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for Oregairu Girls Reaction

8/5 c10 lightkirinhuruname
Love it!
8/1 c10 2Phantom Dark-Knight
7/31 c10 Azaleaelf
omg this is really interesting story
looking forward for new chapter!
7/23 c10 shadbin10
Amazing! Absolutely marvellous
7/21 c10 AlimeLover123
I wouldn't mind if you add girls from other series
7/21 c10 AlimeLover123
it would be funny and cool to add yukinoshita's mom
7/18 c10 Raiden Fluk
Hmmmm~~ This is awesome.
7/18 c1 memoryofvirtual
Oh, yeah would Hikigaya look like Mandicardo in FGO and Totsuka is Lan Ling (considering their VA)
7/16 c10 Guest
Loved it ;)
Yep, you can bring crossovers
I like all your choices(i like tomboys too, I mean who doesn't!?)

I think nishimiya and hikigaya will relate much more than others, both got bullied, nishimya succumbed to her reality while hikigaya rejected his!
7/18 c10 Otagema
I don't really read this kind of stuff, but man, you kinda ruined this genre for me. I now have to hold other books to a standard that is as good or better than this one. While there are some sight problems with grammar, this fic made my heart go "Doki-doki."
7/17 c10 WhyteKinochi
Def add Tsugumi from Nisekoi. Never seen that crossover even once so should be fun
7/15 c10 Guest
If you're getting Chika from Kaguya-sama, get some reference from the crossover fic of Oregairu and Kaguya. The one with where 8man becomes a part of the Shuuchin Student Council
7/15 c10 Wolfx88
Totsuka better be a Girl in this

I usually avoid fics with unofficial Rule 63 of some characters but I'll let this slide due to few Harlem on this series

I'm sad at the lack of Orimoto again
7/17 c1 FuryRooster
Nishimiya fr
7/16 c10 FacelessReader
Nishimiya is pog, i agree if you want to put her
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