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9/20 c13 nightmaster000
What can I say about this chapter except this, LOVED IT! :) Seriously this fic never fails to impress and so eager to continue reading more. :)
7/10 c13 5Darth Necron
Cool seeing a attack on the Nick enemies, did not expect this taking a ghostly turn but based on who we are doing with this makes sense. I guess the Box Ghost is a major enemy if he's getting this much time to be dealt with lol.

But Sora's making a counterattack to Vald so we will see how things go.

Meanwhile with what Riku's up to I'm wondering if he still is going to join" Team Dark" at this rate with how things are going, only one way to find out but a nice chapter here, keep up the good work and till next time.
7/9 c13 Heart of Shepard
Great Chapter and I can't wait to see the meeting between the Warriors of Light and Danny's friends along with seeing Selphie in Amity Park.
7/8 c13 Digihero2001
Great chapter. But one question where is Selphie?
7/8 c13 Captain Imaginat
A thrilling and epic chapter that was incredibly hilarious including all of the moments with The box Ghost no to mention Sora being easily excited by the Box Ghost's powers Sora really has childlike enthusiasm and it was funny to see Sora give Danny so much stress for giving his enemies ideas. Also SpongeBob's interests in tie cracks me up. It was also very nice or see encourage both The Box Ghost and Sidney PointDexter and help them out and very deep to see The box Ghost's Curiosity. Also it's great to see more moments of Riku and Valerie interacting.
7/8 c13 Guest
What a amazing chapter! Well worth the wait!
7/8 c13 The Hydreigon Master
Cool Sora has the water magic and escape the Ghost Zone prison. But I wonder what Riku going do should Sora be in his vicinity
7/1 c12 1zack25king
This is a very good read. I like the expansion of the worlds so far. Introducing characters from the movie that didn't make the cut in the Kingdom Hearts game. You added Tarzan in the party. I'm curious to know who else is going to join of going to other worlds. Its going to make other scenes from the game very interesting. I'm very excited to see what you do with Amity Park. From what I remember from the game Amity Park was only like 2 playable levels and 1 boss level. So can't wait to see you expand the on it. Also looking forward to see the cast of Danny Phantom react to the party. Maybe have Jack think most of them are ghost since some defy all logic lol. There is one thing I'm curious about, will Jimmy character development be that maybe magic does exist, at least outside his universe. Because I'm sorry Jimmy, the keyblade, the spells, its magic. It's all magic, will be a tough pill to swallow, but it is magic lol.
6/28 c12 Guest
Maybe because of Disney Magic the Nicktoon Villains will get the urge to sing.
6/26 c12 5Darth Necron
Damn man your on a role, lets see how things roll out for the rest of this trip to the Jungle.

As per the course in this tale, Sora's extra pals make the process a tad smoother but the stubborn hunter still makes things a drag, and because of his extra help we have a mecha leopard to deal with, who had more weaponry added to him then Robotnik added to Metal sonic...at least the first few versions lol.

Thanks to some good teamwork all the bad guys got what they had coming to them, and while Sora did not find his pals he made up with his current teammates at least so hopefully the others will keep Donald in check.

Meanwhile, with Tidus, so he's not a kid eh? Guess he's more like his age in FF 10 and not the age he was in KH? Well, guess we will find out soon, along with what will come out of this jailbreak...if SIN shows up things are going to get intense lol.

With Tarzan joining the cast the game's changed here so, this is getting to be one wild party alright, till next time.
6/25 c12 1Nesthor5000
Excellent chapter keep it up.

This is one of the best fics I've read from Nicktoons Unite along with Nicktoons and Anime Unite! from Horrorfan247 and other incompletes for years that I read that they had a lot of potential.
6/24 c12 Guest
What a amazing chapter! And here we go with amity park! Can’t wait to see what’s in store.
6/24 c12 Captain Imaginat
it was really nice and heartwarming to see Jimmy, Timmy, Donald and Sora apologize to each other and make up. That was an awesome fight with the Warriors Of Light against Clayton, Skulker and Ghost Sabor especially with Jimmy coming up with a plan to use Sabor's ghost tech body against Clayton and Skulker truly ingenious if you ask me. It's awesome to see Tidus put Trixie, Tad, Chad and Veronica in their places and knock them dow a peg, also Trixie an dVeronica are really oblivious to their own appearances. Also the Syndicate and The Disney Villains Council picked ups with the wrong robot dog to mess with and the wrong boy genius to mess it was also really sweet to see Jimmy be protective of Godard and awesome to see him get mad the perpetrators at the same time. Alright they're in Amity Park can't wait to see their adventure in Danny's world.

