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for Of Flame & Wind

6/4 c10 1Tatsumi Partas
good story.

if i would be Aang i wouldnt forgive them ever... maybe only see them in formal meetings but never see them as friends or somewhere else.

and if they want to talk just ignore them.
4/11 c1 2Ice 88
best girl has entered the stage...
3/26 c1 1The Dark Sapphire
Are they really surprised Aang vouched for Azula? I mean he literally left Ozai, the big evil, live.
3/26 c8 davidkline177
I still dont feel sorry for kat.
3/24 c7 biginferno
great chapter but Azula will find a way to be with Aang all the time she always finds a way to get what she wants
3/24 c7 TheMajor
We need longer chapters!:D Nah, it's a joke, you upload whatever you're comfortable with :) but it sometimes feels like you're glossing over certain things for example, Aang's departure. I would have loved to see the Gaang's reaction to him leaving and Zuko and Katara - officially still his girlfriend a not there to see him off. Surely, Toph would have picked up on anything Aang told them, and Sokka would have questioned his sister's behavior as well.

I think if you were to extend on scenes like those, that would definitely enhance the chapters and the story. I can only speak for me but I'd rather wait a while to get longer chapters. That would be my point of criticism for you.
3/24 c6 TheMajor
I really want to see Katara's reasoning to her adultery and how and why it all started. Aang was right. She traveled a year with him and told him that she loves him just to go and cheat on him with Zuko no less.
3/23 c6 GodonXir
Enjoying this story very much
3/23 c6 biomancer36
As someone who's been cheated on in the past I felt Aangs anger and betrayal 10000%. I love Katara like a sister but hily fuck I wanted to slap her so hard.
3/23 c6 Mogor
I wounder if Aang is going to leve The Fire Nation and take Azula with her. And i wonder id Zuko is against it. Its very good story and i love it. Please continue write many more chapters please.
3/22 c5 12Professor Donger
I'm a simple man I see Azulaang and I favorite

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