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for Harder to Love

5/17/2023 c5 4CajunBear73
Entering this memory replay as Kim has, she's learned much about Ron and Shego from their actions, thoughts and reactions to that day on Heard Island...

And the 'experiences' Kim absorbed left her with questions of many things, of answers to several more, and realizations that came from comparing her past with Ron...and Shego, that may overwhelm her.

But in all, bigger questions arise after Sensei was able to access Ron's subconsciousness, through Kim's 'insertion', that was denied him for quite a while.

And Sensei's knack of subtly distracting others to the pathways to other questions and answers are showing through as Kim seeks answers to what brought Ron to the moment in time he had to help fight for the survival of the planet...and his own self-broken destiny.

At this point, with the world under the control of those like Betty, I have to wonder if Ron's 'conversation' with the man who used Ron's insecurities to drive him away from Kim, so she could be molded into the Symbol and 'Bureaucrat' she was to become...was part of a long-range plot that resulted in the world all now find themselves in...Whether or not Ron survived was inconsequential...only that he no longer was an influence on a bigger prize...until Kim learned, too late, she had no choice but to succumb to the World as it was molded into...

Hope that interloper who separated those two has a painful remaining life, however short as it may be, and horrid afterlife...

Kim is now about to find what directed Ron further into the despair he deepened, as his battles with those enemies before him, the insecurities within him, and the power he inherited, yet no longer wishes to keep will meet with somethin Sensei and Kim need to know...

Regardless, there's still what's waiting outside that may be most those in this room...And should they get the chance to regroup, those who considers themselves 'Masters' of their domain, may see the folly of their desires burn around them...

4/19/2023 c4 CajunBear73
He didn't hit bottom, but he is coming back up. With friends all helping him every step of the way.

Tara's plan may bring healing that's so badly needed, to Ron, Shego, Kim and all who don't know, or who know...what that mission did to those who returned.

Bet the good Captain may find some way to reject what she'll refuse to believe about Ron's actions that day...

4/19/2023 c4 Bobtrumpet
Glad to get several updates on your stories!
You definitely have a knack for pathos. This chapter was well done. I am very curious to see how it plays out.
4/19/2023 c4 26Orochimaru's Wife
Great chapter and story.
2/4/2023 c2 44Mr. Aanonymous
2/3/2023 c3 Mr. Aanonymous
Hey man, its been a minute. How you doing?
1/27/2023 c3 4CajunBear73
Betty's going to be a real problem for those under her command, and everyone else as she represents the military/police arm of the order about to flex their muscles to the world...

And I'm sure her special team will be her spear-tip as long as she can control them - and Kim is her control over Ron, Shego and that Team. Wonder how long it will take for those three to realize that and counter that control...

But Ron's a very bad mess, Shego's not that far behind, but she's got years more experience with dealing with the baggage her life has carried. That Ron was exposed, may help her get what help she needs too...But she's got to want it as much as Ron wants to get through his issues.

Kim's going to have moments of indecision, on many levels, though. As Ron's girlfriend, his Senior Ranking member of his Team, possibly Betty's 'mole', and other things that come from the FNG in a combat unit such at this one...

The first step has been taken and Ron's got a strong friend to help him get started. Kim's going to be ticked off at how Ron started this, but there is a dynamic to this she has yet to learn...That bonding of those who have fought, bled and suffered in carrying out their duties in combat.

4/8/2022 c1 44Mr. Aanonymous
Okay, i'm finally getting to this and my end of the bargain. Sorry for taking so late. My excuse is that i work third shift. When i get off work i'm so exhausted i go right to sleep. I'm not used to this so i don't wake up until my alarm tells me to get to work again.

The good news is that i actually write while on shift- on actual paper. The bad news is that i can't actually reply to pms/ emails or go online unless i'm using company wifi on my own laptop where they can't see me. What i'm doing now is probably illegal- i'm using my works wifi.

- for the record, i chose this one because it wasn't too long and i didn't need that much context to understand the story.

