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8/29/2023 c9 138MusicalTB2
It’s becoming very obvious you don’t ship them ️
5/28/2023 c4 153Teobi
Am always up for some Scayo angst. Two people so superhumanly strong in the face of danger are out of their depth when it comes to feelings and emotions, going silent, blaming themselves, not talking, running away from difficult subjects. But put them in TB1 and Shadow and they're a force to be reckoned with. Love love love Supportive!Virgil on the mountain. Kayo's secret is a big one though. Can't blame our Field Commander for feeling betrayed. Looking forward to seeing how things pan out between our favourite dorks.
3/9/2022 c1 pearlmoon85
Aww, poor Kayo. Maybe Scott just needs time or maybe they are both too strong willed to make the relationship work.
This was excellent. I really enjoyed it.
:: High fives you ::
3/9/2022 c1 1Needlesskitkat1232
Oh no poor Kayo.
Great story.

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