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12/3 c29 3Evelyne-raconte
I had a really great time reading this lovely fiction of yours.
Thank you for sharing your imagination with us.
11/30 c2 Just Sus
I'm sure we'll find out what happened to Bella to make her so jaded, especially at her young age! She obviously has issues!
11/29 c19 musemum
good dynamic between B&E, and their respective siblings/partners
11/24 c29 2BooksyBelle
Yet another great one! I loved it, I love the southern stories that feel close to home but with my favorite couples. You’re awesome and I hope to see more stories from you soon!
11/23 c29 11Leelan Oleander
I have read this gem and Silent Sweetheart back to back. I am in love with your storytelling and the incredible depth of your much so that it feels like I'm losing friends every time I reach the end of the stories. I hate to say goodbye to them. Thank you for sharing your gift and I hope to go on many journeys with you in the future.
11/20 c29 Loveforgreeneyes
Love, love, loved it!
11/19 c1 Loveforgreeneyes
Omg. Someone who knows red dirt country and Koe Wetzel! Yea!
11/4 c8 em2010
I’m loving this! The way he is treating her gives me warm fuzzies.
10/27 c29 ana1973
I loved the story, thanks for sharing! I would love to read an outtake of bella finding out she is pregnant for the first time, her commitment issues are hilarious.
10/19 c29 princeselisa
10/17 c29 Patriciadiane
Perfection of an ending. Loved it.
10/17 c28 Patriciadiane
Chuck wants family dinners. Never thought of Charlie as Chuck.
10/17 c27 Patriciadiane
What was Bella going to ask?
Maybe I'm reading so fast I missed something. I don't want it to end be I can't stop reading
10/17 c26 Patriciadiane
Bella has had a breakthrough and I guess I want to know if Edward was such an idiot to share so much about Bella with Tanys and who in turn shared with Lizzie. Lizzie needs to be lit up
10/17 c25 Patriciadiane
Talk about drama and sadness over the top
Please make Lizzie pay
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