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for Attack on Prime is Alive

3/26 c1 yes
Will you by chance reupload the One Shots and the Transformers Prime/Avatar Cross over aswell?
3/28 c1 4Agent of literature
How did Thor put it in “Thor Ragnorok”….oh right..YESSSS!
3/24 c1 Guest
Kill yourself shit nigger bitch.
3/25 c1 8Samuel Loegan
here's the link for anyone wanting to read Attack on Prime:


Oh and it's good to see you uploading the story back up again. I hope you can continue it. After the depression that is Attack on Titan season 4, I know I gotta read the fanfic to make me feel better haha XD
3/24 c1 7Sun the man of Hope
Link please and thank you?

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