Alright, getting to it-

1. I have to admit, i kinda wish you had an authors notes giving a disclaimer to the audience and detailing what you are going for with this fic. Fallowed by both the title of the story and the chapter. Makes it look more professional.

2. Okay, Ron's fighting Russians for some reason. Or he's dreaming of fighting Russians... i gotta say it. Looking back on this, knowing what we know now because of current events, alien tech or not-its kinda hilarious. I won't get into it, don't worry.

The best take away from this is that ron's in the military where his exceptional athleticism will be put to good news.

I know its a dream, but personally i would've put in a bit more detail of the surroundings, the people... though that's probably just me if this is a throw away scene. The good news is that you're proving to be a 'show, don't tell' when it does come to detail of a scene. I like that.

3. Okay, not a dream but a nightmare. Good news is that rufus is still with him, but the events of 'heard island' were in fact real... oh, its been six months since fort brag. I probably should've read the story before this.

Regardless, lets keep going.

4. Okay, kim is in the picture. The dynamic duo had split up after college, had their own lives. Ron was in the military, kim in the shield expy. they came back together after, i'm thinking a decade of their own separate personal growth. I like the set up. though i am curious as to how rufus had survived so long. I'm chalking it up to the little guy being some how 'special' or 'changed/ enhanced' from all the adventures/ weird stuff he's had to contend with over the years.

5. Good to see this ron is self-aware enough to be worried about moving things too fast with the most important person- specifically- woman in his life. Though, i'm a little surprised Ron cares about kim of all people caring about seeing ron as 'week' considering their past- ron dropping trow near randomly when they grew up/ on missions, their long history of stopping bad guys, fighting mind blowing weirdness together. Might not've been graceful, but dude was still there doing what he could- which was more than most could even dream of.

Though, i'm thinking this is you showing the pains/ trials of living with PTSD. And if ron is some kind of soldier in this story, makes sense. Good on ya for going there. Though, and i know i haven't read the rest of the story or even the whole chapter yet, you might wanna add in more for PTSD symptoms. Like being unable to connect or emphasize with the people in your life, even if you've gone through struggles with them in the past. I suppose being a soldier is different than being a hero/ super spy. more death and explosions.

6. Okay, so shego was in on the action with ron during this conflict. I like the dynamic between the two... small thing. In actual combat no one says '12 o'clock'. Its contact rear/ front/ left/ right, ect. That's if combatants actually bother to do that at all. the 12 or six thing is more of a movie thing.

, ron's fighting mind controlled comrades. I like it. You got some of the words wrong- disillusioned. Doesn't really work, just say delusional. Totally different meanings. Its nitpicking, yeah, but still.

you remembered the K-bar! i love that detail. Who knew a Maine barn knife used to kill a bear a hundred years ago would still be a primary melee weapon for the best fighting force of the US military?

8. Huh, ron went berserker and his powers activated. I wonder if they're related. Another thing, was the marine mind controlled? Ron kinda cuts out there with no real detail on which side he had his killing spree on. I know the details are probably in the previous story, but was ron a contractor, US military personel, or something else entirely?

Oh, and yes. The standar jackell and hyde, evil jimminey cricket style conscience hitting ron over the head with his interanal battle scars. That too.

9. No surprise here that Kim knows and doesn't have a clue on how to help ron. Though that's kind of a surprise considering that Kim has a doctor mother/ works for an organization that deals with mind blowing weirdness on a daily basis. They've should by all rights have a system for dealing with mental health issues of all sorts. Combat related at the top.

This all seems a bit expected. Personally, i would've had a twist in there. like exploring individual characters specifically dealing with the trauma/ damage of such a life. To give an example, try the latest season of young justice. Each of the current arcs details how their specific characters are handling pressure, loss, and their individual choices that always had some kind of consequence.

Personally, i can see ron going the beast boy route. Hardcore depression. Textbook style.

But that's just me.


All and all, its good. you've got me interested.

Hard and scare 'real' stuff meeting fun and exciting 'super' stuff.

