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6/29 c2 Guest
Dear Author. Your published version of The Heir has the last couple of chapters out of order.
6/28 c2 r1965rd
I am so glad to see this story is being made available again. I will be buying it on KU.
6/28 c1 StacyLeeDip
Not on Kindle under your name! Would love to read it though!
6/28 c1 Linnet
I’ve looked but I’m sorry to say this book is not available on Kindle or KU.
So can you post it back on FF so I can finish it please
6/19 c1 Strasbourgeoise67
Bonjour le premier chapitre met l’eau à la bouche je ne l’ai pas trouvé sur kindle dommage
6/7 c1 Guest
flan838 has left the building.
5/28 c1 loritahubbard
I'm excited to read this story.
5/27 c1 Joan G. Brand
This is an excellent story! My second or third time reading it.
5/27 c1 Peperuda
Please, where is the rest of the story? Today I received a email update, however I'm guessing it was an automated email as it lead to 'chapter not found.'
Have you published this on Amazon? Can it be bought? I would love to finish reading the book. Thanks.
5/27 c1 Sooty85
Miranda Flan
This is supposed to be available on Kindle Unlimited, I have looked but it’s not there.
Why is that ?

Se supone que esto estará disponible en Kindle Unlimited. he mirado pero no esta ahi

Porqué es eso ?
5/8 c1 Zenaida03
El siguiente capítulo por favor
4/10 c1 Saayasavi
I am so bummed I missed this story!
3/21 c1 r1965rd
I would love to read the entire story. Does anyone have a link to another site, where the entire story can be found?
10/23/2022 c1 Mrs. B. from S
Is this story published somewhere? Reading the first chapter and the reviews I would love to know how this story continues.
10/16/2022 c1 Guest
Hola. Donde puedo encontrar la historío para leerla. Gracias
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