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3/13 c20 leonroyce
Please, keep updating this story! It isnso good it deserves to be completed!
3/11 c20 Guest
2/21 c13 A. J Savage
Bell is going to burn himself fast at this point !
2/21 c12 A. J Savage
While I do think Alise is best girl, I kinda feel she is given more the angle of best friend than love interest here. Just saying if she is going to be one she needs more screen time !
2/21 c10 A. J Savage
I can see the relationship between Freya and Bell leading to one thing only: Hate sex, lots and lots of hate sex !

In all seriousness, really want this back and forth relationship to develop more !
2/21 c9 A. J Savage
Gotta admit, I never expected Freya's chapter to be this steamy !
2/21 c8 A. J Savage
Alfia really beaten Bell half to death without a second thought, I know she is harsh but there is no justification for that no matter how you look at it even if she apologised !
2/21 c7 A. J Savage
Bell unintentionally became the father figure of the Loki Familia !
2/21 c6 A. J Savage
Bell can never catch a break !
It is good he is getting friends in his life, life with Alfia can be pleasant but a bit empty !
2/20 c4 A. J Savage
This could be a start of something interesting !
2/20 c3 A. J Savage
I do like Hephaistos but I don't think her Familia has what they are looking for not does it deal with exploring deep in the dungeon !
1/28 c20 Larro44-LL
Well all that started rounding off better than I thought it would. Now I’m curious on how Loki will react when she wake up. Now that’ll be interesting to see
1/28 c10 Larro44-LL
Oh yea I’m loving this Freya byplay. Always been a fan of hers, regardless of what she do
1/28 c9 Larro44-LL
Wtfffffff holy shit didn’t expect that ending!
1/20 c20 Guest
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