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9/18 c3 Guest
That was pretty tame considering the warnings, it's a shame you let the potters and dumbles get away Scott free for the horrible life he had tho, should of let Lilly keep her memory or something, he still has his from Vernon after all.
8/9 c3 1setokayba2n
Nothing like a Overpowered Yandere Little Girl to make a happy ending
7/30 c3 Spazzman29
Not a great story. The worst psrt was how Harry spoke, no 14-15 year old talks like that. You made him dound to much like a fictional wise sorcerer who has been around for decades at the very least.
7/23 c1 r99smith
Hello, I tried to find the story an the links you put in the notes. Unfortunately, the pages have not been “found”. I have been rereading many of your stories as you are one of my favorite fan fiction authors. If you have a moment, would you send the the updated url, if one exists? As always, thank your for writing and sharing your talent with the readers.
6/4 c3 DeathLock
if a shout is shouted in a forest and noone hear's it was there ever a shout?
4/17 c2 4Hadrian von Eveschatten
The hellspawn is weak and pathetic.
4/17 c3 Hadrian von Eveschatten
Your refusal to kill the hellspawn suggests you're on his side to whatever extent you're willing to acknowledge.
4/17 c1 1AnimeAsim
wasn't that dark
4/1 c3 4dcoon
That was dark.
3/26 c3 Guest
This story does not suit you at all.
3/21 c3 4Dragonflydotcom
Holy bloody brilliance!
Loved every moment of it. NOTHING WRONG !
3/20 c3 Logain
A bit disturbing but great nonetheless.
3/20 c3 mantelofdeath
Considering your warnings, was expecting more but was tame for me.
For other maybe be horrible.
Liked it.
3/20 c3 NazgulBelserion
I mean it was interesting but I feel like Lily should one day remember. By then Harry is a full on Dark Lord that has slowly taken over the Muggle world from the Shadows.
3/20 c3 A-gods-flame
A tad bit anticlimactic and rushed but nonetheless amazing
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