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for Harry Potter and the 3d6 of Destiny

4/13 c6 sasukesdoom
As someone who plays DnD very very casually, I really like how you've structured your story thus far. The content has been interesting and I am really looking forward to seeing where you go with this! Particularly, I'm curious about the connection this place might have with the veil and what happened to Luna (I'm assuming it was something along the lines of suicide, but hopefully not!)

Thanks for sharing!
4/5 c5 AWhiteLight
This is a really interesting premise. Digging the worldbuilding and classes so far.
4/1 c4 uienring12
what a surprise! I'm curious what he's going to be, assuming he's joining them. can't wait!
4/1 c4 I. P. Frealy
3/25 c2 uienring12
can't wait for paladin Potter to smite some undead
3/23 c2 uienring12
I'm really enjoying this so far, thanks for writing it!
3/13 c1 I. P. Frealy
this is awesome!

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