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for Gods Eye

4/1 c2 Shin
Little bit of a fact/rant for the future with Naruto in this fic: He does NOT wear a jumpsuit. I don't know why this is the default description of his outfits for the fandom but he consistently wears tracksuits when he's in his full outfit. A jumpsuit is one piece of clothing, Naruto has matching pants and a jacket he can take off..that's a tracksuit at least as far as descriptions go. In his first appearance painting the monument he has his jacket tied around his waist by the sleeves..you can't do that with a jumpsuit. I know it blends together well but even the black and orange outfit we've seen him unzip the top and it flutter in the wind..again YOU CAN'T DO THAT IN A JUMPSUIT. As a long time reader of the Naruto manga this is one of my pet peeves, along with flipping Gaara's name/title to "Gaara no Sabaku"..our English version of doing names does NOT work with titles..that turns his title of "Gaara of the Desert" to "Desert of the Gaara"...it's stupid.

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