tate.L.N
Will this story be updated? My heart needs more! This was such an amazing concept and I can’t imagine not knowing how it ends. Pleeeease!
3/7/2023 c1 KatHat4
Sure am missing this story! I hope everything is well with you and you come back to us soon!
3/2/2023 c21 Jay
Missing your writing. Sending you love.
2/27/2023 c21 blk3660
I love this story and have been thinking of it lately...hope life allows you to continue to get back to writing someday! Thank you for the time and devotion to your story!
2/19/2023 c21 Jay
Missing hour writing so much.
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