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6/13 c8 Captain Imaginat
I really loved the chapter one of the funniest you've ever made and among the best. I hope you'll have Wanda yell at King Triton for his ideology and beliefs, his anger issues, his ignorance towards outsiders, his prejudice and xenophobia, his attitude, his actions and his own flaws that eh refuses to recognize and better himself from and knock him down peg and put him in his place as well as give him a taste of his own medicine when he puts down Timmy and the other Warriors Of Light including Sora and his own unfair treatment of Sebastian and Ariel. Also it's hilarious to see Jimmy's ego be bruised by his suggestion for the team Being N-Men rejected and preferring his suggestion n over Sora's. Also The Warriors Of Light for the team's name that's a really unique and original concept you came up with not to mention differing itself from The Guardians Of Light in KHIII and it's one that definitely shows greatness and power.

Also Hades is thinking about using enemies Hercules had in his high school days I wonder who they'll be and who Hades is going to recruit. Also I hope that Hades will change his mind about working alone and become a more cooperative teammate and a better team player than in canon. Also I really love that you're making Jimmy, Timmy, Danny and SpongeBob much more like they're portrayals in their cartoons including making Wanda a nag and Cosmos an idiot as it's the characterization who'm I grew up with and fondly remember.
6/10 c8 nightmaster000
Okay just found this fic today and after reading everything you've got so far I can safely say...I LOVE IT!

Really just love how you're writing the characters and meshing the worlds together so well! Plus got to love the added depth you're giving the plot and having more of the Nicktoons worlds and characters come into play than compared to the canon game.

This story really has so much fantastic potential i'm eager to see how it plays out, and how the butterfly effect of changes might happen and come into play as well.

All together great work and excited to read more in the future.
6/8 c8 Myla Byers
Oh no! The Nicktoons just walked right into Hade's evil plan! I only hope Danny can help them!
6/3 c8 5Darth Necron
And now Sora heads to a world of heroes with even more hero's then he normally stops by with lol. With a few more scientists types with are Keyblade we get more details to flesh things out.

Even more folks to deal with Hades...but alas this is one of the times first impressions are legit and Hades is going to string them all along it seems...but more folks for Cloud to clash with I guess lol.

Curious to where this thing with Tidus will lead to...depends on what Trixie's true nature is I guess.
6/1 c8 Guest
Honestly like how you are adding more scenes and back story into everything. Most people just copy and paste.
5/31 c8 Guest
Oh boy, sora is going to flip and go berserk on those two women when they get to Timmy's world. Vicky Mandie and Crocker just cross the line when they hurt Tidus.

Ps sorry I didn’t put “guest” on the name board.
5/31 c8 Captain Imaginat
it's really sweet and awesome to see Wand protect Timmy from Hades. Also Vicky couldn't break Tidus is really amazing if you ask me.
5/31 c8 Captain Imaginat
you're made a great chapter I enjoyed seeing Icarus and Adonis appear in NickToons and Disney Heroes Unite. Also Wanda mentioning Norm The Genie was a great thing to see in the crossovers. Also it's great to see Trixie Tang in the fanfic crossover along with Chester and AJ ( not to mention her age being mistaken for a high schooler or middle schooler unintentionally offended when how she looks Trixie never seems to realize her height). Also Cosmo cracks me up like alway s and so do the other main characters including Danny and Donald.
5/31 c8 12Horrorfan247
Another great chapter

I didn't expect to see Pit from Kid Ifarus in this, nice touch.

So Chester, A.J., and Vickey...sounds troubling.

Now for this are you going to have the Olympis Cups in one chapter? Or separate then?
5/31 c8 5Felipe1402XZA
jimmy is going to have a delusion in is teory
5/8 c7 12Horrorfan247
Damn...this is good! I remember being asked to do something like this long ago and I didn't think I could do it, and now looking at this...what the heck was I thinking in not attempting to?

But still, this is great :) I can;t wit for more :)
5/4 c7 God of the Nobodies
Out of Curiosity do you plan to do all the kingdom hearts and nick toons games or just the first ones?
4/29 c7 The Hydreigon Master
I am curious on who are the Syndicate's other enforcers (the enemies for the Nick Heroes). And how Sora and the Nick Heroes would fair off against them in the future.
4/21 c6 5Darth Necron
I suppose for the Nicktoons Wonder land is not TO out there but still, always have to raise a eyebrow when a random dodo knows your theme song lol.

Despite all the extra gags the Queen still is set on lopping off heads so lets see what wrinkles the Nick guys will add to that.

Meanwhile, Tidus is not the only FF10 pal running into the forces of Nick, and...she meets...Dorathea? I, don't know who she is but, curious to see what this team up leads to.
4/16 c6 xXwolfsterXx644
Can't wait for the next update
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