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3/21/2022 c3 jgidsjafalkdf
i love it! there aren't nearly enough fics with alfia in them and i really like how you've made bell adapt her personality as well. orario is in for a sursprise :)
3/21/2022 c3 noble6117
ALRIGHTYYYYY lets get onto the next chapter
3/20/2022 c1 EngineerGaming1
3/20/2022 c3 Zasun
Joining Hephaestus? I think that’s a first, I’m im really excited to see where this goes! Especially if it’s going to be with Riveria and Ryuu, my two favorites. I’m also happy Alfia’s identity wasn’t kept secret for too long. In terms of a level one, given his training, are we looking at an above average Bell, or OP Bell? Either way, very good stuff!
3/20/2022 c1 7OmniscientReader
3/20/2022 c2 2mistalenny
forgot to mention in my chapter #3 review I really like Bell's new magic. Super interested to see how that magic is in the future
3/20/2022 c3 Xealchim
Alfia is best Auntie hands down, she must Liiiiiiive
3/20/2022 c3 mistalenny
Bell and Alfia possibly joining the Hephaestus familia? Didn’t expect that but I’m all for it
3/20/2022 c3 KingLAO2964
Now this is hype. Bell and Alfia in Hephaestus Familia is something I never knew I wanted but always needed
3/20/2022 c1 mistalenny
Holy crap another Alfia raises Bell fic AND it’s by the author of one of my favorite danmachi fics. Super excited for this!
3/20/2022 c3 taiwoeretan1
It would be really cool to see Bell join Hephaestus familia.
3/20/2022 c3 chaosentity
i love it so far
3/20/2022 c3 2Oarlig
yeah boi i like it
3/20/2022 c3 2Angryhenry
Oh damn. Hephaestus is a smarty pants lol. Not disappointed by the lack of Hestia either lol
3/20/2022 c3 Dmdmdm
I like this! one hell of an intriguing plot line.
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