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for Copy-nin's Son

5/14 c5 3Heartdrop21
come on what happened next
5/6 c5 guest
Is it Cloud who found him?
5/7 c5 Jostanos
Sadly I don't have any guesses, Sci, but i would like to find out when you post the next chapter. :)
3/28 c5 shadowman094391
great chapter.
3/28 c1 Heartdrop21
thank you for updating
12/20/2022 c4 shadowman094391
i hope you continue this story.
12/8/2022 c1 Heartdrop21
What's going to happen next
9/18/2022 c4 Jostanos
So it would appear, Lea.

9/17/2022 c4 haphazard1
It is good to see an update for this story, I have enjoyed reading it. The society of the Hidden Villages and the lives of shinobi would seem very strange to an outsider, no wonder Riku is confused. I suspect a Yamanaka entering his mind will find some surprises.
9/17/2022 c4 6jikker jack
Glad to see this one update. I really like this fic.
9/17/2022 c4 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it a lot
6/9/2022 c3 Jmw
There was a typo in my last comment i meant to type Riku not Ricky lol
5/27/2022 c3 Jmw
There a some pairings in Naruto that are closer to Ricky’s age but there not many unless you go into filler arcs

1. Hana inuzuka kibas sister I believe she was 17-18 around pre time skip and always liked her and wish they used her more in Naruto

2. Yukumo kurama former apprentice of kurenai before she became a Jon in senseI to team 8 she was the filler girl that could make her Genjutsu real and some spirit try and control her. I need to rewatch that one.

3. Yugito nii the jinchuriki of the two tails you would have to introduce kumo for this one to your story to work. But I would like to see more of her as her introduction was cut short in canon just to show more akatski members.

4. Shizune I think she was like between 18 -20 pre time skip could work .

5. Samui I’m not sure about this one but I thought she was a few years older than her squad members when she was introduced but this one I’m not sure

6. Haruna the princess of the land of vegetables/flowers

7. Koyuki the princess of the land of Snow/spring from the first movie

Or if you want you could pair him with a female Disney character you do t see that very often either

I just want to help give you some unique ideas that could work.
5/13/2022 c3 Jostanos
So they are still attempting to guess what Kakashi-sensei looks like under his mask eh?
I don't know if Riku actually looks anything like him without the mask, but there are ways to find out. Ne? :)

Please continue when you may, Sci. :)
5/11/2022 c3 haphazard1
This story continues to be interesting, even though I am unfamiliar with Kingdom Hearts. I may get pulled into yet another fandom, LOL.
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