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for Path of a Thief

8/6 c1 Guest
The originals were better. You were trying too much to copy Rico with the whole remaster thing.
6/19 c1 5Kraft58
Guest No, this hasn't been abandoned. Just been really busy the past few months, plus needed to do some computer repairs. I'll be uploading again soon.
6/19 c1 Guest
So, has this been abandoned?
6/10 c1 Guest
I've been rereading your series lately and it still holds up. You really know what made the source material so good and the new fantasy elements help elevate this fanfic as one of the best in the Rio archive. I can't wait to see the next update!
5/3 c1 Guest
I've been really enjoying your fanfic series so far and I'm excited for the next update!
3/23 c1 6Blu100-Jewel100
I expected as much from Blu and his questions.

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