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9/1/2022 c6 12K8eSunbug
I am so happy you had the opportunity to write again! I have been looking forward to a new chapter.

Oh, Elizabeth...still can't face the truth. Does ANYONE believe that those letters mean nothing to her?! (tear stains are kind of a giveaway...) And outright lying to Rosemary about how his leaving has affected her.

Aww, Jack the great helper, making sure all the food is perfect. A very important job. Even more important- calling Mama out on Nathan.

Nathan’s letter once again breaks my heart. He is pouring all of his emotions, fears, and misgivings out to her. I so wish he had found a way to share them with her sooner, before leaving town.

I look forward to more whenever you are ready.
9/1/2022 c6 SaSeLi777
Wonderful chapter. So glad to see you back!
9/1/2022 c6 6FnficJunkie
So glad that you updated! These letters are heart wrenching! I loved your phrasing with Nathan and Aphrodite walking back to the cottage of the two faces lighting up with one smiling in understanding. Very clever. That’s a great twist.

I’m also glad that Rosemary is in tuned to see that Elizabeth is not ok. I hope she doesn’t get seriously hurt by Lucas. He seems slimy as ever.
9/1/2022 c6 7Missela
What a wonderful thing to have a family meal with the McDonald's. It would have been a long time since the Grants had something similar. It's bittersweet that it was what Nathan longed to experience with Elizabeth.

Nathan is such a softie! The cat and the kittens? But who can resist Miss Allie!

Elizabeth is still telling herself lies and not admitting the truth.

I love reading Nathan's words. They are perfect.
8/24/2022 c5 dpmancill
Sabrina, you are doing a very good job with these Hope Love Letters and are giving me hope that E will eventually come to her senses and realize that N&A are hers and LJs completion and will see L for the jerk and cad that he is. No one in the right frame of mind (thinking in early 20th century values) would ever be all right or comfortable with an L&E pairing. Hopefully, you are well and will continue with these Hope Love Letters for many more chapters . Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
7/19/2022 c5 Guest
Please update dear... its over a month now.. and i am waiting
for the next part
6/25/2022 c5 Guest
Hoping you're doing well and will soon be able to continue with your writing. Definitely enjoying the letters and as I'm sure others too are hoping for a true N&E outcome. Take care of yourself.
6/24/2022 c5 178nebula2
This was nice seeing Nathan start his duties in the new town. That office did sound a mess. Glad the town folks are willing to help fix it up. Much different reception than he got in Hope Valley! And Allie gets to keep the cat and the kittens. Of course Nathan could not say no.

So, still have not figure out where Mack is going to factor into the story. As you introduced him specifically I assume he will eventually play a role. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for his character. The mayor seems like he could be interesting.

And we have some Pucabeth. I think Elizabeth's reaction to Lucas' actions is very telling even if she can't see him. As is the headache! Elizabeth should listen to body.

I did enjoy the letter. I had often wondered if Nathan knew about the 'eaten' apple she returned or not. I like that you have him mention that incident and that he addressed it with Allie. I did like seeing Nathan in Dad mode in those early episodes and I think you caught that well in the letter.

Keep up the good work!
6/19/2022 c5 Dee Bee2
Please continue this story
6/16/2022 c5 Dez284
Loving this story so far but it seems turning towards Nathan and Aphrodite. Say good say bad about Elizabeth but I really hate and don't read stories pairing Nathan with others. They're too boring in my opinion. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
6/16/2022 c5 Guest
I love it.
6/16/2022 c5 Guest
Such sweet, tender letters. How can she continue resisting him?
6/16/2022 c5 Guest
Thoroughly enjoying this story. ️
6/15/2022 c5 Guest
Good job! Thank you for continuing this journey. Personally I can't stand L&E together, but I'm hoping the letters will eventually bring true happiness to N, as well as, E. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
6/15/2022 c5 Josie
J'espère qu'Elisabeth va quitter Lucas le plus rapidement possible. Qu'elle s'occupe de little Jack le plus possible. Et fait qu'Elisabeth et Nathan puissent se retrouver et former une famille.
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