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2/9 c1 2sthrnpanther06
Not sure if you’ve healed yourself or not, but I am loving this story. I hope one day you’ll come back to it.
11/26/2022 c6 15rebelsaurus29
oof. that definitely hurt. those feelings of grief don't ever really go away and they pop up at the most inopportune times. beautifully written!
11/25/2022 c6 AuntCori
Every person that has ever been through a break up- right there with Hermione. I love how Draco's grown into an actual human in your story.
11/21/2022 c6 Ms.Anbu-Chan
Not gunna lieI totally cried for a sec, such a good chapter well done. Can’t wait for the next one!
11/17/2022 c6 3HarryPGinnyW4eva
Thank you for the update. I am sorry she is still so miserable and in so much pain. I hope she can find a way to cope better than she has. I wonder if there are any therapists in your Wizarding World, because she really needs someone to talk to about all of this. I am glad Draco was there for her and I wonder how Ron is really doing, as well. Thanks! HG4eva
11/17/2022 c3 Marissa Lisette
Poor read an unforefilling.
11/16/2022 c1 babolas-dk-822
The fuck me list?
11/15/2022 c6 Guest
Hermione deserved better. Probably best if she be on her own for now.
11/14/2022 c6 SnapDragon318
I love every new chapter. It made me tear up this time because I had a similar breakup and had to see him later and it was hard. I cried harder than I think I ever had when he left and I lost my grandmother at 16. It was soul tearing to watch him leave when I hadn't gotten the chance to see him leave the first time. I came home to his stuff being gone and despite knowing it was happening, it hurt so much. But watching him leave with stuff he'd forgotten, not knowing when or if I'd ever see him again...So yeah, this chapter was definitely a reminder.
11/14/2022 c6 FabMart
Wow, I related to this chapter... Thank you for putting all this into words.
11/14/2022 c6 FireyBells
Awesome! Thanks for updating! Any and all chapters you decide to give are greatly appreciated from me! <3
11/14/2022 c6 Smckoy929
Awww I wish this chapter was longer ! Update soon please
8/16/2022 c5 1I'm A Sucker For Love Stories
Will you be continuing? I really enjoyed these first couple of chapters
7/26/2022 c5 SnapDragon318
I hope you continue this as it's good!
6/17/2022 c5 16EndlessRdr2022
I totally forgot to check if this was complete before I read it! Drat.
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