I'm in!
3/30/2022 c2 Bobtrumpet
I'm sure it will only get worse from here, before it gets better (assuming it does). He says all the right things to those who care, but isn't near his breaking point yet. Ron hitting bottom will likely be a long, hard fall.
You are proceeding well. Keep it up!
3/30/2022 c2 13Jimmy1201
I hate to say it, but could Rufus help? He is smarter than most people give him credit for being. Maybe he watches some program on PTSD or something on the Knowing Channel and realizes that his best buddy is suffering and needs help.

Anf Kim. Somehow Kim needs to show him. not just tell him that she thinks the world of him and loves him with her eyes wide open. That his drinking isn't the problem, it is the thing that makes him drink to relieve the anguish and pain that is the problem. Somehow convince him that a pain shared is not as bad as a pain suffered in silence, That if he truly loved her, he wouldn't try to protect her from his nightmares, but share them with her. That by avoiding telling her about his demons, he is sort of telling her, "I can't share all of myself with you, you are too weak and will leave me."

Something like, "Ron, I am Kim 'Freakin' Possible. I want all of you. Now and forever. I want your hands that hold me with love, your lips that give the best kisses. I want to walk beside you sharing your beautiful dreams and kind soul. Any demons that come after you can't have you. You are mine. They can't beat both of us while we are in each other's arms."

Something like that.

Of course, the Law of Romance Writing requires that Ron doesn't understand this until some crisis forces her to demonstrate this in some manner that will finally get through to him.

Thanks for the update, Jimmy
3/29/2022 c2 4CajunBear73
Ron's shifting of emotional gears here isn't a good one, as far as I can see. It's now 'visible' between the two of them, but Ron's going to continue to sink as his surrender, as Kim called it, will also continue to weigh down on him. Ron's background, from growing up, is not one that one that was conducive to any kind of a good self-image, so he's dealing with the aftermath of the horror-show that was Heard Island, with the emotional and psychological foundation of 'sand' he got from his upbringing and life in Middleton, that was expertly exploited by that s-not who diverted him to the life he now lives as a combat veteran...

He's going to need help and it's going to take all Kim can do to be at his side throughout...

Shego, also has her demons she grew up with and those that came from the same mission at Heard Island...She has stared into the abyss also, and may be holding on as she can, but there are those waiting nearby who are waiting for any slip of step or tiny gap in her armor to take her down hard...

Bryer seems to be holding back those who are waiting...but I hope he's prepared to go outside of orders against those who do this on a regular basis...Rules are for those who will follow them...Those who don't or won't...Well, that's a discussion for another day.

3/26/2022 c1 13Jimmy1201
Once again this story illustrates a major problem that people in our society have. That is the belief that mental wounds are not "real" injuries. If Ron's leg were broken, there would be no stigma in him asking Km for help or in Kim offering to help him. But no, because his injuries don't bleed, he considers himself weak and less than a man because he can't magically make them vanish.

And Sgt Breyer didn't help by telling her not to say anything "until he asks for help."

Here's hoping that Kim and Shego have a long talk with Ron in the light of day. With some professional assistance present.

Before it is too late.

Thanks for the update, Jimmy
3/21/2022 c1 4CajunBear73
Gemini needs to burn in the afterlife for the end of time. Those who survived taking down his plot of world domination/destruction, would have to live with the horror of killing Brothers and Sisters who were set against them as his shock troops...As Gemini planned...

What Ron has to live with, Shego too and others, will haunt them all forever.

Ron's fears of failing Kim and being weak will do more damage than the combat his Team survived...

Kim's not clueless and painfully has to wait for Ron to let her in so they can heal together...She sees the strength he still possesses while Ron can only see weakness.

A very painful road to recovery ahead of them. Hope Kim can override her desire to fix Ron and Shego can help them with healing them all.

3/21/2022 c1 Bobtrumpet
I knew the sequel would be good, but I never imagined ...
Very powerful first chapter. Here's hoping Ron gets the help that so many need, but not enough seem to find.

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