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5h c15 8Cosmyk Angel
So, is Setsuna/Yuto going to be a future ship then?

Cosmyk Angel
17h c33 5HalfQuetzalcoatlHunter
Can't wait for the next chapter, amigo!
6/13 c33 1ShadowRealmComics
Hmmm, so is Wolverine staying the villians to fight him again for answers or in an attempt to help by playing villian. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds.
6/12 c33 1Guerra Bored
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
6/12 c33 7RANGER1863
Me encantó el capítulo, me muero por leer el siguiente, sigue asj
6/12 c33 6joeyginise
My brain hopes Bucky gets to smooch Haruka. My brain also hopes she loses her quirk and can't speak English anymore, but still smooches bucky anyway, and it's all sad and tragic n stuff.
6/12 c33 11Insane Dominator
After the bedlam that transpired with the internships, we move back in time for a breather to when Izuku finally makes a proactive mark on the world, the mark in which earned him the name Captain America. This chapter had the sublime blend of modernization of the movie, as well as ecological adaptations of different regions, while at the same time, maintaining the basis of where the original Captain America took place. With the length being as it was, we end up with two parts, so this is left on a cliffhanger while at the same time introducing characters that will have importance down the road.
The chapter was as follows: While Izuku’s original CapSquad was confined on Tsurugi, Izuku is close at hand. His poor reception and Colonel Phillips dismissing his concerns were the tipping points that made him take action against orders, to do what’s right and infiltrate Tsurugi peak with a cover ID and a distraction to maintain the forces while he went and saved his friends. Though he managed to free them, Zak and Haruka were in isolation, being ready to be killed once All For One takes their Meta-abilities.

The adaptations from the Marvels Captain America movie were easily parallel in this take of yours, but you were able to make it into a riveting modern version that works out. Instead of a hydra facility, you used disguised locations like the recycling plant on the surface. Hiding in plain sight. You’ve also added some extra features like the collars to indicate Meta-ability users and monitoring their powers.
The inclusion of how some of those powers were even an excuse to put some into ‘isolation’ is sound, as it was an excuse to take Meta-abilities and kill off the person once AFO had his fill. Secretly a prison, but also a recycling plant.

Izuku introduced himself to the platoon on stage, and as expected, the weary and unamused men booed and sent him away and rather skip to the main event, a performance by a band called Porno Graffiti. Quite the name lol

Upon meeting Howards Shield once more, the two catch up and talk about Izuku’s experience ever since they’ve parted, and suffice to say that Howard sympathized with Izuku’s plight in being a dancing chore monkey rather than being a lab rat. To be fair, Izuku did give the Senator credit as it did keep him active in a sense, and he also treated him better than what Colonel Phillips would have, so I give him that.
Speaking of Colonel Phillips, you kept his character in line, being the bigger man overlooking Izuku’s plight. He knew he cared, but he was too busy to compromise with his convictions. He put duty over justice, something that Izuku didn’t agree with at all…which was the tipping point that had Izuku and Howard Shield make a plan behind everyone’s back to send the former to rescue the infantry.

I have to say, the plan was a good one, and it was much more detailed and thorough than the original. The plan was for Izuku to impersonate a truck driver that is heading to the waste facility on Tsurugi Peak. Once he gets the clearance, he drives in, dumps the load, and walks away with Katsuro before the truck detonated, creating a large fire that distracted the staff and Hydra members. Izuku knocks out Katsuro and takes his ID and disguise to get in. He maneuvered away to Cellblock 2 and tricked his way inside, taking the keys and unlocking the collars and cells for everyone, including his platoon, to escape. On paper, it was a good plan, and the execution and foretelling of said plan in moderate flashback sequence was done well. That helps with making the whole infiltration more of a surprise than irony for the readers and expecting it to go awry.

The introduction of certain characters were noted here as well. Amongst them was the weakest, Katsuro, one of the higher ups while is on the floor and relaying the production results. However, it’s clear that even he is aware of his lower position than Taraga, and didn’t make the greatest impact, but showed that even ranked Hydra officials have a hierarchy and fear those in their ranks with meta-abilities and/or authority.
Then we have Taraga, the Warden of Tsurugi Peak. You’ve highlighted his punctual personality down to a tee. From the few interactions, we’ve seen that he is a man dedicated to picture perfect, a man unwilling to accept margin of error. His Meta-ability has a hypnosis effect that involved the use of his locket that he tells time with. The ticking and the fact he keeps highlighting the aspect of timely manners is a simile to the watch.
We also have Junnosuke Todoroki, the ancestor of Enji Todoroki, who we know as Endeavor. His Meta-ability is Steam. While it’s not fire or hellflames, it is hot regardless. He is an imposing but respectable individual. He has a familiar vibe as his predecessor, but there’s more to come with his character if we get to see what becomes of him.
We also have Haruka Shoudo, someone who may seem to be Bucky’s possible love interest. Her Meta-ability allows her to instantly understand, speak, speak, and interpret another language so long as the encoder has a full understanding of it. And it’s come in handy for helping Bucky learn Japanese. It’s basic, but he’s doing a lot better than when he started. It was great that you brought back that book Izuku gave him gave in training. She is a mellow character, and she seems to be quite attached to Bucky…and apparently vice versa.

