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7/29/2023 c20 halberd101
this is a great story, interacting for next chapter plz
7/25/2023 c1 Aita3076
Whens the next update comin?
7/17/2023 c20 halberd101
great read! love the development of the story and it'd be great to see more chapters!
6/19/2023 c20 jetjedi
This story is great
6/19/2023 c20 Guest
Please create a shenanigans where one of Fels’s magic item gets lost and ends up in Bell’s hand, only for it to transform him temporarily into … Pom Pom, then proceeds to be chased around and kidnapped by all different girls. He can still use his skill and magic which makes it hard to catch him but heh heh heh once Alise or Ryu or Syr or Riveria get her hand on him…. Hoh hoh hoh. Ahhh Pom Pom’s is so ADORABLE! 9000 adorable. Perfect fit as Bell’s rabbit form, maybe white fur though. Please please please consider it.
6/17/2023 c20 Z.L.C. genesmith
More please! Also, they really should add the option to add a third genre listing to the stories posted on this site, be clearly, the term 'Comedy' belongs in certain parts of this story! Roflmao.
6/16/2023 c20 codywhite162
This was excellent as per usual! I also love the icing on the cake which was Alfia dragging Loki back to her manor literally and met up with Freya along the way. As much as I adore Freya she made her choices back then so she will have to live with the consequences and that being Alfia's eternal grudge against her even if Freya is one of Bell's lovers. Also that scene at the end where I am assuming is Alise scolding her familia was hilarious. Looking forward to the next update
6/14/2023 c20 Comteqfr
Alfia : "Heya, I got a delivery for Twilight manor. I know, i know. It was written: 'Handle with care' but I couldn't bring myself to care so you'll have to excuse any potential damage."
6/14/2023 c20 Guest
So is being fucked into submission through both flesh and soul then reduced to a helpless and ordinary girl considered her punishment then? I guess Freya would gladly take it anyway.
6/14/2023 c20 SomeWeirdGozer
Riveria Best Girl.

All that needs to be said.
6/14/2023 c20 AlphonseMondragon
Thank you very much for the beautiful chapter...

I got excited with Ryuu.. with Riveria..

Poor "Bell" his mother already knows that he has dealings with Freya..

Alise's fury... is a serious thing
6/13/2023 c20 T-B-R
Riveria the angel!
6/13/2023 c20 pix25
Great chapter
6/13/2023 c20 Gilgamesh50
Great Chapter
6/13/2023 c20 PainfulShock
That was cute
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