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2/3/2023 c17 animehelpsdepression
I'm looking forward to the next chapter
2/2/2023 c12 Zera
Man I can’t express how much I love Alize in your fic. It’s incredible. Everything. From her vibrant and loud personality to her playful mischief as the wingman nudging Ryu slowly. Damn I sure hope Bell can bring her the happiness she deserves. Ryu is beyond adorable with how her soul looks too. Can’t have enough of that.
2/2/2023 c13 Dawn
Alize was written very well and I could tell that you had a lot of fun writing her. Her bright personality on top of being a trouble magnet red-head really had created such an amazing chemistry with Bell. She’s also had a mischievous vibe of a wingman too. Colors me surprised when she doesn’t jump on Bell yet. Would be very exciting to see when she gets drawn to him as she sees more of the kind of man Bell is. Not to disregard Ryu in anyway, because she is so adorable in this too. Well, a bit of a joke, but since the Loki fam pretty much call Bell papa at this point, will they also do that at some point? Wink wink wink!
2/1/2023 c17 pix25
Great chapter
2/1/2023 c17 Short32

I actually quite like story. The desire of Bell to save his mother is really admirable, especially seeing how she’s all he’s got left. I would say one thing, I want to be honest with you and say it’s weird seeing the little remarks you make about Alfia and the sexual themes/undertone of how she’s naked and “teenage hormones” etc.
I just think you have a thing going for Bell with Reviera and Ryuu so maybe consider just keeping it to that?

Thank you.
2/1/2023 c17 mohdnaved863
There is no information about Bell updated falna.
Please also provide that in next chapter.
2/1/2023 c17 1NothingNess-san
Oh no... poor soul that person. I would love to see them receive a Gospel at their face...
1/31/2023 c17 Dusker
Why the heck does a perfectly normal sensual intimacy scene between aunt and nephew make me feel weird? Are you deliberately toying with my emotion? Lol. Hahaha the papa joke has come back to bite him in the ass once again. Goodness this gave me a good laugh, this is why I love your work so damn much. Man I was relieved that Hephaestus hasn’t forgotten best bro Welf. Another red head to add more troubles for Bell and I guarantee you are gonna pull some shenanigans again, maybe floating rumors between the smiths in the Familia about Bell flirting with their goddess and that reached Welf, leading to a smithing duel between 2 bros. Wait, a cat woman in maid dress? Is that Aki? Even she called Bell papa? Emotional damage for Raul much? Scratch that, the entirety of Loki girls calling him PAPA in public is gonna drive everyone nuts. And no surprise if Freya joins in for the fun chaos too. Salute to Loki, you’ve done the the impossible, rest in PIECES. Either Bell will bail you out or slaughter you himself. Fun time indeed. 10/10 chapter. Glad to see you’re back.
1/31/2023 c17 ethan.lukkar
Magnificent chapter can't wait for more please update soon
1/31/2023 c17 4Voidborne II
I wonder what funeral song would be fit for Loki’s passing…
1/31/2023 c17 8Quathis
And now we got the other half of that exchange. Loki is in deep trouble and I'm not sure if she'll live. Bell will likely be the best way to keep the trickster alive, but not sure how much he'll care. Chaos invading might be the best solution, since it'll give the woman a chance to vent her anger on something far more acceptable to punch. Not that Loki's own familia don't physically chastise the goddess for her molestations. Until next time.
1/31/2023 c17 5BChuggs
If the title means anything…
Either one, Zeus is there.
Or two, some mysterious person (oc most likely) has yet to be introduced and Alfia is the only one to know.
Or three…just some random character not knowing they’ll die.
1/31/2023 c17 Itsc1
You enjoy cliffhangers a lot, don't you? Another great chapter!
1/31/2023 c17 T-B-R
RUUUUUUN LOKI RUUUUN lmao i cant wait to see what kind of wild damaging goose chase happens.
1/31/2023 c17 Yamakiri
Well, soon-to-be-formerly Loki Familia,, looks like it's time to find a new deity.
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