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1/16 c17 3RonaldM40196867
Reaper protocol is active. Grizoli is a reaper now.

Flash is so underrated.

Lizz is a sweetheart.

Cops mean business.
1/16 c17 Dracoessa Draga
ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding.
1/12 c16 RonaldM40196867
Mike Wolford will surely find Vivian Wilde interesting.

Bogo has a hidden soft spot.

Officers always go down eventually.

Time to collect fox blood to save Nick’s life.

The new year is off to a good start.
1/12 c16 Dracoessa Draga
bogo is going to be dropping the milti-ton mini nuc on zootopia.
1/1 c15 Dracoessa Draga
1/1 c15 RonaldM40196867
Wedding bells are serious business.

The kits will like this.

Skye is enoying this.

Nick and Judy are getting BUSY!

Happy New Years!
12/26/2023 c14 RonaldM40196867
Dead officers will always be remembered.

Banning marriage between different species? That’s stupid.

Foxington sounds like a charming place.

Whiskey is heavy stuff.

Coyotes can be EMTs too. Go Gary.

Judy will not lose Nick.

Judy has twl kits.

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!
12/26/2023 c14 19storyreader21
wonderful story. hope this gets continued especiallymif they pull through and can actually be parents to their kits.
12/15/2023 c13 Dracoessa Draga
that's one way of shutting canines up .
12/15/2023 c13 3RonaldM40196867
Wolves love looking at balls.

Dogs can’t resist playing catch.

Picnic time.

Enjoy the park.

Judy always was good at getting people’s attention.

There should be more chapters focused on Nick and Judy together.

Even the Task Force needs a break every now and then.

I love Zootopia!

I hope you enjoy Christmas!

Thanks for telling us about your day. Real informative.

I love the smut. Include more of it.

Happy October!

Happy December!
12/15/2023 c13 Dracoessa Draga
ummm upload issue .
11/23/2023 c1 17MagicAlpha
O..M...Goodness... This was SO well-written! Had to give the video that inspired this a watch after reading this and I really like how you managed to take that and craft such an interesting story. Absolutely enjoyed reading this. :)
10/4/2023 c12 Thepervertedeye1
Same username?
10/4/2023 c12 3RonaldM40196867
Thanks for telling us about your day. Real informative.

I love the smut. Include more of it.

Happy October!
8/31/2023 c1 scout424
As I pick a part, this chapter like a game theorist, I have never met a person that calls bunker gear scuba gear. I have no idea if it’s a regional thing, but I still really like this chapter
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