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7/12 c11 nomorechocolatehere
5/8 c1 Drsquirrel
I absolutely love your writing style! I just binged your other story and now I’m on to this one. I do hope you’ll post both in their entirety. Your descriptions make the story come to life and the plot lines have both a light humor and great humanity in them. All the characters are flawed, but I love them all the more for it.
12/5/2022 c11 Martisz
I like how sleepy the beginning is. It makes me want to sit comfortably with a hot tea and relax.
I really like that Severus is there to hear about Petunia. By allowing him to stay Albus gave Mrs. Figg an ally.
I love that Minerva's arrival meant only another voice for removing Harry from Dursleys.
I like how much Severus fits Harry's imaginary stranger's description.
The conversation between Severus, Arabella and Petunia was very satysfying. I love how Arabella showed her claws there!
"And well, if he was healthy (which Severus doubted) and did not have to stay in the Infirmary (which he doubted) and if there was nobody else in the castle who would swoon over the child (which he doubted), he could sleep on his couch." I like this sentence.
I love Harry's first impression of Hogwarts.
I love how much Severus is complaining in his mind.
"'fesser Snape had said that he would fall only in such a nice, kind, joking voice." I bet Severus would have been very surprised by this description.
I love the inside of Severus's head here. And I also think the absence of evwryone was suspicious.
Seeing how low are Harry's expectations for others' treatment of him is sad. Understandable but sad.
I love how often Severus is justifying taking care of Harry by convincing himself he is only doing it because it is less trouble than dealing with others if he didn't.
I love Severus's reaction to Harry's eyes.
I love how Harry stopped Severus's dramatic exit.
I adore that to Harry Minerva looks scarier than Severus.
I love how easily everyone's absence the previous evening was explained: they hadn't been at Hogwarts for weeks and Severus just didn’t notice.
I love the description of Harry's hug from Severus's perspective.
I love Pomona's talk with Severus, especially this line: "Don't pfh me, young man."
I adore Severus's reaction to finding out his quarters now include Harry's room.
Harry's, on the other hand, is heart-breaking.
I adore how much Albus was involved in creating Harry's room.
Telling Harry he is a wizard was a fun scene.
I have a feeling Severus's great book revenge will backfire spectacularly.
I love how quickly the silence Deverus wished for started to bother him.
Look how quickly the book choice backfired! I love it!
I like the moment Severus stopped thinking about how they can't leave POTTER with him and started to think how they can't leave Potter with HIM.
I love that Harry tried to talk with Peeves.
""He seems to be happy with you."
"But I'm not happy with him! And stop that twinkling of your eyes, it is annoying,"" *laughs*
I like Albus's notes on Severus's list.
I can’t wait for Severus's plan to backfire again. Once again he focused on 'Potter's child' while coming up with ways to 'entertain' Harry.
"He ignored Albus's smirk, he ignored Minerva's catlike grin, he ignored Poppy's gentle laughing and dragged the boy along with him." They see what I see amd they enjoy it just as much as I do.
I like Minerva's worries about Severus.
I adore that Severus is so proud of coming iup with subtle ways to make Potter dislike him without Albus noticing that he didn't even consider that being too subtle might fly over Harry's head. Plus he is unwilling to hurt Harry in any way - including emotional - which means his only way is to come up with good but unpleasant things for Potter to do. The problem with it is that so far Harry was very enthusiastic about all his ideas.
"Maybe, Severus thought, he was dreaming. Or maybe, Severus thought, he just wasn't quite awake yet and that sleep-deprivation had made him do it." I love this excuse.
I love Severus's internal debate about letting Harry keep the pet.
I love that no one suspects that the Puffskein was from Minerva. Well, Albus probably does since he knows he didn't do it.
I like the reason behind the name Rhubarb.
I love how Harry made his first friend at Hogwarts!
I love how the conversation with Albus went.
I love Harry's description of his day.
I love how often Harry is laughing while talking with Severus.
11/19/2022 c11 12excessivelyperky
Yes, Snape may not like being given the job of raising Harry, but he certainly plans to do it right. He'll give Harry all the things that nobody ever gave him, including love.
9/24/2022 c5 93RebeccaRoy
I like this, Severus needs to help take care of Harry. I think if he had to raise Harry from the start things could have gone very different in canon.
9/23/2022 c10 12excessivelyperky
Yes, Harry isn't picky about his friends! And I think Peeves was kind of thrown for a loop by Harry asking him to be one.

If Minerva wants to be nice to Snape, why can't she just do that, instead of just being nice to Harry and hope it filters through? Snape is never going to believe that anyone wants to be nice to him, because almost nobody ever has, and certainly nobody at Hogwarts.

But I know, Snape is supposed to believe with no proof (and then in canon, be betrayed by the people he ended up dying for).

Since this is AU, would it be so difficult to have anyone at Hogwarts except for Harry actually care for Snape without playing stupid games?
9/19/2022 c11 RhodaBush
More please
9/19/2022 c1 RhodaBush
You are a gifted writer….I am delighted that you are reposting….
Hard to believe your little man is already 7
9/15/2022 c11 PencilDragon
Enjoying Harry’s,perspective of the world and how it is upsetting Severus’s
9/15/2022 c9 excessivelyperky
I'm so happy that Severus is giving Harry the love that he needs.

And so sad that nobody ever gave it to Severus when he was a kid, and obviously nobody is giving him love now.

It'll be nice if Harry does love him.
9/14/2022 c11 18BlueWater5
Almost as if Snape could read minds ...
9/14/2022 c11 Sampdoria
Thank you so much for the update.
9/14/2022 c1 1Pogonia And Medusa
So wonderful to see this story again. So sorry that you felt you had to take your wonderful stories down because of unkindness. So glad you're back! Now onward to the next chapter!
9/12/2022 c8 12excessivelyperky
So Albus and Minerva know that Snape was treated like crap and never bothered to do anything about it.

Of course, they let Harry be abused, too, but Harry was rescued. Harry is *always* rescued.

And Snape never is.

Fortunately, Snape is a far better person than either Minerva or Albus. Here's hoping Harry never dumps him for the bright lights of Gryffindor because Minerva and Albus need him to be their Hero.

Be nice if someone ever did anything nice for *Snape* but we all know that's never going to happen.
9/10/2022 c7 excessivelyperky
Yes, Severus is trying to run away from the job of being the dad because Harry sees too clearly, is so much like how he was as a child (though nobody *ever* rescues Snape), and asks all the *right* questions. I think he's terrified of Harry meaning too much to him.
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