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6/13/2023 c20 Issei Uzumaki
Lol alise
6/13/2023 c20 Guest
In the new volume of Danmachi Side story bundle, it was confirmed by Fels that the Colosseum was created as an experimental ground for creating Xenos by the Dungeon, and the safe zone below it where Bell and Ryu discovered was meant for any newborn Xenos. AND apparently…. After v18, Fels requested Lv 5 Bell and Lv6 Ryu ( followed secretly by Hedin and Hogni) to go back to floor 37th to deal with… a newly born and very aggressive Juggernaut Xenos. Whether it would e obsessed with Bell or Ryu is yet to be confirmed. But yeah, it would be hilarious if the Jugg became a female chasing after Bell lol. Those claws and tail would make sick weapon. There’s more leaks to come CN source but that’s it for now. Just wanna share and hope if it can give you some ideas to play around with.
6/13/2023 c1 Bezdushnyy
Another great chapter. Thank you!
6/13/2023 c20 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job
6/11/2023 c19 Guest
Still no Alise segg yet?
6/5/2023 c19 Guest
LIARIS FREESE IS A LIE. It is a curse. It is no solemn vow that brings hope, no, it’s the unbreakable chain which drags him forward a doom disguised as the only salvation. What salvation is there when one can’t even make a different choice with his feelings and answers? Cursed it all. All it does is guarantee that there can only be one outcome, one way for the world not to die. It’s already set in stone the moment he met that accursed golden wind.
5/30/2023 c19 Guest
Kuru Kuru!
Kuru Kuru!
Kuru Kuru !
5/28/2023 c18 Yoshiki Kanata
I’m probably going to have to stop here (for now). Since this is still a commissioned story, there is always that risk of the plot taking directions that I am not too comfortable exploring (at the moment).

Learning about torturing a goddess when you have a hell of a grudge against them is one thing… but I would rather read about the consequences and fallout in its entirety rather than reach a cliffhanger (in the next chapter).

On the bright side, it’s inflamed within me the desire to explore the mysteries behind Bell Cranel’s family… IF we ever get more information about them than we already have (no matter how little it seems).

P.S: Your "Keeping It In the Family" keeps me VERY 'ENTERTAINED'…
5/28/2023 c16 Yoshiki Kanata
Base-Breaking Character: Loki’s excessively perverted nature is either hilarious or just plain cringe-worthy. There are some very obvious implications of an older woman groping younger girls…

So if I had reservations about Loki before… then I certainly don’t like what she’s done here now, even if it was done in ignorance, and especially to Alfia of all people. Press F (OR NOT) To Pay Respects to Loki…

(Although this was months ago, my condolences for all you have gone through in your Author’s Note.)
5/28/2023 c15 Yoshiki Kanata
1) "Bell mentally clapped his hands together and thanked whichever deity blessed him with the opportunity to see such a wholesome reaction out of Riveria."

[Freya felt that.]
Bell: On second thought…

2) All of that did not take away her embarrassment nor the hands hiding her face as Bell explicitly recounted every detail of his encounter with the Goddess Freya when she had interrupted his lesson with Miss Teasanare.

Riveria: Thank you, Bell. Still, did you really have to go into so much detail!? Are you insane!?
Bell: I mean, you wanted an explanation, so I gave you the whole story…
Riveria: I did not need to know what Freya sounds like when you - Never mind, forget it.

(Yoshiki Kanata: By far, my favourite parts in this chapter… I’m hoping the commissions might continue this with some further schadenfreude… before shit gets dark, once again.)
5/28/2023 c14 Yoshiki Kanata
To 'Tatsumi Partas' (Aug 20, 2022): I know your review was written in good fun, but… won’t Bell Cranel DIE (by his aunt, no less) when THOSE WORDS leave Freya’s lips?
5/28/2023 c10 Yoshiki Kanata
The commissioner might have 'caved' (kind of) into adding in Freya… but what’s their current/overall stance on adding Alfia herself into Bell’s 'harem'?

In my opinion, there is some 'humour' to be found in Bell’s apparent 'Oedipus Complex'… doubly so if Alfia were to be the one to take Bell’s virginity! THAT would be a bombshell to explain if word ever got out about it!

(But if this is not the case, then never mind… I’m enjoying your "Keeping It In the Family" that I’ve come across!)
5/28/2023 c9 Yoshiki Kanata
This chapter makes me think that Bell Cranel’s ability of "The Cure" might qualify for the 'Soul Power' trope… because I did NOT expect him to 'dominate' Freya into submission with the magical equivalent of Bondage, Discipline/Domination, Sadism, Masochism (BDSM). DAMN…
5/28/2023 c1 Yoshiki Kanata
I thought I’d share these tropes I came across, as they helped me understand what I’m getting into with this story, commissioned or otherwise… since I understand that "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" (or "DanMachi") isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Alfia / For Want of a Nail: A short story written by the author details a "What If?" scenario where Alfia adopts and raises her nephew Bell Cranel as his stepmother rather than participate in Erebus’ plan. While she loves him all the same, she continues to bear lingering regrets and fears over whether or not the hero she and Zald desired would be born without her involvement. As she prepares to leave for Orario again, a young Bell begins to cry and offers to become the great hero she desires for her sake.

Alfia / Long-Lost Relative: She was Bell’s long-lost aunt, but she refused to see him out of fear that it would dampen her resolve to create a great hero. As a result, Bell never learns about her as she dies by the end of the events of "Memoria Freese: Astraea Record".

Alfia / Overprotective Dad: A rare 'Gender-Inverted' example. The author has stated that if she decided to live with Bell and lived to the current story, she would be a "final boss" for his many suitresses, implying she would have completely disapproved of the women after his heart and winning her favour would be harder than competing with the other girls. (Keep in mind that said suitresses include FREYA.)

Alfia / Power of Love: The author jokingly says that she would have survived up to the game’s 100th anniversary had she met Bell instead of joining Evilus. But the implication is that her love for her nephew would have given her the willpower to live for at least several more years.

Alfia / Well-Intentioned Extremist: She, Zald, and Erebus begin their wave of terror to cull the weak in hopes that great heroes strong enough to defeat the One-Eyed Black Dragon would rise to oppose the great evil they represent.

Memoria Freese / The Woobie: The game retroactively makes Bell Cranel into one with the revelation he had an aunt. His only remaining blood relative at the time (that we know of) abandoned him to aid a terrorist organization, and cause the darkest days for all of Orario, including some of the friends he has in the present time.
5/26/2023 c19 pix25
Great chapter
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