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5/26/2023 c19 codywhite162
Really glad to see this updated and cannot wait to read what happens next! Also Alise and Ryuu are adorable :)
5/26/2023 c19 Baje
I wouldn't be suprise if Bell goes eren's rant mode on Aflia
5/26/2023 c19 Dusker
So…. Ear nibbling? Or neck kissing? Or nose pecking? Cheek pinching? Forehead touching? Legs locking ? Even lewder? The one-and-only supreme Hand-holding perhaps? Oh come on, What’s next?
5/26/2023 c19 Guest
Oh dear Alise! You bring a man at his weakest to your personal room. You have to take responsibility my girl. Or in this case, 2 can play this game.
5/26/2023 c19 Guest
Should I expect some incoming “To Love Ru” scenarios?
5/25/2023 c19 AlphonseMondragon
Thank You..️
5/25/2023 c19 Dusker
Tender moments full of delicate emotions. Such a treat! Definitely better than sex.
5/25/2023 c19 6Kirisaki Yuu
My thirst has not been quenched.
5/25/2023 c19 Blood.L.Staz
for god sake, drama time with soyboy bell!
5/25/2023 c19 DeI09O
Finallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy he's not horny anymore we can have a more normal story again, wait...
5/25/2023 c18 Guest
More banging when ?
5/17/2023 c18 PainfulShock
Very cool story!
5/14/2023 c18 Guest
Still horny and having fun in Honkai Star rail? Update when?
5/12/2023 c18 Comteqfr
I love this fic, already read it 3 times and probably could a few more times but it really needs a new update.

Please don't give up on this fic.
5/10/2023 c18 1oSayan
Oh GOD THIS WAS FKING EPIC . It had never sit me well just how the Loki Familia was shown to be paragon of virtue in the canon story . This is GREAT , ABSOLUTELY FKING GREAT . Read this in 1 seat.
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