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3/31 c18 Nerv987
Great story so far, can’t wait for the next chapter.
3/19 c6 fonte20nit
this description that the bell gives of fairies and mini elves are of souls?
3/18 c18 DrHellsing
your a nerd jas...jk love you dont hurt me
3/18 c18 2Masquer Q
I really needed a story like this - where Alfia lives with Bell and Bell somehow finds a cure for her. That said, I expected her sickness to be much worse by the time Bell gets ti Orario. Mother power OP!
Regarding the recent chapter, man, that was brutal. I like how Alfia’s anger is all about her sister. And her familia ( betrayal) too, but mostly her sister. And I also forgot the church canon Bell stayed at with Hestia was where Meteria was at… that Alfia beats up one of the instigators there is quite - poetic? Ironic? Maybe both. I feel bad for Aiz though. One of my favorite characters in canon. Got cannon-balled through the streets RIP. I don’t think she will have much role in this plot-line but I hope she gets a good ending as a side character.
3/15 c18 Cloackn
Hallo hallo!
This chapter was wonderfully dark!
It was so much fun to read until the end where it got well
Bell is finding that you can have more than one goal in life and thing to do while working towards your goals yet this development can hurt Bell so much
This is so exciting because it is not just Bell's reaction to said events but
Alfia, Hephastios, Ryuu, Alise, Freya, Riveria,Airmid, and Syr

I am looking forward to the next chapter
3/15 c18 1JintoLin
I think Alfia understands what might of happened with Freya or at least that something happened. Do like that through all of this he biggest worry was what he friends will think and if they would disown him because of the actions of him and his teacher. While i was a serious chapter i laughed every time one of the girls said "Papa" as i get the reason for it and feel for Riveria. Let just hope best girl Alise can help Bell out as well as help Ryu to understand.
3/14 c18 Zera
There’s quite a bit I wanna say regarding the current so-called hatred like what Dusker said, but I guess not. The commissioner probably wanted it to go this direction. And, uh, if you don’t mind, may I ask why Aiz literally has next to no presence or impact in this story, like in anyway? Even in this chapter she got one-shotted by Alfia then the whole thing was glossed over just simply because Bell got that covered.
3/14 c18 Blood.L.Staz
enjoying this so far, just wanted to know when and if bell is receiving status updates, as you haven't shown us one since he first received his blessing
3/13 c18 Guest
So, are you deliberately drawing out Bell’s hatred so that when Alize and Ryu took care of him, their feelings will be inline as these girls also have the insurmountable darkness of vengeance inside after the downfall of Astraea’s familia. Quite a direction to strengthen their bonding. Definitely interesting with how you will intertwine their feelings and emotions.
3/13 c18 speeeeed
damn, that escalated… quickly
3/13 c18 Guest
Yes. Push him down and have your way with the rabbit Alize.
3/13 c1 1Anoynim
Woaw this fanfiction image when I got back to read it again is amazing! I guess that it's from an artist I kinda want to see it closer!
3/13 c18 codywhite162
This chapter was amazing! Brutal, Dark, yet amazing. That torture scene with Loki was definitely well written as I felt all of the pain, suffering, heartache, those feelings that Alfia went through. Loki definitely had that coming she unfortunately groped the very wrong person and that sealed her fate this day. Now she will never forget and hopefully never repeat what she has done because if she does nothing shall save her from Alfia's wrath. I enjoyed reading this quite a bit and am most excited to read what happens next and how Ryuu, Riveria, and Alise are going to react to what happened.
3/13 c18 T-B-R
bell gotta be pampered by the girls
3/13 c18 Xealchim
I wonder if this isn't a double play of some sort
Yeah, Loki chased them out, but was it her OR Evilus that hunted down the survivors...
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