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6/24 c12 AlbertDS1921
I never expected Tarzan to become an ally for the whole dimensional adventure.
I wondered if more are joining in?
6/24 c12 12Horrorfan247
Interesting take on the fight. Didn't expect you to have Clayron survive, and I epaeiclsly didn't expect you to have Sbir be turned into a ghost-cyborg.

Also I didn't expect you to have Tarzan join. Is that whats going to happen? The heroes of other worlds join the heroes? Or only a certain few?
6/24 c12 bradyg2020.5
Now this well be cool
6/24 c12 God of the Nobodies
Hi there really like your story. But I have some questions if you don’t mind. First do you plan to have other Disney party members join the warriors of light like Aladdin and Peter pan? Second is this the only story you plan to do or do you plan to write stories for the sequels too? And Third is are you planning for Sora to have new summons Like Cujo?
6/24 c11 5Darth Necron
With Sora having even more allies Clayton has no shot of either outwitting or out shooting the Keyblader, and at least Spongbob being so stubborn caused him to out stubborn Donald so that's good.

Once more curious to see just what will happen with this interaction between Wakka and Larry but we will see what happens soon hopefully.
6/23 c10 nightmaster000
Brilliant chapter loving the tension between the heroes, and looking forward to seeing how it'll play out. :)
6/22 c11 Captain Imaginat
story about that I didn't meant to stress you our or annoy you as I get carried with away with making comments on fanfic and fanfic crossovers on both sites and go overboard becoming obsessive with them again for sorry for giving you so much stress. Also Beware the Nice Ones With SpongeBob indeed as he really did put Donald, Sora, Jimmy and Timmy in their places with Jiminy Cricket and Danny help call them out for their actions that was awesome of him to do. He does have limits as seen with Can You Spare A Dime yelling at Squidward and when pushed to those limits I seen that episode before.

Also I agree with SpongeBob Donald could of just asked for their help in finding the king and explore the worlds honestly the plot of Kingdom Hearts would of been avoided if Donald just asked for Sora's help instead of manipulating him. It's great to see Jimmy, Sora, Timmy and Donald changed for the better and working together instead of each other's throats.
6/18 c10 Darth Necron
Ah in " Cannon" Donald is being a real drag with his quick temper...at least there are more around to call him out on it this time. Well, the reactions to Tarzan and his crew are good so far so should be fun from here.

The most intriguing thing is to see what will happen with Vlad, Selphine and Dorathea I suppose.
6/17 c10 Captain Imaginat
it was satisfying to see Jimmy and Timmy call out Donald for being an unreasonable opportunistic sanctimonious self serving unhelpful manipulative exploiter who only assist others for his own gain and while Jimmy's intentions do cause havoc he doesn't use them for evil and is willing to stop them and seeing everyone disgusted, disappointed and unhappy with Donald as he's clearly crossing lines and going too far with his obsession to find King Mickey which proves how much Donald is his own worst enemy in many ways. Also The original quartet of Jimmy, Timmy, Danny and Sora wanting to keep an eye on Clayton and follow him to see what he's doing shows how experienced and smart including SpongeBob whose while naive isn't a numbskull like Patrick.

Also it was cool seeing Selphie and Princess Dorethea bond and get to know each other. I hope that Donald becomes a much better person and goes through life lesson in this world. Once you made a great chapter with incredible humor including Danny hoping there's no purple back gorillas and the group giving disapproving looks at Timmy for cheating at an assignment and pointing out that Tommy Swayer was responsible not him and brining up that Tarzan is not the lord of drapes or teaching shapes. Other than that hope to see you soon and keep up the good work.
6/17 c9 nightmaster000
Brilliant chapter with quite play out for first tournament, and as always loving the dialogue and interactions.

Hermes appearance as commentary/announcer was a perfect touch in my opinion. But really love the twist at the end with Hades as we see the butterfly effect changes of everything with the Nicktoons getting involved in Kingdom hearts starting to brew fruit on this front with Hades getting a stroke of inspiration that's sure to mean trouble for Hercules and our heroes once they return to this world.

Plus great highlight of things going on for the Syndicate compared to Maleficent's alliance and wonder if this will lead to some additional motivation or inspiration for the other villains.
6/17 c10 12Horrorfan247
Deep Jungle...now it's gonna get good.

Dang Donald, blaming this mess? Shame in you.

Nice interactions with the Tarzan characters. You think you could possibly have Skulker in the world? Since he had an experience with gorillas
6/17 c10 1Nesthor5000
Excellent chapter.
-Have you read Nicktoons and anime Unite by Horrorfan247?

Nicktoons and Anime is a fanfic series created by author Horrofan247. They are a remake of the fan-favorite Nicktoons Unite series, but also adding in characters from certain anime/manga properties as well. The series currently has three stories, with a few more planned.

Plot: When eleven villains from different worlds join forces to conquer their perspective worlds. A heroic force of thirteen will unite together in this retelling of the popular Nicktoons Unite game with characters from One Piece, Fairy Tail, Pokemon, RWBY, and Inuyasha joining the mix, along with Avatar the Last Airbender and My Life as a Teenage Robot.
6/15 c9 johnymike98
Never mind." Seemed he was a bit innocent there. "Just follow me over to the gym and we can basically get you started properly." He is from disneu they are known for beinf innocent inuendos ans jokes aside so I'm guessing its mainly going follow kh1 and first nicktoons game cool can't wait to see more although i am curious if they visit Atlantis what would spongebob do and how would he feel
6/14 c9 5Darth Necron
Even without " OG" warrior of Light Sora does fit the bill rather well for that lol.

Well, with a few more guys giving advice Sora is able to breeze through the" Tests" rather easily, but we will see what becomes of Riku dealing with Valerie Gray soon it seems.
6/13 c9 12Horrorfan247
I loved the fight with Cerberus, it was good.

Riku hanging with Valrie? Interesting, makes me wonder if she is going to be his traveling companion.

I cant wait till we get to Deep Jungle, it will be nice to see the group interacting with Tarzan, it might have Danny get some flashbacks to Vanessa.

Are you planning on adding any additional worlds? Like maybe a world from a Pixar film? Or are you just sticking to the world that appeared in the main game?
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