Also another incredibly hilarious chapter including Timmy asking what's the deal with Jimmy and Toaster and Tarzan, his family not understanding what Donald's saying and SpongeBob, Goofy, Goofy and Cosmo getting confused to what Jimmy's saying. Also Jimmy's logic against The World Order makes a-lo more sense with how hollow and hypocritical it is since the villains are doing it so why shouldn't the heroes and that there wouldn't be a point in going to other worlds because of that as well as how it's preventing further success from Donald's mission and that they must need from the people living int hose to help them fight those endangering World Order not to mention Goofy also making a point as well mentioning his Uncle Scrooge and three nephews I can see why Jimmy's the leader of the Warriors Of Light he makes really smart decisions and makes sure the success of their goals are fulfilled. Also it's really unique but awesome and amazing to see Clayton join the Disney Villains Council instead of dying and seeing Tarzan becoming a member of The Warriors Of Light and going to new worlds.

Also now I see why you named this fanfic crossover Nicktoons and Disney Heroes you're having the heroes of the Disney Worlds join the Warriors Of Light and helping them stop their archenemies while letting them travel to new worlds you were foreshadowing it in the title that was genius of you to do as it makes sense why it's called that. I wonder if the same will happen in it's possible sequels with Disney Heroes of new worlds joining The Warriors Of Light? I wonder who'll join the Warriors Of Light next. also I'm wondering does this mean The Warriors Of Light will be completely honest to King Triton in the Alantica World and not lie to him.
6/24 c12 nightmaster000
Absolutely fantastic chapter! Seriously great fight and awesome plot advancement all around. :)

Really loved the twist with the ghost Sabor becoming Skulker new hunting cat, it was brilliant and totally didn't see coming. :) As for Clayton I confess had been wondering at what his fate would be, and i'm thrilled to see canon divergence here.

Not only surviving but joining the ranks of the Villainous Syndicate is awesome! Plus we get a great scene of Maleficent counsel discussing thing including how things played out on Clayton end and the hunter surprised them.

I can already potentially see Clayton along with other villains growing stronger and becoming more of a threat just like the heroes.

While on the heroes end this latest twist is something I truly didn't see coming but I LOVE! Seriously Tarzan joining our heroes party and ranks and taking part in adventures ahead, i'm so pumped for this!

Really has me excited to see who else will join the villains and the heroes as things continue on, and how things will escalate because of all this. We truly might see a conflict that will be a war for the fate of all worlds, and it's soo exciting!

Also the ranks of the heroes party growing as times progress reminds me of one of my favorite though sadly dead Kingdom Hearts fics.


Anyway great to see that the heroes are now arriving on the first nicktoons world none other than Amity Park it's sure to be wild ride to see how this plays out especially with them going into enemy controlled territory and a entire Phantom's rogue gallery against them.

On another note quite enjoyed seeing how things are on Tidus end and him putting those two rich jerks in their place~ As for Trixie and always prefered her over Tootie for Timmy's love interest. So I'll confess always liked her and was always disappointed she didn't see more spotlight and character growth and just faded into the background like many other FOP character, so i'll confess hoping to see characters from the nicktoons show get their chances to step up.

Also on the subject of romance i'm curious any plans there for pairings whether single or harem or otherwise? It's looking like something might be starting to develop between Riku and Valerie, and unless misunderstood something Lydia might have her own interest.

Plus Sora got not only Kairi but also it seems Alice got a crush too~ Heck the villains themselves might not miss out on love as a certain short doctor seems to be quite taken with Maleficient, and i'm looking forward to how his daughter will react to this~

But yeah just wondering if should expect any romance for this universe even if down the line?
6/24 c1 The Hydreigon Master
Interesting, we begin the Amity park arc next ch. And Selphie there as well. But it seems Skulker, Clayton, Lydia, and Vlad are all waiting there as well. I wonder how this will turn out. And I assume going to Spongebob and Timmy world would happen at a certain points after a few kh world arcs.
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