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4/21/2022 c6 5Darth Necron
I suppose for the Nicktoons Wonder land is not TO out there but still, always have to raise a eyebrow when a random dodo knows your theme song lol.

Despite all the extra gags the Queen still is set on lopping off heads so lets see what wrinkles the Nick guys will add to that.

Meanwhile, Tidus is not the only FF10 pal running into the forces of Nick, and...she meets...Dorathea? I, don't know who she is but, curious to see what this team up leads to.
4/16/2022 c6 xXwolfsterXx644
Can't wait for the next update
4/14/2022 c5 Myla Byers
Amazing! Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/9/2022 c5 Darth Necron
Even the Nick team is finding it hard to out Wacky Wacky World lol.

Mostly just extra reactions to what's going on, though it seems Riku has more going on as this time the Nick baddies, we will see if Vlad's " Sessions" will make him more in tune with the darkness or the light soon enough I guess.
4/4/2022 c4 Darth Necron
Squall has a few more to debrief this time around, at least his time at SeeD being briefed by his Cid prepared him for this lol.

I did forget Jiminy Cricket's name was spelt that way but for Jimmy's sake glad they won't get to confused calling each other out.

We got the side quests to find as usual, but also have a few more tagging along like Gadget so could lead to some fun transactions.

Also cool to see Tidus is getting a bigger role in well as...who I presume is a few from Fairy God Parents? Well, glad to see this will have a few forks in the road so we will see where this goes.
4/1/2022 c5 xXwolfsterXx644
Can't wait for the next update
4/1/2022 c5 Maximum Rhapsody
He believes that in future adventures of Kingdom Hearts and the Nicktoons team, other Disney/Pixar and Nickelodeon worlds would be added, whether from movies or animated series, and speaking of Nicktoons, they would receive some power ups or new abilities of their own to face Organization 13? By the way, what do you think of Poof and Chloe from TFO? Would it be possible for them to appear in the future along with other characters as allies?
3/31/2022 c4 Heart of Shepard
Great Chapter. I can't wait to see the reactions that the Nicktoons have to worlds such as Wonderland, Agrabah, Halloween Town, and Olympus.
3/30/2022 c4 xXwolfsterXx644
Definitely Can't wait for the next update
3/30/2022 c4 Maximum Rhapsody
I know you already have an idea of how the story will unfold, but do you think that in the future, when the other KH stories come out, other stories from other NickToons games would also be included or adapted? By the way, do you think heroes could also be included? Cartoon Network for the future of this story?
3/30/2022 c4 1Nesthor5000
Excellent chapter. Here I will say extra information about the Keyblade of Sora:

• Name: Kingdom Key
• Length: 3'6" 107 cm
• Rank: A,A
(Anti-Unit/ Anti-Army/ Anti-Fortress)

-A conceptual weapon made from one's heart, each Keyblade is a copy of the original x-blade that guarded Kingdom Hearts, an equivalent of Akasha(Fate/Nasuverse) in the infinite omniverse.

-The high rank comes from the Mystery that surrounds the Heart and the infinite possibilities (Light, Darkness) it possesses. If it were the original x-blade, it would be ranked EX(Anti-worlds).

-The Keyblade is able to lock and unlock any lock, physical and metaphysical, including even the Hearts of Worlds.

-The Keyblade is also a natural conduit of magic making it an ideal foci for spells and despite most of them lacking a cutting edge, they can be impossibly sharp.

-A Keyblade, a somewhat sentient weapon, chooses its own owner, making it nearly impossible to steal unless the usurper has an exceptionally strong Heart or are already Keyblade Wielders themselves.

-Gives the user the possibility to access/learn the 5 true magics:
1)Denial of nothing/Ether/Void/Light/Dark
2)Domain of the Parallel :All worlds and planes of existence in the Kingdom Hearts universe.
3)Soul Materialization /The Heavenly Cup/Heaven's :Vanitas,Terranort,Nobodies,Unversed,etc..
4)Possibly incomplete time travel or space-time manipulation. (Imperfect time travel? With no way back?).Examples:Xenahort's time travel
5)Blue, probably space-time manipulation. Time travel and space teleportation may be contemplated.

-There are even more functions unknown about it that the user may discover, whether by luck, practise or pure determination.
3/26/2022 c3 5Darth Necron
I wonder how much Jimmy will conclude is the work of nanomachines by the end of this adventure lol.

Despite a big party already we got Goofy and Donald joining in as well...Organization 13 is going to need to double there forces to not be overwhelmed I suppose down the line lol.

And so the two parties unite, mostly without tension aside from Donald not wanting to dance lol...I see we did not have a meeting between Jimmy and Jimmy but we will see now.

Hope they can get the nicks in there new alliance underway, we got two groups of enemies uniting...maybe three if Xemnas wants to be flexible down the road lol, we will see but nice job setting the stage for this double crossover, best of luck with the next chapter.
3/21/2022 c2 Darth Necron
After a lot of colliding Nick memes we progress to get the deal on Sora's missing pals. Glad to see Cid's still around, and hopefully the rest of the FF pals as well, and well we saw Squall so guess that's coming true lol.

Ah...and was not sure who was going to be tracked down but seems it will still be puppies that need to be found.
But it seems that Tidus or Wakka might be held captive by the evil forces of Nick...curious what will come about from this so nice job.
3/19/2022 c2 CallofRanger13
Nice of you to include the Destiny Trio's other friends from Destiny Islands. Looking forward to seeing the rescue missions you have planned for them.
3/19/2022 c1 Darth Necron
I have to be honest...after the 90's I was not to big on the Nicktoons but I respect your dedication to pull this kind of crossover off. I'm also not to big on either Sponge bob or Jimmy Neutron but I know enough to see you been faithful to them.

I never watched Danny Phantom at all but I know it was well liked and you introduce things enough to make it clear what he is about.

Ditto for Timmy and his fairy pals, but the best of the Nick toons all see Sora's arrival as we cut right to the aftermath of Destiny Island's attack. Wonder if Squall, Yuffie and Aries will still be involved but only one way to find out.

Also not sure if the yellow dressed lady is someone on Square's side or Nick's side...all the more reason to read on I s uppose so good job leaving a hook to start off with and all.
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