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4/15/2022 c3 Debbie Mattke
Such a good chapter. Elizabeth would have thought she “had a right” to know Nathan’s address! I love this story. I am hoping Elizabeth will eventually come to her senses.
4/15/2022 c3 Guest
Thank you, awaiting further chapters/letters.
4/15/2022 c3 So moving
Loving this so far, thank you for this story, I will keep an eye out for more chapters.
4/14/2022 c2 Guest
Beautiful, but far too short. It leaves me wanting more. ️
4/16/2022 c3 SaSeLi777
Hi, In answer to knowing you: I’m Gayle Lemons on several Nathan FB accounts! I’ve read your very heartfelt letters to HM and TPTB. You are so warm, emotional, yet reasonable! It’s no surprise that you can write Nathan’s letters so well. Thank you!
4/16/2022 c3 Ann Power-Wolfe
Another wonderful chapter! I will be waiting and watching for the next chapters!
4/15/2022 c3 8Missela
Everyone was missing each other in this chapter. Once again you have me in tears. Nathan's raw honest love for her. Elizabeth coming to accept that he didn't just leave her. He left because of her.

Lucas makes me cringe. And her letting him kiss her is gross! I hope she dumps him soon.

I look forward to the next chapter and letter.
4/15/2022 c3 Margaret Redmon
This chapter is so great! Sweet, sad, loving and realizing the longing Nathan has for Elizabeth. She has shown just how entitled she feels by the way she told Bill that she had a right to know where Nathan and Allie were. She was such a selfish person and why the people in Hope Valley had not called her out about this long ago, I will never understand. I think they were all so taken bake by her ability to teach and her beauty that they didn't see who and how she really was. My heart breaks all over again at the thought of Nathan and the hurt he is feeling. I'm so thankful he has Allie and she has him. They love each other completely in a father-daughter way. I am anxiously waiting for the next chapter. Thank you so much for your writings, you are a great writer!
4/15/2022 c3 SaSeLi777
Elizabeth… as stubborn as ever!

Nathan and Allie… as poignant as ever!

Bill, Robert, Opal… the ever faithful friends!

You write the best letterswhether they are from you to TPTB or from Nathan to Elizabeth! Thank you for your story!
4/5/2022 c2 Pauline Ramage
Thsnk You for such great writing and story looking forward to more chapters
4/4/2022 c1 Stefmi13
when Lucas says "mon cherie" to Elizabeth, it is incorrect
in french a man says "Ma chérie" to the woman he loves, and a woman says "Mon chéri" to the man she loves
"ma" is the feminine form for "my"
"mon" is the masculine form for "my"
4/4/2022 c2 Guest
Elisabeth peut maintenant pleurer toutes les larmes de son corps. Si Nathan et Allie ont quitté Hope Valley c'est bien à cause d'elle. Elle a fait le mauvais choix en courtisant Lucas. Tout le monde le sait, sauf elle. C'est un homme abject, il profite d'elle et à tout fait pour l'éloigner de Nathan
4/3/2022 c2 Guest
The show has been such a disappointment and bitter pill to swallow. No way would a 1918 schoolteacher have chosen a sleazy, gambling, saloon owner with a questionable past who was always ignoring her son over an honest, upstanding ( not to mention much better looking mountie). And trying to make this sleaze turn into a thoughtful, caring person who can't get enough of LJ, is not only unbelievable, it's downright nauseating. Keep the letters and the connection going. Love N&E, can't even begin to tolerate L&E. Can you imagine Jack's reaction to LJ spending any time at all in a saloon?
4/3/2022 c2 Guest
Absolutely beautiful, thank you. Please keep updating. What an amazing series 9 this would have been. ️
4/3/2022 c2 Debbie Mattke
Good for Rosemary…telling Elizabeth how she feels about Nathan and that she understands why he had to leave. Shame on Lucas for being so selfish and pushy. But, what else should be expected of Lucas? I am glad Elizabeth read the first letter Nathan wrote. It was so touching and sweet.
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