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3/26 c3 Guest
This story does not suit you at all.
3/21 c3 4Dragonflydotcom
Holy bloody brilliance!
Loved every moment of it. NOTHING WRONG !
3/20 c3 Logain
A bit disturbing but great nonetheless.
3/20 c3 mantelofdeath
Considering your warnings, was expecting more but was tame for me.
For other maybe be horrible.
Liked it.
3/20 c3 NazgulBelserion
I mean it was interesting but I feel like Lily should one day remember. By then Harry is a full on Dark Lord that has slowly taken over the Muggle world from the Shadows.
3/20 c3 A-gods-flame
A tad bit anticlimactic and rushed but nonetheless amazing
3/20 c3 4Khatix
A good story but it needs a epilogue.
3/19 c2 Qul
This is wonderful.
3/19 c2 Arios
Tiempos difíciles requieren medidas desesperadas
En la realidad, el miedo a quedar abrumado por las circunstancias es muy obvio,el deseo por vivir a todo y a todos muchas veces nos hacen hacer cosas moralmente cuestionables...el fin justifica los medios
Por sobrevivir y llevar una vida más o menos un sueño muchas veces inalcanzable solo si se tiene la voluntad de hacer lo necesario
3/19 c2 A-gods-flame
Damn kinda starting to feel sad for Harry which is concerning since he’s a kidnapping torturing rapist atm

Anywho take care and keep up the great work I can’t wait for the final chapter

Oh will you continue death’s melody after this too
3/18 c1 A-gods-flame
I will not comment on anything that can incriminate me
3/18 c1 Coolguy001 know sometimes I wonder why am I not bothered after reading these things though nothing too bad in this chapter, of course if we ignore the obvious kidnapping
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