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8/22/2023 c6 Ann Power-Wolfe
I hope you will be continuing this story at some point! I will be waiting and watching for more chapters!
4/5/2023 c6 Jmbwcth
Has this story been abandoned? Its such a different storyline format that I find interesting, that and Im enjoying it. Please continue!
3/26/2023 c6 Pauline Ramage
Thank you for this beautiful story looking forward to the continuation of the story
10/26/2022 c6 Karen Martin
It is so gutwrenching for poor little Jack. So much sadness for all 4 (and the town) because elizabeth turned back into her old Hamilton self w Lucas. Hoping she admits the truth to herself and to Nathan and Allie, before it's too late. i hope Rosemary will find the strength again to call E out to her actions that caused so much pain to her and all involved. I LOVE the letter idea, but i do hope Nathan will realize soon he just did his job. He feels way too much guilt. He is a wonderful character and he is more than worthy of any woman's love. Thank you for this story. Excited for more!
10/26/2022 c6 16Eilie Hunter
Oh, my friend!
I don't know how this chapter got lost in my email or fanfiction lists, but I never read this chapter! I have looked forward to each update, so am quite surprised, but grateful I have found it now.

This is a moving chapter! I do love that Nathan is appreciated and welcomed in Eden. The many individuals are interesting and make me want to know more. Glad to hear the place is safe and hope Nathan can quickly make needed repairs and get his office in order. Thankful he didn't have to do all the cleaning alone! I hope he and Allie soon feel a part of a community.

But, Elizabeth? What a sad, sad soul. She is in such denial. Her description of her dates with LB is telling, but she is oblivious to that which she is saying! I can't imagine what it will take to awaken her to truth and to herself.

Poor Rosemary too. She is attempting friendship, but saddened that Elizabeth is not speaking truthfully! Waiting is so difficult in a situation like this. The things Rosemary sees so clearly have blinded Elizabeth. Truly she is lost.

Nathan's letters are sweet and poignant. He really wrote from the depths of his heart. Right now, that honesty is in such contrast to Elizabeth. Sigh!

So thank you for writing and I hope you are well and have another chapter soon!
All the best,
10/11/2022 c6 3Sarno
Wow so poignant the denial that Elizabeth is in. Though it’s hard to read the depths of despair Nathan finds himself in, and happy for this respite with the Mayor and his family. I really hope he and Allie both find solace, until E comes to her senses. Even LJ seems to get it!
I would really love to see her grieve Jack properly, something the show never seemed to deal with. Maybe a good bye at his gravesite or another look at that letter when he tells her to open her heart again. And maybe she realizes how Jacks letter doesn’t affect her anymore, not in the way that Nathan’s do now. So many good things you could do with this story. Thank you for writing it. I can’t wait to see where you go from here!
10/11/2022 c5 Sarno
I love the little window into Nathan and Allie’s new life. How I wish he could just get over her and move on. Especially with how she is still acting. But I know you will give her the redemption she needs, and you will bring it around in the end. You are a great writer with great ideas. Don’t ever be discouraged by spelling errors or grammar issues. That’s what editors are for! But your creativity is special, and letting us feel what your characters are feeling, that’s the sign of a good writer. So keep it up!
10/11/2022 c3 Sarno
Bravo, Bill. Elizabeth doesn’t deserve to know any more than that.
And I love that the kids came to her, wondering about Allie and Nathan. I hope they do write letters and they do realize how much they were loved.
Thanks for this view of the situation. I love seeing this side and that you stressed how loved Nathan and Allie were.
10/11/2022 c4 Sarno
I just love the realness you bring as Elizabeth works through her situation. She hasn’t even begun to realize all the damage she’s done and is still in selfish/self preservation mode. But I think you are giving us an insight into her thoughts, as she probably had them, on the show. (Minus Nathan’s leaving of course, but since they never had her apologize, I think this selfish mode is probably how she justified herself, after she trampled his heart.) so, thanks for dealing with what the show never would. And you do it so honestly and beautifully. I hope you will keep writing!
9/27/2022 c6 4heather4cu
I'm glad Nathan and Allie are finding new friends but his letters to Elizabeth are so heartbreaking. What will it take for Elizabeth to admit her feelings and wrongdoings? Poor Little Jack too.
9/14/2022 c6 185nebula2
And you're back! And the Mountie office is clean and we have some new discoveries. I loved this description :

and a moth-eaten armchair, that looked like it had provided uncountable generations of moths with

Beautiful visual.

Awww...Nathan feels welcome. Yes, Eden has been very different than Hope Valley in welcoming Nathan, but in Hope Valley's defense they were grieving Jack. Still, I can see why Nathan would be feeling more welcomed this time around.

LOL - Nathan thoughts about Allie having names for the cats was so spot on! Yep -if she is naming them they are not going anywhere easily!

Like that they got an invitation to dinner. That is hospitality!

Oh, so Emerelda is match making huh. Me thinks Dittie has already chosen and I like that Nathan picks up on that. Nice way to end that first section.

So, a suggestion on formatting on the site - I like that you are putting the two places at the start of the sections but perhaps make the 'Eden' and 'Hope Valley' headers bold or in italics or both just to help set the sections apart.

Almost instantly the ink started to color the teardrops blue - this is another lovely image you create here! Love it!

So, Elizabeth is still fighting her heart i see. Silly girl. I felt for Rosemary - attempting to get her friend to talk about what is bothering her and getting snaped at in return. Can't blame her for leaving early but at least she had Lee waiting for her.

Another lovely letter from Nathan. The poor guy. I hope eventually his words will get through to Elizabeth.
9/1/2022 c6 Guest
Thank you for this chapter! I have been looking for it for so long. I was fearing that you may have decided not to continue it. (It makes me very sad when that happens without a conclusion. One I was reading over a year ago, ended with Nathan feeling a gun barrel against his back as he was outside the cabin, looking for Spurlock. Not another update!)
9/3/2022 c6 2Mamabethany
A very quick note to let you know I'm reading and I'm following and enjoying this story very much. Thank you for writing it! Such a sad contrast of Elizabeth being emotionless and in denial about her lack of feelings for Lucas, but a complete emotional wreck when it comes to Nathan and his letters.
9/1/2022 c6 Margaret Redmon
So sad, for Nathan and for Elizabeth. They both love each other, Nathan knows it, but Elizabeth is just beginning to see it. I'm not sure even if she realized just how much she loved Nathan, would she have the courage to break it off. Then we have to realize that Lucas hasa all the things in his hands that impresses her the most She knows that she is in love with Nathan, but now whe is wondering if she would like the kind of life she would have with Nathan. I personally do really think she has his wife monopolized and she doesn't even realize it! So sad, it brought tears to me now \
9/1/2022 c6 21pn1thrasher
Another wonderful chapter!
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