With the interference brought on by Izuku, he was able to save his squad from an ordered execution by Taraga. AFO admitted his disappointment in lackluster meta-abilities, and ordered for the work to be ‘streamlined’. He’s still around, but we’ll see come next chapter how he and Taraga will confront Izuku, James, and Bucky,

I liked how you kept the dialogue with CA saving Bucky as similar to the movie as possible in a few lines. Nicely played there, and at the same time displaying their battle prowess and training being put to use. James’s bone claws cutting down foes like his future alias, with dialogues that were foreshadowed awhile back.

Peggy, while she was touched to see Izuku again, immediately went to tsundere mode and chastised the hell out of him, much to Sharon’s chagrin. Sharon’s probably thinking that poor woman’s got a LOT of work to do. But despite being glad to see Izuku, they had to separate as she, Namor, and Fury clear a path for the western gates to freedom, while Izuku, James, and Bucky embark for the isolation route to save the group that would present AFO with new abilities for his arsenal.

So, overall, I say that despite this chapter being sliced into 2 parts, you were able to give a satisfying display of modernizing movie sequences and dialogue to make them more unique, while at the same time adding your personal spin on things to make them more believable. From antagonist grunts to Colonels, you caught a lot of characters aside from Izuku’s plights that helps bring light to the story’s worldbuilding.

I look forward to seeing more, and what the outcome will be for Zak and Haruka if they end up getting saved.

~Insane Dominator
6/12 c33 4Tenzalucard123
Its Time to The War!
6/12 c1 HeavyWeatherRepoto
6/12 c33 1Nai Darkor
Thank you for the update
6/11 c33 Bucio
So All for One is the leader of Hydra, and uses the concentration camps to get Quirks, let's hope Izuku can arrive in time, to save Haruka (whom Bucky has a very obvious crush on - nice design, reminds me a little of Nana) and Zak (unless Powers, in a panic attack, decides to change sides to survive, becoming the base for what would be Maquia or the Nomu - although we hope not, because that would throw away the effort that Izuku did to help his ex-bully)

As for the beginning, it was basically a bit like the First Avenger thing, Izuku having to do propaganda acts, and rejected by his side's soldiers, until Howard lets him know what happened to his friends (a surprise that Peggy and Sharon have also been captured, in addition to Peggy's very tsundere reaction at that moment: running to find Izuku and happy to see him again, but scolding him for risking and putting himself in danger), which moves him to make his most historic moment: disobey orders and go to rescue the prisoners, who were apparently left for dead

Hmm, I wonder if, unlike Steve Rogers, Izuku could have had a single intimate moment with Peggy, from which he could have had offspring, which is kept secret (and outside of Japan, for the protection of both), being someone significant to the plot (but not Nana or Shigaraki, it would be too much); also seeing Shouto's ancestor there (Enji's father or grandfather), who was saved, not finding All for One interesting or useful his quirk.

About Logan, it is definitely strange that if he already had his claws in the past, that Izuku has not recognized or remembered him, in the present (especially if at that time he already had an idea of James mutant/quirk/ meta abilities - claws and healing factor, the latter , that is, a long life); Plus, in the present of the fic, AfO would find it immensely ironic and funny that a former enemy (and possible previous experiment) now works for his protégé and successor.

Let's see how this ends (the next chapter would be the continuation of this one, right?)

Good luck and keep it up
6/11 c33 fresh prince1
nice chapter and hope the next one comes out soon
6/11 c33 kamenriderzio218
Great chapter
6/11 c33 10IS6A6E
I really hope that when you do the first fight between Izuku and All For One in the present, you also have it alongside a flashback of their last fight in the past. Like what Arrow did in the Season 2 finale where Oliver vs. Slade in both past and present.
6/11 c33 hong1041303
I look forward to the next episode.
I don't know when it will come out, but I'm looking forward to it.
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