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1/2/2023 c1 Fudo Ayakashi
Fix some of the spelling also when screaming like "WHAT?" thats a wrong way to do, it should be "WHAT!?" also make it longer
11/17/2022 c6 4Monster King
Awesome work
6/7/2022 c6 Jose4Andres7
Will you continue with the story?
4/14/2022 c6 Sakra95
So short.
4/5/2022 c2 Bashleyz
4/5/2022 c1 Bashleyz
4/5/2022 c5 keybladelight
Good chapter I hope that Tony teach ritsuka the playboy way and when he finish his training he look at ritsuka in proud like a father that is son go to the university.
3/30/2022 c1 Guest
Why do people never use Gudako and always go with the genetic Gudao?
3/29/2022 c4 Guest
3/29/2022 c4 Sakra95
I am expecting shenanigans where Tony is in disbelief over Ritsuka's ability to attract females. Please don't disappoint me.
3/29/2022 c4 TrueVirtuoso
I want to see thor and cas cu (odin) when they see each other when in fuyuki.
3/29/2022 c4 keybladelight
Now I'm curious to see I hope that Tony teach ritsuka to being in a love relationship with mash he is a billionaire, genius, playboy, super hero so I hope ritsuka follow some of stark guidance.

I hope thor meet is counterpart norse servants and Tony flirt with the adults woman servant which will fail in a funny way.

Since ritsuka is the last Master does this mean that you might do the epic of Remnant singularity with senji muramasa but the real question is will he be senji or shirou emiya that he could be from fate route.

How will counter guardian EMIYA will handle 3 super heroes from another dimension you know for us hatred of heroes ideal.
3/27/2022 c1 Guest
3/28/2022 c3 Spiderwitch2211
other marvel heroes such as spiderman and captain america will also appear gradually and I wanted to ask you when the heroes end up in the world of fairies they become a kind of pseudo servart or complete servarts because otherwise it seems strange to me that they can face the servarts that despite the marvel heroes they are very strong than ordinary humans, and the wizards of the fairy universe the servarts are much stronger and faster
3/22/2022 c3 Guest
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